Really good news today, you guys. We’re doing another comedy show! Did you hear about the last one? It was so great. Just one of the best times around. “If it was so great, why don’t you marry it?” WOULD THAT I COULD, ANONYMOUS QUOTE. For those of you who made it out last time, you should definitely try to make it out again, and for those of you who could not make it, now is your chance. It’s called a win-win, look it up. Also: this time around, the show is on a Saturday, so no more complaints from the “why don’t you ever do an event on a Saturday” contingent. You are now the HUSH contingent. But, you guys, no joke, look at this lineup! It is basically just the best lineup!

Hosted by: Gabe Delahaye

I’ve got to be kidding you! But I am not. Here are the rest of the important details that you will need:

Where: Union Hall, Brooklyn, NY
When: Saturday, November 27th, 8PM
And Also: FREE

Now THAT is something to be thankful for! (I promise the jokes at the actual show will be much better. Or at the very least, equally FREE.) Can’t wait to see you there, turkeys! (RSVP on Facebook here.)

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  1. Finally you have something on a weekend night. Good.
    Now how much will you pay me to stay away?

  2. No Max Silvestri? I’m out.
    (Well that plus I live thousands of miles away)

  3. But will El Chupacabra be there?

  4. Another Videogum gathering I can’t make it to. Yay. I’m very happy for you guys.

  5. I think the Fox Theater in Atlanta is available, too. Double-billing with Jeff Dunham? Hmmmmmmmm…?

  6. Now you will have complaints from the “why don’t you do it during the week, not the very night I fly out of New York” contingent.

    Admittedly, that is probably a smaller contingent.

  7. I want to go to this but it is at the same time as my grandmother’s 90th birthday party so I might propose moving my grandmother’s 90th birthday party to this comedy show.

  8. Let me guess. This show is not in Nebraska.

  9. The whole lineup is great – Buuuh-uuuhhht, Bob Powers’ blog is just very very good to read.

  10. This aught to hold me over until the Videogum Pizza Party 2: The Electric Bugallo

  11. still waiting for some love in chicago

  12. Q: If Tim and Eric doors open at 6 and this starts at 8, not reason I shouldn’t be able to do both, is there?

  13. How long does it take to walk to Brooklyn from Buffalo? :(

  14. Literally every time I am out of town.

  15. At first I was like

    And then I was even more like

  16. Since I live so far away and can’t attend, my only wish is that pictures of Gabe’s gorilla juiced arms hit the internets again.

  17. Love Nick Kroll, Live in San Jose. Buh

  18. VGum + Comedy + Park Slope = FLW stuffing his face with comedy cake!

  19. Nothing ever seems to happen in Texas… at least nothing free that a broke college kid can afford

    • Slimer I don’t know if you are going to read this or not but there is an end of the year monster meet-up in Austin. If you don’t read this I’ll reply to you in another thread. But Yeah anyone is welcome!

  20. Gonna smang the heck out of that evening of comedy!

    • Sometimes I don’t check stuff out completely on VGum. Sometimes I see a title to an article and I go, “WHATEVS. SKIP.”
      Sometimes I have to go back and check that stuff out because it gets used SO MUCH in the comments section.

      So yes, I’ve just watched “Lemme Smang It” and I now understand. But I am NOT happy.

  21. Guess who can make it?!

    This guy, Scrabio. He can make it.

  22. Jeb and I purposely planned to fly back to NYC on the Saturday after Thanksgiving because we just KNEW Videogum was going to have a free comedy show that night.

  23. Uhhh some of us are under 21 AND have a profound sexual attraction to Julie Klausner (a Jewish redhead?!). WHERE IS THE SHOW FOR THE HORNY CHILD CONTINGENT

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