Another terrible blow has been struck against the beleaguered Hollywood Actor. In certain situations in which they are being flown from here to there in order to stand in front of a camera and play make believe for stupid amounts of money, they might not get served a glass of champagne by a woman in white gloves at take off. WHY NOT JUST THROW THEM IN THE GARBAGE, IF WE HATE THEM SO MUCH?! From the HollywoodReporter:

Hollywood union deals usually don’t involve rollbacks, but the latest SAG/AFTRA deal with the studios does. However, it’s an unsurprising one: Actors will be flying business class and sometimes coach rather than first class, THR has learned.

The new rules are these: On flights over 1,000 miles, actors will fly business class where available, otherwise first class. On flights under 1,000 miles, it’s coach. L.A.-Vancouver and N.Y.-Toronto are coach as well, even though those routes are slightly more than 1,000 miles.

Previously, the union agreement required first-class travel. Actors with clout are still free to negotiate this as a perk, but it will no longer be guaranteed by the collective bargaining agreement.

THE OUTRAGE! It’s hard enough doing silly voices and pretending like you’re crying when you’re not crying, now they also have to sit in the part of the airplane that isn’t hidden by that tiny curtain? THAT CURTAIN IS WHY THEY GOT INTO ACTING IN THE FIRST PLACE. This guy definitely knows what the actors are talking about. FREE MUMIACTORS!

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  1. Will somebody please get these motherf***ing civilians off my motherf***ing plane?

    • Seriously, though. I feel their pain. I mean, it’s sort of like when I’m doing high kicks and cartwheels to get a group of teenagers to quit ignoring me and smoking and texting for a fraction of a second so that I can teach them even one thing, just ONE little thing to take with them on the dangerous journey of life, even if that one thing is the Spanish word for gasoline or eggplant or cotton ball, and I realize that I don’t have enough markers to go around which means another trip to Target (because man, those kids love to color), and I think to myself that it’s still better than waiting tables, or working daycare (people get paid less to watch babies than they do to park cars, did you know that? it’s true) because those are jobs that really suck. What I’m trying to say is, I get it.

      (run-on sentence: B-)

  2. Some actors prefer to fly coach. This guy knows what I’m talking about:

  3. They can use it as character study to learn what its like to be a person.

  4. As long as they can still brush their teeth with Evian, once they lose that the terrorists won

  5. Somebody call the Wahbulance. Or in this case the wahplane?

    Sorry, I’ll show myself out.

  6. Well this just ain’t right. We know what we have to do.


  7. I, for one, am very excited for the day Gwyneth Paltrow is forced to fly coach.


  9. My diamond shoes are too tight! Because deep vein thrombosis!

  10. “Where’s my seat, E?”
    “Uh, I dunno, Vince. Let me check with Ari. (Dials) Ari, where’s Vince sitting?”
    “The FUCK should I know his seat number. E, you’re terrible at your job. LLOYD!”
    “Hey, bro, come down in coach. I found our seats.”
    “Coach? What am I, poor?”
    “Can I pilot the plane?”
    “Sure, Turtle.”

  11. Well, reality show participants negotiated a better deal. They will now get to ride Greyhound buses instead of hitch hiking. Better for STD containment

  12. Attica! Attica!

  13. Yeah its ridiculous that actors got to fly first class no matter what, but this totally sucks for the airlines. Hollywood studios were some of the last businesses to consistently buy first for domestic travel.

    • NVR 4GET

      • I know I never will. sorry NVR will. The Kevin Smith/SWA debacle was the subject of my very first Videogum post, and my first experience with downvotes. And all I did was mention the time he broke that toilet seat by sitting on it.

  14. Think about US. Would you really want to sit next to her? I don’t think so.

  15. Can they still opt to upgrade, or are they forced to sit in coach regardless? I know a couple actors who ended up on tv, very minor characters, and their lives became hell immediately with people accosting them on the streets and in restaurants, so I’m hoping they can at least choose to pay the extra money to avoid that.

  16. Breaking News: Mr. Cool Disguise costumes sell out all over America.

  17. I was a flight attendant straight out of college, and 99% of the celebrities seemed like nice, cool people. This will change the minute they step into coach with the rest of us plebes, though.

  18. Not to be a super lame Hollywood sympathizer, but I can sort of see why actors would want to avoid coach. If you have to fly across the country at really early hours, often several times a week, I can imagine you’d want to do it in a comfortable chair with slightly better food available to you…

    But then again, I’ve never flown first-class, so maybe it’s not that much better? :(

    • Oh it’s better alright. Attendants know your name. You get your own armchair. And they serve port with dessert.

      My message to Actors: It gets worse.

  19. The only good part of flying coach is making up your life story to the stranger next to you. “Oh, you’re in marketing? That’s kinda like what I do; I’m a bird psychic. I came to it after my professional falconry career ended due to a devastating wrist attack when I tried to hunt with a Golden Eagle.”
    Celebrities are too recognizable. They don’t get to do this, and for that I pity them.

  20. I once saw LL Cool J flying coach from NYC to Cincinnati. He was in seat 1A on a class-free plane (thank you, Karl Marx). Twisting his thick-ass neck toward the window as much it would go, he had his hoodie up, shades on. He might as well have wrapped his face in a blanket. No one was bothering him, so I guess Mission Accomplished. But he looked supremely uncomfortable and not a little scared, and I don’t like that. If Mr. Smith is scared, what hope is there for the rest of us? I don’t like this news one bit.

  21. “Get short, timely messages from Kanye West.”
    (I don’t have twitter. So that line was up top of his feed when I looked at it. No, thank you! Please.)

  22. This is just one step closer to my life becoming Notting Hill.

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