It is being reported that contrary to earlier rumors, Ernie Hudson IS available and ready to return to the franchise. (Gotcha, Ernie Hudson. Zinged ya. Don’t cross the zings. Etc.)

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  1. If no Bill Murray, then no thanks.

  2. When reached for comment to officially state his involvement, Bill Murray avoided the question and muttered with a smile while striking high piano notes, “they hate this…I like to torture ‘em.”

  3. It’s Miller time!


  4. I am not behind this film but whatever. People like reunion shows. They like nostalgia. They’ll pay for the name brand. I just think the concept of watching these actors playing roles that are now 20 years old is not appealing.

    I did fool myself into thinking that somehow it’s an act of integrity for Bill Murray not to sign on or something, but in reality, integrity really has nothing to do with it. Acting’s a job, and if the project sounds like fun and or lucrative, then I would probably sign on too. Why not?

    Any film has the potential to be good. My knee-jerk reaction to Ghostbusters 3 news is always one of cast doubts. I hope if it gets made I am wrong.

    Monetarily speaking though, I think it would be smarter to just remake the films. Pass the baton. The franchise would have a better chance of surviving, although initially fans would be irate that the original actors were not in it, but they wouldn’t be able to argue if the film was good in spite of this.

  5. But is Slimer available?

  6. Who’s going to play the monkey?

  7. When there’s something weird in the Facebook group, who you gonna text? GHOSTBUSTERS! #2010

  8. This guy is available, too:

  9. What about Sigourney Weaver? I watched the original on Sunday and it gave me a bad case of Sigourney Weaver fever. (Fuck it, I’ll just watch Alien for the 100th time.)

  10. Gabe is the Zingmaster.

  11. I was just thinking, the only way I would be excited about this movie is if John Hodgman was in it. I really want to see John Hodgman bust some ghosts for some reason.

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