We open at the RV camp on the outskirts of Atlanta. The lovable old man who will definitely die at some point in the very near future is still in his perch atop the RV looking out at whatever it is he is always looking at with his binoculars. “I think I see a zombie, no, wait, it’s just a red-crested warbler.” A young woman walks by wearing white pants. Wait a second, young woman, are you kidding me? It is the Zombie Apocalypse. RULE #1 OF THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE: NO WHITE PANTS! Ignore this warning and you will find yourself writing the most embarrassing letter to Zombie Seventeen magazine’s “Zombie-Trauma-Rama” section. “I saw the zombie I had a crush on but just then I started getting my period in my disgustingly grimey white pants. I wanted to die. And then I did.” Grimes’s wife goes out into the woods looking for mushrooms. You know how it is. You’re in the midst of a zombie attack and it’s just like “WHAT ARE WE GOING TO PUT ON THE PIZZA?!” The old man tells her to stay where he can see her. You know, because of how there are zombies everywhere? She’s like, “you got it old man,” and the immediately walks very deep into the forest where no one can see her. Ugh. Just make her a zombie already, zombies. There is a sound. What was that? There is another sound. WHAT WAS THAT?! Oh, it is just Grimes’s former partner, looking for some secret forest sex. Well, good. This way the zombies can kill two jerks with one bite. Grimes’s wife pauses from her aggressive undressing of Grimes’s partner to take off the locket and wedding ring that she wears around her neck. Then she turns over to get fucked from behind. Look, lady, either wear the locket and wedding ring like you mean it, or don’t wear it at all. Not really sure how it changes the fact that you are just getting RAILED in the middle of Zombie Mountain by your possibly dead husband’s best friend when you should be collecting PRECIOUS MUSHROOMS.

Roll credits.

Meanwhile: Grimes is in the tank. The sarcastic kid chills for a second because at the end of the day, when a dude is trapped in a tank swarming with “grinders” (?) (are they calling them grinders now?) (when did everyone start calling them grinders?) you have to drop the ‘tude at least long enough to help him make a run for it. The kid tells Grimes that the zombies are distracted by eating his horse, so all he has to do is make a run for it to the alley and the kid will meet him there and they will escape to safety. Sounds easy enough. Not exactly sure why the dozen or so zombies that we JUST SAW crawling all over the top of the tank have stopped doing that, since it makes it much easier for Grimes to escape, but they stopped doing that, so Grimes escapes. He runs down the alley and the zombies are chasing the and he’s popping them in the face with his Beretta like POP POP POP. He only has 15 bullets and there are literally a million zombies chasing him, so not exactly sure what even the point is, but as someone who has never followed a sarcastic kid on a walkie talkie’s instructions for escaping from a tank surrounded by zombies because of zombies being distracted by eating a horse, I’ll just accept that everyone’s making the smartest decisions.

Grimes gets to the alley and once again, it looks like all hope is lost, but then he meets Short Round from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. It’s weird that Short Round’s outfit grew in direct proportion to his body, but it is also FACT.

They climb up a ladder and JUST IN TIME, too. The zombies are like “WE WANT TO EAT YOUR ANKLESSSSS!” Short Round introduces Grimes to his MySpace Top 8. They’re all like “gun pointed at your head.” It turns out that when Grimes shot those bullets at those zombie faces he “rang the dinner bell” and now all the zombies are outside the department store. (Also: haha, of course, department store. WHERE ELSE?) Also, here’s a fun fact: zombies know how to use bricks as tools. Clever ungirl. Just then, there are gunshots from the roof, where a racist is sniping black zombies. Which means that he is re-ringing the dinner bell, right? So let’s all cut Grimes some slack. At least his dinner bell wasn’t RACIST. Everyone runs up to the roof and the racist gets real racist. He says the word “nigger.” Whoa. The black guy is wearing a reverse Kangol hat and an oversized shirt that says “Brooklyn” even though they are in downtown Atlanta, so perhaps The Walking Dead‘s costume designer is also racist?

NO TIME FOR THAT, IT’S CIVIL WAR. The racist is taking over. Oh, whoops, no he’s not. Grimes gets him. Classic Grimes. Good job, Grimes.

Grimes handcuffs him to a pipe and explains that there is no place for racism in a Zombie Apocalypse. Haha, sure. In a weird way, of course, you’re kind of validating his racism by even suggesting that there was EVER a time where it was appropriate, but again, we do not need to dwell on this because the zombies have already smashed through the first window of the department store vestibule. They need to get out of there. “We can’t get through all these zombies,” someone says. “What if we went UNDER the zombies,” Grimes counters. That’s why he’s Grimes! Dude thinks outside the bun. Then one lady is like “skyscrapers such as this one always have separate entrance-ways into the sewer system in case of flooding. I know this because I used to be a zoning planner for the city’s department of Urban Planning.” Whoa. She just weirdly became very useful in the moment, and also proved that she will never be useful again. I mean, on the one hand, it’s very cool that her old life turned out to be essential in providing a possible escape route in a moment of need, but she also just tapped out ALL her knowledge about anything.

Also: the sewers are filled with zombies, so forget it.

She can die now.

Back on the roof, the black dude is guarding the racist, who is trying to convince him to let him go. “I was only being racist to you because of my racism,” he argues. “You should let me go because I don’t want to be handcuffed to this pipe.” Rest your case, racist! He seriously makes the worst arguments. Even for a racist, he is pretty dumb.

At one point, Grimes is talking to this blonde lady about an incredibly hideous dolphin pendant that she just knows her sister would love (because in the midst of a Zombie Apocalypse one’s enthusiasm for shitty costume jewelry doesn’t just disappear) and he asks her why she doesn’t just take it, and she explains that there is a cop watching her. That is hilarious, because of when earlier she had no problem POINTING A GUN AT A COP’S FACE. But, you know, dolphin jewelry: the perfect crime. She takes the jewelry.

(Incidentally the blonde lady’s dolphin-jewelry-loving sister is over at the RV camp. As is the racist’s brother. And Grimes’s wife. And Grimes’s son. And Grimes’s partner. And who knows who else. It’s all very convenient, if you think about it!)

Off in the distance, there are some trucks parked by a construction site. They just need to get to those trucks. But how?! The thing about zombies is that they can smell humans because zombies smell dead and humans smell alive. Oh, Grimes knows (again: Grimes!). He will just chop up a zombie’s corpse with an axe and then he will smear that zombie’s guts all over his new Burberry trenchcoat. Then he will tie a pair of zombie feet around Short Round’s neck, and they’ll simply stagger into Mordor.

You have to admit, the staggering is the most hilarious part. Like, either the zombies can smell you or the zombies cannot smell you, but I do not think that the zombies know the difference between staggering or just walking slowly. They’re fucking zombies. But so Grimes and Short Round stagger so hard. No one on the corner has stagger like them. Um, and then the foley artist gives just the hint, just a whisper, the tiniest, faintest tingle of a thunder sound. UGH ARE YOU SERIOUS? Hold on, just before we go any further, if it starts raining and washing off the zombie guts and the zombies can smell them I’m going to be so pissed. Just then: it starts raining and washing off the zombie guts and the zombies can smell them. BOOOOOOO. They run and just manage to get over the fence in time. One zombie climbs the fence after them? I’m becoming increasingly unclear on what zombies can and cannot do. I guess they come in all undead shapes and undead sizes.

Anyway, they need a distraction so that Grimes can rescue everyone from the department store. So they steal a sports car and Short Round drives it around making a distraction. It sure was easy stealing that sports car after it being so hard stealing that truck. The zombies have gotten inside the department store. Everyone’s rushing to escape off the roof, but the racist is still handcuffed. The black guy realizes that it’s not right to leave him up there to die, even if he is a racist, so he goes back to unlock him, and that is when he trips and a CGI key flips through the air in slow motion and falls down the tiniest hole in the tiniest pipe. AHHAHAHHAAH. No. I’m sorry, what just happened? PLEASE UNCUFF MY BRAIN FROM THIS INTENSE FEELING OF DISAPPOINTMENT!

Guys, I’m worried about The Walking Dead. Anyway, the black dude runs away, the racist screams, the black dude padlocks the roof doors so that the zombies can’t get up there, but also he is still leaving a human being handcuffed to a pipe on the roof of a skyscraper in the middle of a wasteland, so even if the zombies can’t get up there, he’ll still just die of starvation which is a really gruesome way to die, so relax with the padlock, black dude, you’re not doing anyone any favors.

Everyone piles into Grimes’s truck and just in time, too. Phew. That was a close call. I had a feeling everyone was going to get bitten by zombies and the screen was just going to say “Thank you for watching our two-part mini-series. Goodnight.” (The cool thing about the screen saying that is it just SOUNDS like something a screen would say based on what the screen has said in the past.) “Where’s Short Round” someone asks.

Oh, he is just out joy-riding. Obvs.

Next week: fist fights! Also more zombies, duh.

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  1. Isn’t it a little early in the relationship for rough doggie-style in the woods in the middle of the Zombie Apocalypse? #ImJustSayin

  2. Damn, Skreets is talkin and I been sleepin hard (LIKE THE WALKING DEAD, GET IT) on this movie. I need to Check that Stagger (I MEANT SWAGGER, HA, PUN) and get up to date.

  3. Oh man, I am still on Team The Walking Dead. Sure, it is a little crazy at times, and its internal logic is perhaps not as sound as we might hope, but it is still better than NOT watching zombies, amirite?

  4. I was so taken back by what the zombie was eating in the sewer. I thought Mr. Jingles was going to live forever.

  5. Man, this show! I can’t believe I have to say that already!

    How come, when they’ve made their escape and they’re in the truck, everybody is like “Hey, where’s the racist?” Remember? You guys walked right by him when you left the roof! When was it unilaterally decided that black dude would look after the racist? And why was he so conflicted? Literally everybody else was like “You racist. Goodbye.” And this black dude, who the racist was racisting mere moments ago, was like “I dunno. Down deep he’s probably a good guy.”

    • When that key dropped down the pipe, I would have been like, “KARMA, BITCH!” Why would you feel sorry for that Mel Gibson wannabe anyway?

      • He’s really taking a page out of Mel’s book: Always Be Racisting. Coming soon to a small, racist, independent bookstore near you.

        Frankly, I await his rescue and eventual misogyny. “I WILL KILL THIS ZOMBIE, BUT YOU WILL BLOW ME FIRST BECAUSE I DESERVE IT!”

        • I know this show is based on a graphic novel or comic book or whatever, but was it written in the last few years? Because I was totally convinced after last night that the racist was based on Mel Gibson. There were subtle clues:

          Excessive use of N-word (is any use not excessive? Doubtful)
          Use of “Sugartits” (Do anyone besides Mel Gibson and people imitating Mel Gibson use this phrase?)
          Character name = Merle Dixon. Say it fast. Alternate it with Mel Gibson. Alternate them rapidly.

          Conclusion – Michael Rooker is playing Mel Gibson in a zombie apocalpse show on AMC. You can’t argue with science.

    • I regard eracism to be just as pernicious as irl racism.

    • “I’m not a racist, I was merely describing how I feel, this guy knows what I’m talking about…

      now please unlock these cuffs”

  6. Give Grimes’ wife a break. She is still mourning the death of her first husband, Michael Scofield.

  7. Definition of “grind” from the Urban Dictionary: 2. A vulgar dance where zombies rub their body parts against each other. Usually to rap or techno. “yo, check out that zombie over there putting her ass all up in that other zombie’s crotch…they are grinding.”

  8. So, I take it Gabe thinks the title should change to The Staggering Dead?

  9. You had me at “Sugartits,” racist guy.

  10. If I were Short Round, I would have driven that sports car around blaring ironic music. “I saw the sign, and it opened up my eyes, I saw the sign, Life is demanding…”

  11. What was the thought logic behind taking the racist on this mission? During Tribal Council:
    “Let’s see… Whom shall we take on this dangerous mission into a zombie infested city? Let’s take the woman who knows the buildings, a sarcastic Asian guy, and the racist guy who obviously has a problem with authority. He’ll be a very vital component to this team!”

    I get that he’ll come back and start some shit and could potentially be interesting, but this was just lazy storytelling.

    • Maybe he volunteered at the camp and no one else really wanted to talk him out of it because he was racist. He could have totally volunteered in the same manner he tried to be the boss of the group. Conjecture? Yes. But I don’t think his presence is lazy storytelling (although I agree a racist guy right off the bat was a little weird. ALSO, not a character in the books).

      • I don’t understand why characters in this situation would be so squeamish or hesitant about chucking a weak link or making the brutal, necessary decisions. (I had this same issue with Battlestar Galactica, which seemed so very concerned with holding elections (?!?!) at a time when THE VERY SURVIVAL OF HUMANITY WAS AT STAKE). Dixon should have been shot in the head at that moment and tossed to the zombies as a distraction. Period. There’s no scenario in which he is an asset to the survivors; he’s only a danger, especially since it’s clear he has a murderous rage and no interest in being a benefit to the group. And now it looks like in the next episode they’re going to go back to rescue him? Good grief.

        Survivors, please consult:

    • Oh. My. God. I haven’t thought about this game in a MILLION YEARS. I used to play it all the time when I was a kid, and it was the most exasperating, futile thing I have experienced under the guise of “entertainment.” I remember dying randomly because of the evil of the house overwhelming me or something? Ah, memories.

  12. Was I the only one who LOL’d when they found out the zombie they smeared all over them was an organ donor?

  13. 2 things (right now):

    1. Gabe, I’m so glad you posted that fan-made Walking Dead intro. That thing is just The Best. The guy even used Tony Moore’s artwork from the comic and everything. There was no way I wasn’t going to be disappointed by the show’s ACTUAL credits after seeing that. The show-runners should have stopped the show-presses right then and there when that fan-intro was posted about 2 weeks before the show premiered and just said, “Call that person and give him money because we are using that.”

    2. Zombies be climbing. Sometimes. When Rick and Glenn got up that ladder, I think they started hightailing it up that taller ladder because it wouldn’t be long before the zombies started ambling up towards them (also, there was no other way off the fire escape). BUT- More importantly, PLENTY of zombies were climbing over the chain-link fence. Rick was SHOOTING them with his GUN. He popped at least four in the head before he high-tailed it to the truck with the keys and that last zombie made it over and then the other zombies tore the gate down anyway. Just saying. It’s not like out of nowhere that one zombie was a free-runner in life and he made it over the chain link. At least four others attempted to make it over and were shot in the face by Rick.

    • Oh hey, when I said “2 things (right now)” I just meant I would be going to bed soon (night owl), and was staying up for the WD recap, and those were the two quick bits I wanted to say. I didn’t mean it like, “Don’t be shitty or something and give me a reason to say more things!” Just felt I should clarify. Goodnight!

    • Zombies be freaking me OUT.

    • Agreed on #1. the studio execs need to stop and find this guy and give him money right now. Lots of it. As a thank you from the world.

  14. Uh, wasn’t it a Mermaid pendant? I know, either way completely irrelevant, but I remember thinking, ew horrible taste.

  15. Watch out for those grinders.

    • Didn’t Short-round refer to them as “geeks” later on in the show? I thought that was funny because Short-round is a total geek

      • I believe he was using the sideshow definition of “Geek,” meaning the person who bites heads of live chickens and eats other sometimes bizarre, sometimes disgusting items.

  16. Nothing like a little spring shower to completely wipe away all traces of zombie gut stench that was vigorously smeared into a shirt. The director must not do his own laundry.

  17. I thought the zombies at the doors of the department store were EARILY similar to this guy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-QpQvjZVKQ

    • Did I intentionally misspell the word eerily to imply that the zed-words sounded like the “Why are you closed?! What is the reason?!” guy? Nope. I’m zombie food.

  18. Oh, and were the “walker grinders” being called “geeks” at one point? Am I remembering that, or making it up…

    • I do remember that. I’m not seeing a whole lot of consistency with the zombie nicknames. Old man motility devices, dance club dances, cliche high school insults.

      New nicknames next week: canes, robots, dweebs.

    • That’s what I thought so too.

    • THEY NEED TO BE CALLING THEM ZOMBIES! For crap’s sake! That is REALLY taking me out of this show. What world are they on? A world with zombies that they call everything BUT zombies it seems.

      also: relax, me.

  19. zombies using tools?
    zombies dont care about their personal well-being..it would have been much more zombierific if they broke through the door pushing and smushing the zombie bodies in the front…but i dont know

  20. Where can I purchase my own zombie corpse foot necklace?

    (Zombie Foot Locker?)

  21. I’m with you. There’s only two shows where you can watch people smearing zombie intestines all over themselves and I’m not a fan of Glee so I’ll keep on trucking with this show.

  22. I think all of the problems Gabe pointed out were effortlessly redeemed when we all saw Grimey take his axe and ruined the shit out of that zombie’s head.

    • i thought that stutter step he had before he checked the wallet was kind of weird. Pardon me while i leave this comment right here…

  23. Zombie movies/shows need to be updated for the 21st century, there are always TONS of newspapers blowing around, but no one reads newspapers any more. Newspapers are the Walking Dead.

  24. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  25. It was really sad how that one zombie had a picture of a human in his pocket.
    “She’s pretty” – Grimes.

    This show is too intense/gross sometimes, no? I still like it a lot.
    And what’s up with that one zombie in Atlanta that seems a little smarter than the rest of them?

  26. I hate zombies using tools, and I hate zombie camouflage, and after that episode, I’m afraid I might be starting to hate this show. Maybe it’s my fault for watching Dead Set.

    • “dead set” was short and sweet and funny; “the walking dead” just SMELLS funny*.

      *depressingly-to-horrifically misogynistic, depending how far into the story you go.

  27. Man, the whole “smearing each other in zombie mush” sequence was some solid black comedy. Worst team-building exercise EVER.

  28. For all the things that are ridiculous about this show I still really enjoy it. As silly as the zombie guts and staggering through the the streets was it was still fun. I highly anticipate Grimey’s bff and wife getting eaten/zombified.

    • Everyone’s saying this episode was too silly, I personally don’t really see it. Maybe because I’ve read the first few issues of the comic, so the zombie-flague stuff isn’t something new to me? The only thing I thought was alittle much was the cgi key sequence but whatev.

      I do wish we had atleast one human get eaten. Come to think of it, we haven’t seen ANYONE get bit or attacked on this show (rip Horse), have we?

      • I feel like it wasn’t too silly so much as it was not scary enough. The first episode, I was totally on the edge of my seat when Grimes was crawling away from the zombies under the tank like “OH GOD OH MAN OH GOD! HE IS GOING TO DIE!” Even though I’ve read the comics and know that no, he doesn’t die. Yet. Maybe he does later. Maybe he doesn’t. No spoilero.

        The point I wanted to make is: I’m holding this show up to some pretty high standards. Because that’s where they set the bar with the pilot. The second episode hit its head on that bar and that kind of hurts. So maybe I should lower the bar slightly. Or maybe they’ll vault over the bar effortlessly in the third episode. I don’t know, but I have hope.

        • i’m sure when stuff starts going down at night it’ll get better. And that effortless discovery of the hatch in the bottom of the tank (WAT) kind of killed that situation for me too.

          • Oh, no! That was one of the better shots of the first episode! I loved how the camera position revealed the means of escape. And the pacing from “OK gotta kill myself now,” to “OK go up there!” was really well done.

  29. So, Mrs. Grimes is the worst wife EVER.

  30. I thought the black guy padlocked the door to prevent the racist from getting super angry and hunting them down later? I mean, that toolbox definitely got kicked over and the hacksaw might definitely be super closies to the racist now.

  31. That department store zombie crowd triggered some Black Friday PTSD, which is strange because Black Friday hasn’t happened yet. By definition Too Soon? Like, in literal terms?

  32. I am caught up now, so here are some belated thoughts (spoilers for the show and comic abound):

    1. I mentioned before that I read the comic and that I feel like the comic that some severe problems, in particular with the way that women are portrayed, and that I hoped that these problems would be fixed. So far, I am not seeing much improvement. In fact, it seems a little worse. The sister in the department store with the gun is the one, I think, that in the comic is a bad ass with the guns. Here, she doesn’t know what a safety is and is shopping while the zombies are trying to get in. I know it is only the second episode, but gee whiz.

    2. Again, I know it is only the second episode, but I don’t have any emotional attachment to any of the characters and none even approach being somewhat fully formed with the excaption maybe of Grimes’s wife. And she seems sort of unpleasant. Everyone else is too noble (Grimes), too shitty (Shane) or nothing (everone else). Again, I know it is early, but I feel like on Lost (for example) by the second episode, we’d glimpses at the depth of several characters. It all just feels a little flat.

    3. Much of the acting is really bad. A lot of the dialogue is really bad. I appreciate the social commentary time, but GEEZE OH PETE, YOU DON’T HAVE TO YELL AT ME WITH IT. Seriously, I love my horror to have social commentary subtext, but it should be subtext not monologue. We are smart enough to get it.

    4. I am not sure that the show knows what it wants to be. Serious, gritty drama. Over the top, macabre. Dark humor. Grim tragedy. The tone seems muddled. The bad acting and nonsense actions would be fine if the show embraced being over the top, a la Evil Dead 2, but I feel like the show thinks that it is basically teh John Steinbeck of horror, which I guess explains the painful preaching.

    5. Just like the comic, I will keep going despite my concerns because in the end it is OKAY and is ENTERTAINING and THERE IS NOTHING ELSE ON.

    • Mans, i will consider you to be my official spokesmonster on the matter of “the walking dead.” i can go back to lurking and and barely paying attention while you keep making sense.

    • Regarding point #1- If my memory serves me correctly (and I may be wrong, and also SPOILERS people so stop reading if you don’t want to know about comic stuff), Andrea in the comics didn’t know anything about guns when the world first went to shit. She learned everything post-dead-rising (and then became the best at it). I think Rick— the reader’s eyes and ears— met up with Andrea and the group after she was already quickly learning how to use guns, so maybe in the show they’re just taking creative license to strengthen Rick’s bond with her. The apprentice becomes the master, etc. Andrea is one of the most level-headed characters in the book, and most rational.

      I was very excited when I heard Laurie Holden had been cast as Andrea, having enjoyed her previously in The Mist and on The Shield (and she was the only thing TO watch in Silent Hill).

      • You are correct on all of your points here. Again, I recognize that it is a bit early on some of my criticisms, and I am tough only because I want this to be good. Andrea is probably the only character in the comics that I care about and have any interest in.

      • She was also in The Majestic. She’s a Frank Darabont Darling. Also, the old guy on the roof of the RV. He was in The Shawshank Redemption, the Majestic, the Green Mile, AND the Mist. TWO DARABONT DARLINGS.

  33. Sometimes when the noise stops zombies are dunderheads who just lose focus and drift off and sometimes they have a maniacal focus and keep banging against the department store and getting smarter by the minute.

    I hate how zombies can SORT OF do anything. They can run, they can use tools, they can climb ladders, they can use doors. But with JUST ENOUGH trouble and almost GRUMPY ILL WILL so that you can escape when need be, and yet be dramatically threatened when need be.

    • Also, was i just not paying attention because where was the car/vehicle the survivors used to get into the city? Why did they need to steal a truck? Or did they get in on foot? If they got in with a vehicle, why walk like a mile through the zombie apocalypse instead of just activating a car alarm nearby, maybe even with the sniper rifle, and using the survivors’ vehicle for the getaway.

      But one would imagine a vehicle would have made noise which we know attracts the zombies which we also knows makes the survivors very mad, so they wouldn’t do that. But if they got in on foot, why are they suddenly so panicy about zombies? Clearly they’re a piece of cake to elude.

  34. ugh. why make a show of grimes taking the grenade if he isn’t going to use it!?

  35. Woahkay, I just got around to watching this.

    First of all, am I the only person who did not once hear a zombie referred to as a grinder? I heard walkers, and geeks (which kind of makes sense, considering geeks like from the carnival).

    Second of all, Mrs. Grimes, LORD. Why is she even BOTHERING with the locket and the wedding ring? I am looking forward to the Grimes family reunion!*

    Third of all, ROOKER. I get where they were going with the, “in the end of humanity you can’t be picky about your fellow survivors, and that one shoots a gun” but he was like, too racist for the end of the world. Especially the pan-ethnic end of the world scavenging party. He was going to beat T-Dog (…) to DEATH! But yes, clearly he is coming back, possibly with an all-white zombie army.

    Finally of all, the dialogue is pretty bad! Andrew Lincoln’s accent is really bad, especially when compared to people who are not trying so hard to do an accent! I am concerned they have not put much thought into the Official Rules of How Zombies Work on This Show, what with the zombie tool-using and fence-climbing and all of the sudden you can’t get zombie goo on your skin or in your eyes? Whuh-huh?

    I will still watch it.

    *I am not looking forward to the Grimes family reunion and the attendant “MY WOMAN!” “NO! MY WOMAN!” conflict.

    • Concerning the official How Zombies Work on the Show rules, the tool-using is admittedly surprising, the fence climbing less-so (it is pretty early on in the apocalypse, so they’re not as decayed and rigor motisizing as they will become), and as far as the zombie goo is concerned, we don’t know if that has any effect on people, but if I was in that situation I would probably not want to get that stuff on my skin or in my eyes either. You know, just to be safe and minimize my chances of getting infected, sick, dying and becoming a zombie.

      • *If that is in fact how becoming a zombie works. I don’t want anybody’s blood on my skin or in my eyes in regular life. I would probably really hate getting zombie blood on me.

  36. wait wait, the idea to go underground really come from “that’s an understatement”?? really? really?

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