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The other night, as I’m sure you’re aware, Kanye West had a meltdown, as he is very wont to do, on Twitter, about an interview he had just taped with Matt Lauer for the Today Show. (Incidentally, he seems to have since gone back and deleted all of his messages that related directly to the interview, because he is so brave and speaks so much truth to power, I’m sure.) He really posted some real gems, including: “I’ve made mistakes I’ve paid the price now it is what it is. I’m gone make this art but I’m not going to be scrutinized as a human being.” And also: “I can’t be everybody’s hero and villain savior and sinner Christian and anti Christ!” Yikes. Seriously, dude? To which he added: “Man I’m heading to Abu Dhabi finna go to Ferrari Land YESSSS!!!” OH GOOD GRIEF! One of us, and it could have been anybody, hard to tell who, took to their own Twitter and made a couple of observations, including: “Not that @kanyewest doesn’t experience HUMAN EMOTIONS like the rest of us but Matt Lauer is not the source of HUMAN SUFFERING in this world.” And also: “Still not clear how @kanyewest is “misunderstood.” We all understand that he’s a spoiled narcissistic monster who makes hit songs. So, what?” But most importantly: “Let me say this about @kanyewest’s recent tweets & in general: do not complain about your human pain WHILE BOARDING A PRIVATE JET TO DUBAI.” His plane, of course, was heading to Abu Dhabi, not Dubai, but as Kanye West knows: we all make mistakes now it is what it is.

Well, the actual interview aired this morning, and it is clear now that we all owe Kanye West an apology because clearly he is very normal and his life is the hardest JK just kidding JK JK no he’s not no it’s not! Watch:

Kanye West doesn’t need all the jazz, you guys.

Ugh, this guy. I love a good runaway ego because it’s entertaining to watch, and sometimes there is something to be said for someone who is very popular and successful ACTING LIKE IT. But this is really getting out of control. Like, when he turns over his shoulder and asks people to be quiet? Relax, technokanyewest. You’re in a fucking TV studio, shit gets said into headsets. You don’t ACTUALLY think you’re the Queen of England, do you? Because it’s kind of annoying that the Queen of England thinks she’s the Queen of England, but at least she’s actually the Queen of England, you know? I also like that an international pop star on a highly successful television program talking about a personal conflict he has with a living President of the United States claims that he is “just being real.” Whatever THAT means. And just to reiterate: conducting a morning talk show interview about the MTV Video Music Awards before getting on a private jet to Abu Dhabi continues to not be even remotely similar to the very real facts of GENUINE HUMAN PAIN AND SUFFERING. Asshole.

OH! And just for the record, Kanye, in case there was any lingering confusion: you are NOT my hero NOR my villain savior NOR my sinner Christian NOR my anti Christ. You are just a dude with some songs on my Zune.

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  1. Thank God he didn’t have to ride business class though. #thankheavenforsmallmiracles

  2. Go to bed, Kanye.

  3. Kanye obvs needs a sassy gay friend to set him right.

  4. The way that Kathy Lee needs Regis – that’s the way I need for Kanye West to get the hell out of my life.

  5. “Where’s Aston?!” – Matt Lauer


    • Did anyone else think he is seriously embarrassed about his teeth and so he has trained himself to keep his hand in front of his mouth as much as he can? Maybe everywhere he goes, all day, he is suffering this inner monologue: “Oh my god don’t smile don’t smile NO you’ll look unhappy you have to smile okay a little bit a tiny smile Here’s a girl, I should give her a smile — no she’ll think I’m a freak — NO I’m Kanye West dammit, I am a huge star! — oh my god being a star makes it worse, she’s going to tell everyone she knows Guess who I saw today and you’d never believe it but in person he has teeth like a horse — But it’s worse if I get them fixed! Then everyone will say I’m vain! Don’t smile don’t smile Okay, smile — but then I’ll rub my chin, that will hide them a little.” Hey, baby, what’s your name? “Oh my god she thinks I’m an idiot. But I’m real, I’m just pure and real, these teeth are proof of that, even if America needs me to be a star with perfect teeth, OH MY GOD AMERICA NEEDS ME TO BE A STAR.” #thatwentontoolonggum

  7. I think I spent more time watching the colors change on the logo box than actually listening to Kanye West.

  8. No one man should mess with Matt Lauer.

  9. This is all because DS3M and I unleashed our pain and suffering over Gabe’s malformed URLs. I guess Glee has taught none of us ANYTHING.

  10. I used to think it was ridiculous that Bush thought this was the low point of his presidency (I HAVE SOME OTHER TIMES THAT SEEM LOWER), but that was pre-looking-at-his-face.

    • This is funny, and I have upvoted you, but does anyone else get super angry that the only coverage of President “haha now you’re 13 trillion dollars in debt 10 percent unemployed and in 2 forever wars” Bush’s memoir is this thing about Kanye?

      • Sometimes late at night I do a cost/benefit analysis of Getting to punch him in the face / Never seeing my children again

        • I’m not going to give any specifics because of the reptilians always monitoring comment sections on mid-level pop culture blogs, but I caught myself once or twice entertaining vivid daydreams of doing uncharacteristically violent things to him. And then I would snap out of it, convinced that the secret service were right around the corner waiting to tackle me.

      • Agreed. Also I’m embarrassed for Kanye that he can’t see outside his own enormous ego-bubble to see that W is the one being horrible here. It’s not about YOU, dude, it’s about his refusal to take responsibility for any of the real awful things that happened during his presidency. Responding like this validates his bullshit. What you need to say here is: What is wrong with him that the “worst part of his presidency” was one person saying one thing about him on television, once? How egotistical is this guy? Although Kanye West is really in no position to comment on the size of anyone else’s ego.

        –excerpted from the op ed. pages, Duh Aficionado Magazine.

        • “Agreed. I would accept never seeing your children again if I could punch him.” -meaverly

        • And it’s not even that “awful things happened” during his presidency: HE MADE THOSE AWFUL THINGS.

          I really wish that at least he would have addressed the whole “whoops we let a bunch of people drown in Louisiana, should’ve gotten our shit together” thing because that sort of actual fact COULD lead one to believe that George Bush or at least his co-horts don’t care a whole bunch about black people! Just maybe!

          Instead it’s wah-wah big ego bullshit. Nice to see what yr doin with all that “power”.*

          *I actually do feel bad for celebrities sometimes, because it really is dehumanizing the way people are turned into icons of sex/power/talent that people project their own fantasies onto when celebrities are also people too. That said, shut up, you have gold-and-rubies salad for lunch, maybe life isn’t as bad as it could be?

          “I wish people would stop judging me on the kind of designer bikinis I wear to the beach in Ibiza.” – All the AIDS orphans

    • I first understood GWB’s comments to mean this was the point at which he felt the most bad. But seeing the quote in context, it’s apparently the part he’s MADDEST about. I understand that Kanye can be irritating (though I don’t really think he ever means to compare his problems with Matt Lauer and the Nightmare Factory to genuine human suffering) but I don’t understand how anyone can come away from this thinking anything other than George W. Bush is far and away the biggest asshole of these three assholes.

  11. but his new album is

  12. I mean, on the one hand I get it, Gabe. But on the other hand, I really love Kanye West. Sure he’s prone to being super fucking crazy, but isn’t that the point? Kanye West: One of the Best, I’m sure of it.

    • I like him too, I mean here’s another way to look at, he’s a very successful person and can just be like fuck it I’m hopping into the champagne pool but he instead is honest and upfront which I kind of admire

      • I like that he’s very earnest and he takes full credit for both his successes and his mistakes, which Pres. Bush has made it his signature to boldly ignore. So.

  13. When it turns out that he was completely right about a Reptilian conspiracy against him don’t say I didn’t warn you

  14. antonym (an·to·nym) n. A word having a meaning opposite to that of another word: The word Christ is an antonym of the word Antichrist.

  15. “And some people said ‘this wasn’t a guy who was expressing his musical preference, this was a guy who was making a statement about race.’”

    I would like to meet the people who said this.

  16. I really hope that when my future children study the Bush Presidency in History Class, this clip will come up in their e-Text Books.

  17. First he was 55, then he was 60 and today Gabe is like 75-80 easily.


  18. Having seen that interview, I think I can die happy.

    Did he really say that his words “stop the internet”? Can we talk about that for a moment?

  19. I don’t have all the *information* I need to post this comment as a empathetic human being.

  20. I’ll ask the timeless question he asks himself constantly:


  21. Matt Lauer made a bet with someone that he could get Kanye to cry.

  22. i wish we could all go back to the days when his jaw was wired shut. really can’t stand this asshole.

    • I wish we could go back to the (fictional) days when Matt Lauer’s jaw was wired shut.

    • “Through the Wire” is my jam!

    • I’m amazed that I’ve read through this many comments without anyone really making fun of how stupid Kanye is. He is a moron. He’s not capable of expressing simple ideas coherently. His befuddled attempts at dressing up his language during this interview made it really hard to watch, as I kept looking away in disgust. Sort of like an ocular gag reflex. Funny… I used to have the same feeling when looking at George W. Bush speeches…. Why are they mad at each other? These two have a lot more in common than they thought!

  23. Gabe, I agree with you about a lot of things, but not on this one. Come on, Kanye West is possibly the BEST celebrity we have and you want him to shut it down? He works really hard to entertain us across a plethora of mediums and I personally consider him a hero. Also, to be fair, Matt Lauer is on some bullshit in this interview. Like he was trying to make Kanye feel bad for pointing out some pretty fundamental problems with how race works in the United States (albeit not with the nuance of say, David Simon, but definitely on a much larger scale). Just saying, I like Kanye with all his complexities and emotions; if anything I think his incoherency is closer to reality than the really simple narrative most celebrities present.

  24. Kanye West is an asshole, let’s make no mistake. And let’s also make it clear that no one called him a racist for interrupting Taylor Swift.

    With that said, Matt Lauer and Good Morning America are also assholes because who cares? We have to worry about W’s feelings regarding Kanye? Lauer grilled West worse over W than he did W over torture.

  25. Kanye West is a monster? Whats his tag?

  26. To me, Bush is like a kid who just got his tonsils out and when asked what the worst thing about it was, he says it’s that he didn’t get to have any ice cream. For this interview to even be centered around such a topic is laughable, but did Matt Lauer really need to tell Kanye to ‘look at his face’? It did seem like he was bombarding his just a tad, and I think anyone would be a little perturbed by how he was handling the interview.

  27. Kanye West HATES B -Roll

  28. “Uh, guys? This is all part of the plan”.


  29. isn’t the actual problem here that the former mother fucking president of the united states of america gave two shits about what drivel was said by kanye west? like dude, if that is the worst moment of your entire presidency then you seriously need to go to a monastery and meditate for years about all the shit you fucked up. there were men and women who died in that fake war you started and you are going to sit here and say you didn’t appreciate being called a racist by an asshole? ugh, 2012, kill me now.

    • Were I Kanye’s publicist, I’d tell him to take Bush’s ridiculous statement and rip it to shreds. I would tell him not to apologize and to simply state that Bush’s actions were consistent with Kanye’s statement. I’d have Kanye highlight the insanity of Bush’s feeling that being called a racist by a rapper merits top ten anything on an 8-year president’s radar.

      Ugh, I didn’t watch the Lauer interview with Bush, but how did he not stop dead in his tracks when Bush mentioned his sadness and say: “Are you serious? would you like us to rewind the tape, erase that and let you go again? I know we get accused of gotcha journalism all the time and I know you can’t have meant that, so let’s just give you a little do-over. These things are stressful and people make mistakes.”

      • What about when he was called the worst President ever by everyone? Maybe he should address that embarrassing moment.

      • my thoughts exactly. perhaps we can take a rational look at your two term presidency and agree that kanye west calling you a racist (which i’m pretty sure you actually are, i read once that barbara bush referred to her son jebs children as the “little brown” grandchildren so yeah…) was not even close to the worst moment of your presidency. perhaps we can all reflect upon the bush presidency and agree that the 4,000 + men and women who have died serving this GREAT NATION in iraq (especially on veterans day !) might be a lower moment in his presidency. or maybe we can agree that 9/11 was a terrible moment. hurricane katrina also comes to mind. but no, this fool has to bring up the fact that his feelings were hurt by kanye west?!?! i used to think that george w. bush was a fool, like the class dummy who says stupid shit and doesn’t realize that we are laughing at him, now i know he’s just DUMB. so. stupid. it. hurts.

      • re-reading your comment. so good.

    • Thank you! I think we (especially Matt, Kanye and Bush) are all missing the actual point here. And that point is that this shit is unimportant and, once again, Bush has bamboozled us yet again. Kudos him for somehow making this the current focus of his entire, terrible eight years.

  30. SOMEONE’S bought a ZUNE?


  32. i hope those tweets didn’t BREAK HIS MACBOOK AIR!!!!

  33. I refuse to believe that the man who gave us this tweet could be as bad as you say:

    “wuuuuuuuuuut I need this goblet in my life!!! This is the best one yet” – @kanyewest

  34. This post makes me so happy just because I imagine all the work that Gabe put into looking for all the tweets and HMTL-hyper-informationsuperhighwaying them.

  35. Kanye West is proportionally richer than me, as i am richer than people in the third world. But bad days are bad days. And if you had ever experienced a bad day, Gabe, with your CALLOUSED HEART OF ICE AND STONE THAT IS THREE SIZES TOO SMALL, you would know that they don’t often lend themselves very well to perspective.

    Also why is Matt Lauer super offended on W’s behalf? What is going on there? “You look him in the eye. YOU LOOK. What do you say to that man? Huh? I don’t even think he’d let you say anything to him. He is SUPER pissed.”

    • I too think that “people in the world are suffering” is kind of a reductive and boring counterargument. BECAUSE WHY ARE WE TALKING ABOUT ANYTHING? This isn’t humansufferinggum, so I feel like if we’re going to get upset about Kanye’s tweets there are a couple of thousand words (that we have all written) complaining about the Monopoly movie or whatever that we should go back and redact. Like, “people are suffering so we can’t complain about x” can be your standard, but you have to apply it across the board.

      • I actually do that, but I also live in a trashcan in New Brunswick and have no friends. SO there’s that.

        • For reals? I lived in New Brunswick for 5 years. (Only 3 of them in a trash can, though.)

          (New Brunswick, NJ, I mean. Not the Canadian one.)

          • I meant the NJ one too! That’s so cool!

            Also, all of New Brunswick is a trashcan, LET’S BE HONEST.

          • Awesome! I used to think of downtown as “Sector G” after the place where all the mutants live in Total Recall. And I remember going outside early one Sunday and seeing paper towels everywhere. Everywhere. Months later you’d still occasionally find one of those paper towels, by then wadded and filthy, stuck in a bush or someplace.

          • Sometimes I’ll just walk around and inhale truck fumes and be like WHAT A WONDERFUL PLACE but then at least we have great drugs. SORRY MOM!

            The paper towels story is just exemplary.

            Also I didn’t know those guys were from NB? Aren’t the Gaslight Anthem also? Ur so happenin, Gunswick!

          • Gaslight Anthem? I will have to google that. On a similar note, when I said “I would do this,” the reality is more “I would be vaguely aware that this was going on near me.”

            *Off to google what the kids are into.*

            (Oh, WAIT, Bouncing Souls are from NB! Score one more for the trashcan.)

          • Wow, I did not know this place had redeeming qualities! Who knew!

            [Disclaimer: I live across the river from NB, suburb-style, but it is still within walking distance and the closest we young'ns get to city life and I claim it as my own, especially because even my Jersey friends are like "You mean East Brunswick?"]

  36. All I can say is this was one of the most AWKWARD video clips I have watched in recent history.

  37. he says what he feels at the exact moment.
    you say what you think people want to hear and will get you a cheap laugh at someone’s expense.
    i’ll take him.

  38. “Okay, doesn’t seem like much.” – Meredith, at the end of the clip. Also, EVERYONE.

  39. I feel like Kanye just learned the word “empathize” and is trying too hard to force it into every conversation.

    • Especially because the correct word to use is “sympathize”. #nitpickygum

      • No empathize is the correct word. Empathize means you have been in the same situation and know what it feels like. #vocabularygum.
        I don’t really see what Kanye did to Taylor Swift as rascist but apparently he’s been accused of it. I just want to know who made the deal with who here. Was it Bush who wanted to increase sales for his book or Kanye who wanted increased publicity for his CD? Some deal had to have been made because this should not be news.

        • Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

        • Don’t mean to be a jerk, but empathize denotes understanding someone’s situation without having experienced it yourself, while sympathize denotes understanding someone’s situation because you’ve experienced it yourself. I think Kanye’s point was that he sympathized with Bush because he, too, had been pilloried and called a racist [lololololol].

  40. Almost as humiliating as telling the world that Saddam Hussein had sought to purchase yellowcake from Nigeria in a State of the Union Address and insisting that he had weapons of mass destruction – GW Bush, from somewhere in his ranch’s money lake

  41. “Okay. Doesn’t seem like much.” Meredith Viera, voice of reason

  42. late to the party, but…
    “this is the most emotional he got during my entire three and a half hour interview”
    well, maybe that’s because bush is a robot. or maybe you needed to ask some more stirring questions, lauer.

  43. Mean, also boring.

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