“In another sign of how keen Kraft is to update Mr. Peanut, the [new] commercial is to be previewed on the character’s Facebook page (facebook.com/mrpeanut) before it runs on TV and in movie theaters.” This. Changes. Everything. (Just. Kidding.)

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  1. I hope they get the Taiwanese animators to dramatify his binge that ended with him passed out in his neighbor’s kitchen. Now or never people!

  2. Wes Anderson wants his royalties.

  3. The irony is, Videogum chat is currently password protected to BLOCK Mr. Peanut.

  4. Finally, the decades long nightmare of a nude Mr. Peanut has finally ceased. You’re next Toucan Sam.

    • You know what’s weird? Donald Duck never wore pants. But whenever he’s getting out of the shower, he always puts a towel around his waist. I mean, what is that about? – Bandler Ching

  5. This is an old Letterman top 10 list but worth posting….

    Top 10 Surprises in the Mr. Peanut Autobiography

    10. First name Keith
    9. His mother was half cashew
    8. Sleeps in a big pile of dirt
    7. Divorced first Mrs. Peanut after she became involved with a bag of trail mix
    6. The Pillsbury Doughboy? Gay as a tangerine
    5. Peanut language not that different from English
    4. Once shot out TV screen when Robert Goulet appeared on it
    3. Belongs to a country club that doesn’t admit pistachios
    2. High school guidance counselor told him he’d never be anything but
    a huge unemployed freak
    1. Once arrested wandering New York’s Port Authority at dawn chanting “Eat me”

  6. Ooo, is this the commercial where he’s captured by ambiguous middle eastern enemies and forced to make a heart using only peanuts and a Planter’s tin?

  7. While the concept of “new retro” sounds very ugh, it looks like it might be claymation? Which in my opionion is very YES.

  8. “Benson is quite enamored of Mr. Peanut,” Mr. Levine said, but they are, as the saying goes, just friends. Benson does not live in Mr. Peanut’s house, Mr. Wixom said.

    No Legumo?

  9. “‘One thing we learned is that while people love Mr. Peanut, they weren’t connecting with him beyond the nostalgia,’ said Jason Levine, senior director for marketing at Planters at the East Hanover, N.J., office of Kraft.”

    Whoops, that’s your senior director for marketing, Planters.

  10. “Benson is shorter than Mr. Peanut — one nut in his shell rather than two.”

  11. “Actually, I AM Mr. Peanut.” – Tony Stark.

  12. I cannot believe I just read a straight-faced article in the NYT that is basically a press release for a major multinational. Oh wait, actually, I can totally believe that. Never mind.

    • Yeah, you know that article in the Times about how the government is secretly pushing cheese on the public? And then there’s also a Cheese section in “Times Topics” all about how AWESOME cheese is? That’s our newspaper.

  13. This is funny because back in the 90′s Robert Downey Jr. was known as “Mr. Penis.”

  14. I love Robert Downey, but if we’re talking about people born to be a peanut, there’s only one.

  15. will Benson be voiced by Jude Law?

  16. In the commercial, Mr. Peanut awakes in a stranger’s home dressed like Mrs.Butterworth.

  17. Peanuts are rich in IRON, man

  18. MUST we continue to use Robert Downey Jr to launch these action franchises?

  19. Apparently contemporary consumers still connect with the monocle.

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