There are a couple of problems with this. For one, Keenan seems to really be phoning it in in the Lip Dept. What’s going on there, Keenan? That shit lines up with the actual words, like, four times throughout. The rest is just “rhubarb rhubarb peas and carrots.” Don’t be an extra in your own movie, Keenan. The second problem is that I think this was made for Chelsea Lately, and while there’s nothing inherently wrong about a television show getting in (late) on a meme, I don’t trust (or particularly like) Chelsea Handler. Her intentions seem questionable to say the least. I don’t know Chelsea Handler personally, but none of the choices she make ever seem particularly fun? They all seem based on some kind of misguided black hole that’s growing deep at the core of her self-loathing.

All of that being said, I REALLY wish Keenan had his own show called Good Morning, Keenan! where he made lip dubs with other pop singers and then showed you how to make a low-cal Thanksgiving costume for your pet before their wedding. We could watch it together every morning, LIKE A FAMILY. (Thanks for the tip, Andrew.)

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  1. I think Keenan gets his hair did at the same salon as my grandma.

  2. Could Andy Rooney have a segment on Good Morning Keenan? If you average them together, you get a completely average middle-aged person.

  3. Good Morning, Keenan! used to be pretty cool, but I’m off it ever since they added the fourth hour hosted by Colleen Thomas.

  4. First Double Rainbow Guy sells out to Microsoft, now Keenan sells out to Chelsea Handler?? Please don’t break our hearts and be the next Internet meme to sell out, Can’t Sing “And I Will Always Love You” Girl.

  5. Perhaps Chelsea’s boarding on the Keenan train was actually a very meta commentary on the amount of time it’s taken 50 to create a fully autotuned piece of garbage (as opposed to his previous non/less tuned garbage.)

  6. So does Keenan just mouth the word watermelon to all these songs?

  7. Maybe they should give Keenan a late-night show on E! and Chelsea Handler can make web videos that distract nerds for 20 minutes every three months.

  8. I love this kid. If someone told me to lip sync to songs on video and act crazy, and people will watch and get a kick out of it for 20 minutes every couple months, I’d be down.

    • TO: Videogum
      ATTN: DirtySpaceNews
      SUBJECT: Singing like Keenen

      DirtySpaceNews STOP lip sync to songs on video and act crazy STOP I will watch and get a kick out of it for 20 minutes every couple months STOP hee-haw and Merry Christmas teacherman

  9. Gabe, maybe wait until YOU’VE had to rush together a lip dub video on a hard deadline before you talk trash about the time-honored Rhubarb Method.

  10. I’m sorry Gabe. You can Send me to My Room, and I’ll go like a good nephew, but I will not be watching that show.

  11. You would think Keenan would at least clean his room if Fitty Cent were coming over, c’mon Keenan!

    • Also, you would think 50 Cent would know the words to the song that he’s on.

    • Maid’s day off.

    • It’s not always so messy, but he didn’t know you were going to have a camera, and he wishes you had said you were going to be here today because he didn’t clean up; he invited some friends from upstate to come eat salad

    • oh man, koala. i was watching the video, got bored, and started reading the comments. so when i read yours i was like, “what does that mean?” and scrolled back up. BAM! fiddy in keenan’s room! thank you, or i never would have seen it.

  12. Keenan, now that you’re pal with the celebs, I will forever wait for you to sing what what ( in the butt ) with Jon Hamm. Don’t disappoint me Keenan!

  13. Watching Keenan talk about riding booty and licking things is gross. I fee like I need 10,000 showers.

  14. lol he has thick lenses

    lol he has funny hair

    lol he has weird hands.

    This was never a good meme.

  15. Your bringing up the notion of “trust” … fascinates me.

  16. he really needs to pick up his toys before his mom gets home

  17. dgaf about the video but can we just take a moment to recognize Gabe’s hi-lariousness?

    “and then showed you how to make a low-cal Thanksgiving costume for your pet before their wedding.”

    That’ll do Gabe, that’ll do.

  18. You really should clean your room if you’re going to have guests over Keenan.

  19. And now 50 Cent knows what it’s like to be a teenage girl at a sleepover. Except when I was in middle school, we used my grandparent’s old school JVC (The technology at my house was slow to catch up to the new milleneum).

  20. Keenan’s taste in music is so much suck.

  21. I saw this on Youtube and immediately ran to Videogum to see the Monsters’ comments. Cause aint’ nothing gonna beat you Monsters in terms of hilariousness + smarts.

  22. Musical genious

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