It gets better. (Via InternetToday.)

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  1. “I didn’t ask for this.” – Superglue

  2. I didn’t know Babe25′s sister was a singer.

  3. This is pretty much me after posting a failed joke for Videogum. It happens several times a week. Okay, a day.

  4. Gerard Way needs to RELAX.

  5. My favorite part is when you can hear the glass shattering.

  6. The funny thing is that she still sounds better than the Whitney Houston of 2010.

  7. “Sweetie, E!’s on the phone. Something about a new show they’re launching this month. They want you to call them the absolute second you think about settling down with someone.”

  8. Parts of that had me all

    Then I remained that way for the remainder of the video.

    (Thanks werttrew, for giving me an excuse to post this again and laugh all the live long day for it!)

  9. Sooooo did this girl upload the video herself?

    Caption: “I try to sing a song but I do a really bad job of it and get embarassingly frustrated and act like a big old baby. Enjoy! Post thoughts in the comments! Ridicule from now through my adulthood and beyond!” – This Girl

  10. This is is basically (exactly) how the toast I gave at my best friend’s wedding went. That was an awkward wedding.

    Also, this video is definitely NSFH. H = headphones.

  11. Hey everybody! It’s pie time!!!

    C:\Documents and Settings\ssh30678\My Documents\My Pictures\3D_pie.gif

  12. Was anyone else surprised that she didn’t get better after removing her glasses? I’d have thought that would help.

  13. hahaha i love her triumphant return after it goes black

    i was watching it on mute, so i thought it was over, but THEN she comes BACK!

  14. This one goes out to all of us who have tried to do something truly, transcendentally great, and failed, and upon that failing, were laughed at.

  15. Anyone going to autotune this?

  16. What happened to her Confederate flag?

  17. Until this video, my cats had always enjoyed the days I get to work from home.

  18. “And I will always love yo- AAHHHH”

    -all the grooms at the end of Bridalplasty

  19. ugh, little kids should not curse, no matter how badly they can’t hit notes.

  20. This made me really sad for some reason.

  21. Someone needs to take a few etiquette lessons from Keenan, amirite?

    Stay classy, San Diego.

  22. When I was a kid I used to play the trumpet. I learned 2001: Space Odyssey(You know how it goes) and tried desperately to hit the notes for my family. After about three minutes my dad patted me on the shoulder and said it was ok.

  23. Is no one ever worried about their parents listening through the door? I was.

  24. Man, she’s got the face of a 12 year old but the awkward confidence of a 30 year old.

  25. Snicker all you want bitches but girl’s plan to get on Tosh.0 is totally going to work.

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