Obviously, no one wishes harm on anyone, not even Vince Neil, but if we’re really doing this then we better see someone’s head get straight triple-axled off their neck. IT’S CALLED ENTERTAINMENT and it is WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT.

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  1. Canada did it!

  2. So ridiculous. Talk about a triple LULZ, amirite?

  3. “Sean Young has starred in some of the most iconic movies of all time, from Blade Runner with Harrison Ford to No Way Out with Kevin Costner and Ace Ventura with Jim Carrey.”

    Looks like someone finally understands Ace Ventura’s real importance in the pantheon of cinema.

  4. Come on guys.. ice is hard and they will fall down!

  5. Looks like we got “toe-picked” by life

  6. So I thought for a second that it was skating like roller skating like roller derby and I was PUMPED UP. This idea just sucks.

    • Don’t feel bad. I thought it was skating like with the boards that the kids are all into. Then I remembered that there’s no mass appeal for that. *sigh*

  7. Okay, but Sean Young is great TV waiting to happen.

  8. True story, my brother ran into one of the guys from Motley Crue practicing for this at the local ice rink. What I found most impressive about this was that my brother was able to recognize a member of Motley Crue.

  9. What? No Nick Swardson? That’s a disappointment. He talks a good game…

  10. Sure, you all complain now, but you’re going to LOVE the attention once Trolling With The Stars airs. Bet you guys never realized that Clown Coffee is really former Beatles drummer Pete Best!

  11. The Lorry version of “Skating with the Stars” had, uh, this, if that’s any selling point:


    • Oh god, that is hard to watch. I hate this for the same reason I hate Dancing With The Stars. What’s the appeal in watching semi-recognizable people do what is supposed to be beautiful very, very, very poorly?

      • In hindsight, that routine is not as “OMG COMEDY” as people thought it was. On behalf of Lorryland, I am so sorry for this.

        • hehe, you brits. “SPECTACULAR STUMBLE OFF SET”
          Coulda just said, “Dude Fell.”

          And that’s an odd alignment of terminology: A Spectacular stumble? That’s like a Vibrant Grey or a Professional Amateur or a worthwhile blog.

  12. Wasn’t this already a show and everyone agreed it was awful?

  13. I wonder if Peggy Fleming will guest star?!

  14. SO would Tonya Harding count as a skater or a celebrity washed up and useless enough to qualify as a contestant?

  15. I got excited when I thought it was THIS skating…

  16. As someone who truly, unironically loves the sport of figure-skating, I will definitely not be watching this.

    • And I, as someone with equal interest in the behind-the-scenes, back-room-dealing, scandalous elements of figure skating AND the actual sport, am sort of dying to watch this. Because whose careers are so broken that they have agreed to appear on this show? Who will judge? Who will host? This has such potential.

  17. it’s called the iron lotus- it was popular in north korea until an unfortunate accident…

  18. Fox already tried this with “Skating with the Celebrities” and Krstine Swanson nearly killed herself (her career was already dead). Speaking of ridiculous shows, does anyone remember Celebrity Circus from a few years back? It was the ultimate in desperation for fame.

  19. Anyone else thinking this will be exactly like when Jason Priestlley was on SNL in 1945 and played an Olympic Ice Skater and it was the worst aka best?

  20. Who are the stars these people will be skating with? ZIP POW!

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