The Planters’ ads in which Robert Downey Jr. plays (voice) Mr. Peanut are here. Nothing updates a brand for the modern consumer like 1960s-style stop-motion claymation. THESE MAY OR MAY NOT BE YOUR GRANDPA’S PEANUTS, DAWG!

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  2. I’m confused is this commercial made for kids or for me, because it can go either way
    Regardless I love it

  3. Just getting all the call-backs out of the way:

  4. There must be a mistake, because this commercial is not on Wes Anderson’s IMDB page.

  5. Was that a trailer for Wes Anderson’s new film Fantastic Mr. Peanut?

  6. When can I expect to see Mickey Rourke AS a California Raisin?

  7. Are they going a-waffling?

  8. That squirrel on the wall was unspeakably macabre.

  9. He should pursue a career in macadamia.

  10. That was awful.

  11. my grandfather’s nuts don’t seem so jilted when they move.

    i’ll show myself out.

  12. Looks like he’s gone full peanut.

  13. Who is the poor man’s Robert Downey Jr? Because maybe they will do an ad for the Market Pantry peanuts I buy.

  14. I thought Robert Downey Jr. was reported to have cleaned up? Because from the looks of this commercial he still has a bit of a crack prob-*gunshot*

  15. “Already did that.” – Levi Johnston (1985-2012)

  16. I hope Richard Nutcracker sticks to murdering walnuts like he’s supposed to.

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