On the eve of winning the Mark Twain Award for humor, Tina Fey answers fan-submitted questions from the Internet. Needless to say, I feel like she owes me an executive producer’s credit on her second answer. (UPDATE: ET TU, DAILY WHAT? Excuse me, but CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE, WORLD!)

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  1. She is a plagiarist all around. Liz Lemon is totally based on me. Otherwise, why would she do something like this?

  2. “Ya’ll forgot about FROSTING!” —Paul F. Tompkins

  3. Well I, for one, am a fierce member of the Pie Lobby. Cake can suck it.

  4. So Tina gets her ideas from Videogum? I feel betrayed, bewildered…

  5. Why would she go back in time to ask a stupid question when she could go back in time and kill Hitler!*

    *that is how you do plagarism, folks

  6. Wait, what? I don’t get it. Where do your ideas get you, Gabe?

  7. “I don’t see why that question is so funny anyway. Also, I am now head writer for the Daily What.” -Nick Madson

  8. My question: “Why won’t you let me have any blush? I need some, not a lot, but a little, to freshen up the ‘apples’ of my cheeks. But you took it! You took ALL the blush! I can see it on your face right now!”

  9. Um, I’m having trouble getting the joke.


  10. I don’t know. I’m a pretty regular V-gum reader and have been around since Gabe was a tender 62 years young. I don’t read every word, but I keep up with what the Monsters are getting on about. I had no what these guys were talking about. I’m going to go back to updating my Friendster profile and checking my Hotmail account now….

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