For the record, Precious definitely farted and no one has any idea what Jenny even thinks she is talking about here.

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  2. Lorne Michaels is totally right, you guys. Nasim Pedrad as a boy/girl with a talk show is WAY funnier than this.

  3. Oh cool, they’re making fun of fat people.

  4. Jenny is right: it is usually the skinniest girl, especially if she is a vegetarian.

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      • You can wallow alone with this statement just like you do with hot girl farts you monster. Yes i see what i just did there.

  5. What’s retarded? That there isn’t more Jenny Slate in the world.

  6. what is the general consensus on this? i didn’t laugh at all.

  7. Okay, so, Jenny is really hot.

  8. “Everybody farts.” — R.E.M.

  9. I dunno, I’m more of a Gabe and Max fan… Sorry retards.

  10. If they ever need another bestie, I’d so be that bestie.

  11. I was kind of really hoping that Soft Gabe would elaborate more on the Gray’s Anatomy thing because that show IS retarded.

  12. If wishes were horses, a horse would come galloping up and present me with a new Besties video every single day.

  13. you ever forget you farted, like absent mindedly fart? I do that sometimes.

  14. If you pause it at 1:27 you can see “The South Beach Diet” on the bookshelf. Speaking of Splenda and broccoli…

  15. I like the “Bach on Wood as a .midi” theme music a whole lot.

  16. the dangerous driving-thing is LOLZLOLZ

  17. Two of these things happened to me today, so it’s weird that I just watched this. I was sitting in the train and someone definitely farted. I’m pretty sure it was the guy standing next to me whose ass was at my face-level. I was afraid that the woman sitting next to me was judging me instead. And then BOOM, teenagers! So. many. teenagers. One of them yelled “you guys are so loud!” Of course they were blocking the doors when I had to exit.

    Also, get of my lawn

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