The fainting goat kittens have all died. R.I.P. fainting goat kittens. You are in heaven now, charming but also mildly depressing the angels.

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  1. Even though science might* disagree with me, I feel like our collective bottomless appetite for all things cute made this happen.


  2. They really should have waited till Monday morning to die, instead of ruining our Friday afternoons.

  3. Way to ruin my Friday, Gabe.

  4. Goodbye, cruel* world!


  5. A salve for our wounds.

  6. Nothing gold can stay. -Ralph Macchio

  7. One less kitty taking the ride:

    (In case you couldn’t tell, I am actually upset by this. I like kittens better than I like most people, so…)



    • I began laughing and tearing up on three separate occasions thinking of this comment. I need more thumbs up for this, but alas, I’m allowed only the one.

  9. This is no time for celebrations, let me mourn dude

  10. “If only I could nudge you from this sleep,
    My fainting darling, my skittery kitten.
    Over this internet website I speak the words of my love:
    I, with no rights in this matter,
    Neither owner nor anyone who actually knew them.”

    –with apologies to Roethke

    • Each fainting cat’s death diminishes me,
      For I am involved in the internets.
      Therefore, send not to know
      For whom the cat faints,
      It faints for thee.

  11. i didn’t know it until now, but crying gifs are one of my favorite things.

  12. I saw two fainting kittens on Youtube
    They died! They died!
    Gabe said they was sleeping
    He lied! He lied!
    Why oh why are the kitties dead?
    Couldn’t that disease happen to Jeff Dunham instead?

  13. Their candles burned out long before their cuteness ever will.

    Mans needs to step up and remind us of how many more cute kittens would have been born today.

  14. Why cruel world, why?!

  15. What a crazy fucked up follow-up. I never thought a cute as balls segment would be followed by a, “…And now they’re dead.”

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