Never stop, you guys. Laughing. Oh, just in case I didn’t make it clear, I meant never stop laughing. Yeah. (Thank you for the tip, Mary.)

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  1. You don’t get to 500 bruises without tripping over some hurdles.

  2. I love it how she was all like, “Fuck this noise,” and ran around the 7th hurdle.

  3. One does not simply hurdle into Mordor.

    Too soon?

  4. She’s tripping over hurdles aaaaaggggaaaaiiiiinnnnn


  5. Reverse Seabiscuit!

    • If you want a “reverse Seabiscuit” you are going to have to go down to the train tracks at dawn and ask for a guy named Gus. Bring $15 and a can butane.

  6. I’m sorry, but as a scrawny nerd who got regularly pantsed in gym class, this video had the opposite effect.

    Plus that Schola version of “Creep” is horrendous. Have you ever heard their version of “I Touch Myself”? It’s terrifyingly bad.

    All right, I’m sounding downright curmudgeonly this afternoon…

    • I wept with joy a little bit on my last day of gym. “I never have to play football again if I don’t want to. I NEVER HAVE TO PLAY FOOTBALL AGAIN IF I DON’T WANT TO!!!!”

    • I LOVE GYM CLASS. (downvotes, here we go)

      • Let me justify myself: Gym class is the only ray of light between endless AP classes and the promise of 6+ miles at practice after school. Also, my teacher comes in high half the time, not knowing where he is or what he’s doing.

        • My gym teacher was this 4’8″ swishy-panted dictator that made us change in rusty, tetanus-prone dungeon locker rooms that I always somehow SOMEHOW got my spare sweat pants stolen from. One of the school’s basketball star jumped over her once, like on flat parallel ground. I hated gym.

  7. If you watch it in reverse, it looks like they are helpfully fixing all the hurdles. Thanks, ladies!

  8. “Failure is not fatal”? Tell that to Michael Cimino’s career after Heaven’s Gate. #1980jokes

  9. Girl = Gabe
    Hurdles = Gwyneth Paltrow & Kanye West

    Did I understand this correctly?

  10. The trailer to David Fincher’s new film, Faceplant.

  11. HA! Her failure is our funny! So is it really a failure?

  12. Ugh, you guys. As a former hurdler, I cannot laugh at this. Ok, maybe a little….

  13. I laughed at the first couple, but then started to feel bad for her. Her poor wrists!

    Also, who runs track meets in sweaters?

  14. Video of the Year.

    And… We’re… Done here.

  15. Have these girls even SEEN hurdles before?!

    • I was thinking the same thing. I think their coach is just a sadist.

      • Yeah I’m hoping this is the “B” team or something because these girls were awful. Our main character here never looked like she was running fast enough and she jumped at the wrong time (either way too close or way too far) at every single f’ing hurdle. Did they pull her out of the stands to do this?

        Wow. That was far too much passion for a video of a girl tripping over hurdles. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go pop a few Xanax and take a long nap. Don’t forget to lock the doors when you leave. Thanks.

  16. I’ve never in my life attempted a hurdle, and this is why. I’m clumsy enough as it is; I once sprained both ankles stepping off of a curb.

  17. i saw this yesterday at full speed….and just kinda felt bad….

    This is simply beautiful.

  18. Kids do the darndest things!

  19. i just liked that she tripped over one and then that started some sort of domino effect (pun intended) clusterfuck deal wherein everybody got lazy, and you could tell by the end she could have been thinking “if i can just beat this red-sweatshirted bitch (in jesus’ name, go catholics), i won’t be THE WORST.”

  20. #BNPG – Radiohead + P.E. mashups

    Anyone Can Play Dodgeball

  21. I am only slightly better at life than this girl is at the hurdles, but that is ONLY because I give up before anyone could ever say I failed.

  22. Have a nice trip! See you next fall!

    I hate myself.

  23. What would life be like if all sidewalks were installed with hurdles at regular intervals and it was illegal to run around them? I bet we would all be more courageous and able to deal with tough situations in whatever form they come.

    • I think we’d be a fatter, lazier nation (is that possible? and I am including myself in the fat + lazy category, so I’m not judging anyone here) because people like me would never venture outside.

  24. Think about this: there must have been people on the team who were WORSE at hurdles.

  25. Totally should have used “Down is the New Up” instead of “Creep”.

  26. When Marquis de Sade ran gym class.

  27. Her evident distress starting at 1:43 just made me sad. And it got worse from there.

    I’m more inclined to make fun of the irony-impaired douche who thought this was a great idea for an inspirational video. This isn’t a portrait of courage overcoming obstacles… it’s a portrait of obstacles slowly and inevitably breaking a person. It’s like one of those “Hang in there!” posters, except instead of showing a kitten hanging from a tree, the kitten has already fallen…onto a highway and then been run over by a car.

    • No kidding. The more inspirational thing would’ve been for these girls to actually just quit. It really can’t be good for their mental well-being to have to finish. Sometimes it really is best to acknowledge that you’re really not good at one thing and move onto something else.

      • Most likely “Creep” is covering the sound of a coach or parent screaming at her to finish, esp after she skips one and then breaks down soon after. Courage = Fear?

    • yeah, this wasn’t funny at all. #seriousgum

  28. can’t wait for daniel tosh to give this girl a “web redemption.” ugh…

  29. Vangelis is not happy about this.

  30. I just want to cry.

  31. This is like a viral video ad for depression.

  32. Aww, opposite of happy.

  33. Also, this is the only acceptable use of slow motion i’ve ever seen.

  34. Speed is measured in seconds.
    Strength is measured in pounds.
    Courage? You can’t measure courage.

  35. This just makes me feel really bad for the poor girl.

  36. As someone who tried to run hurdles during middle school and was terrible at it, this made me feel slightly better about my track career. As a human being, this made me cringe and thoroughly depressed.

  37. Ultimately, it makes me wonder, what kind of horrible coach let a girl run a event when he should have noticed that she really can’t run hurdles DURING practice before PLACING her in the event!?

  38. Such conflicting emotions…

  39. She must have worked very hard to jump over these hurdles.

  40. oh my god :( actual tears.

  41. “when you have 4 hurdles coming at you, you gotta adjust your strategy”
    if anyone can name that reference, you will be my new favorite human

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