David Sedaris was the interview guest on last night’s the Daily Show, which also included a new John Hodgman segment featuring a guest appearance by Ira Glass. This isn’t everyone’s thing, but to the people for whom this is a thing, it is very much A THING.

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  1. I love This American Life. I love the Daily Show. I love this. And I really love you, Gabe, for showing me this!

  2. Speaking of which, I listed to one of the repeats of the “Frenemies” episode of TAL where Rich Juzwiak did his “I’m not here to make friends” bit….and in the credits they thank Gabe and I was all like whhhhaaaa!?!?!?!

  3. Wasn’t Gabe on TAL? Shouldn’t there be a disclaimer or one of those parenthetical footnote-asides he loves so much that we see so often now that everything is owned by ViaWarnerPrice? It’s not that I want one, I just expect them now. Great/Sad Expectations. It’s in the encyclopedia. Look it up. It’s like an old episode of The Wire.

  4. So strong, it’s A THANG

    /robot brain explodes

  6. Is this episode going to get it’s own entry in Stuff White People Like?

  7. I’ve listening to almost every episode of This American Life sequentally (skipping the ones I thought were boring or the link didn’t work, whatever, maybe 10 in total) and heard David Sedaris’s voice a million times and now I’ve seen him. This is slightly freaking me out.

    • That’s how I felt the first time I saw Ira Glass! It’s so weird to see an actual person when you’re so used to a disembodied voice.

  8. I was having an okay day yesterday, and I thought, “You know, the only thing that could pretty much ruin today is seeing Ira Glass in a green catsuit.”
    Revenge will be swift and just, Daily Show.

  9. The Moment of Zen was the best. If you only saw this clip you’re doing yourself a disservice.

  10. I just listened to Ira Glass on WTF with Marc Maron. Very nice!

    *James Franco eating pie .gifs arranged in a mosaic to form one big James Franco eating pie .gif*

    • That particular interview has gotten me on a comedy podcast kick lately. I listen to a lot of This American Life but now I’m all about Doug Loves Movies and WTF. A lot of these guys reference The Nerdist as well, which is the next one on my list.

      • I love Doug Loves Movies! I’m going to a Doug Benson show next week, and I am definitely going to wear a name tag. So excited.

      • Podcasts I Listen To The Day They Update: “This American Life”, “WTF”, “Doug Loves Movies”, “Savage Love” (best theme song ever!), “BS Report” (warning: sports), “Firewall and Iceberg”, “Pod F. Tompkast”.
        “Nerdist” is good, a notch below those. Like “Fresh Air”, if the guest is good I throw it on immediately, otherwise I wait for a slow day.
        Related: I listen to a lot of fucking podcasts.

        • I was kind of in a little bit of a rut lately with podcasts so this post is great. I was trying to force myself to listen to Radiolab for a while but it’s totally lost me (and sometimes the format, while impressive, can be overwhelming), and I used to be a loyal SModcast listener (don’t judge) but it’s gotten pretty stale.

          That’s exactly how I feel about “Fresh Air”. Terry Gross is a great interviewer and she has a perfect radio voice, but if I don’t know the guest I won’t listen to it. Her interview with Jason Schwartzman recently was pretty interesting. I like Alan Sepinwall – is “Fire and Ice” more TV commentary? I’ve also heard good things about Pod F. Tompkast so that’ll also be next.

      • Guys, guys! The Bugle! It’s sort of as if The Daily Show was a podcast (John Oliver!) except infinitely more British and infused with puns (see cohost Andy Zaltzman) and actual bugle sounds.

  11. But did any of those people have any regrets about appearing on a TV show?


  12. Can we start a Monster Podcast club, where we listen to each week’s This American Life, Radio Lab, You Look Nice Today, etc and then discuss?

  13. And then Win Butler played the segment out to commercial.

  14. Guess I’m in the minority here, but every time I read David Sedaris’ books, I picture him saying “I’m so funny and weird you guys, aren’t I?”

  15. David Sedaris: the lost Raimi?

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