All that glitters is not cyber gold, you guys. Be careful out there! Don’t get raped! By the guy in this video? He is the website worm at the end of the hook. YIKESYIKESYIKESYIKESYIKESYIKES! I need an adult! No, not this one, a DIFFERENT adult. (Thanks for the tip, ILikeCats.)

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  1. Isn’t connecting the first thing you need to do?

  2. “Don’t walk with haters ’cause hatin’ is old”

    See? He’s walking alone. He is NO FOOL.

  3. Is this why Godsauce left?

  4. I guess we needed a Stop Drop and Roll for getting flamed on the Internet.

  5. If I didn’t talk to “strangers on the web,” I wouldn’t um.. nevermind.

  6. Wow, Sandra Bullock is looking REEALLY bad…

  7. I would like to point out the following video, which I suggested here AGES ago but Gabe chose to ignore. It’s got better advice for staying safe out there, and includes threats from Fonzie and a creep singing about anuses:

  8. “Chill with the bullying and the flaming.”

    I can’t help it … I was born that way!

  9. I feel like eating a Beef and Cheddar from Arby’s and throwing a coin into a wishing well after watching this video, but I’m not sure why.

  10. So this is where the dreadlocked fellow from Color Me Badd ended up…

  11. Actually he looks like Dave Matthews in biracial blackface.

  12. i can’t wait until the Black Eyed Peas steal this and turn it into a multi-platinum hit, ensuring its cultural ubiquity for 5-10 years.

  13. You know, in all seriousness, before I saw this video, I often put myself into situations where I could become a victim of online predation in some way. But now, after seing it presented in a way that really brings it to my level, and in a pretty groovy way I might add, I think I will change my ways and try to be more careful. It is the cool thing to do after all.

  14. Twilly is learning life lessons all over the place.

  15. Ugh, why didn’t someone bring this video to my attention before I wired the prince of Nigeria like a sh*tload of money?

  16. Yeah, chill with the bullying and the flaming! Stop making other people commit suicide, dog.

  17. Did I see the poop back and forth forever kid in this?

  18. Relax, TechnoJayWise. Where we’re going we don’t need self control.

    Also, “Make like a human USB and C-O-N-N-E-C-T” ? Really? REALLY? Mr. Wise, I think you are confusing internet and safe sex messages with disastrous results. If you’re going to connect like a human usb you better have a Trojan, which is different from when you are online where trojans should be avoided at all costs.

  19. Well if nothing else, the Internet just gained about 30 great animated gifs from this.

    • Seriously, if 1:07-1:20 was turned into a gif, we could probably retire all other gifs for being unnecessary.

      • I am quitting my job so I can keep up with you guys. Here it is so many hours later and I was sitting here thinking the SAME THING and knowing that everyone already said it. My job sucks.

  20. Fun fact: Back when I started writing video game reviews, I was eager to please the other people there, so I took a game to write about that nobody else wanted. Turns out nobody else wanted it because it was sort of terrible. It was an AR game about staying safe online, and for all the high production values, it was pretty uninteresting. So I got stuck trying to make that sound like something people wanted to play on my very first review.

    The moral is: fuck staying safe on line, that’s boring and ruins people’s days!

  21. Sounds like Anthony Kiedis circa Uplift Mofo Party Plan.

  22. You think that one’s cool? RSA just keeps pumping out the hits!

  23. So, this video is sort of hilarious and ridiculous, but then again, as far as social campaign videos aimed at kids go, this one is actually not that bad. I mean, the guy comes off as less than a pedophile and the kids are cute, so not the worst I’ve seen.

    I’d give it an 8.

  24. I was never confused about how to stay safe online but I sure am now ! Thanks Milli Vanilli !

  25. Kid in black/gold t-shirt on the left at the 1:20 mark just showed me the only dance move I’ll ever need.

  26. What is it with people named Jay Wise and videos with weird dancing and words popping out all over the place?

  27. That part starting at 1:07 where he does little symbolic hand movements for “stop” (hands forward) “think” (fingers at temples) “connect” (fists together) and then he jerks left and right for a beat, mouth agape, before he starts rotating his hands over each other, opens them and starts jutting his fingertips into the air while occasionally bending down and back up like he’s doing a really fluid (re: bad) robot dance while the camera artificially pans him over to the right to make way for the green screened girl smiling and dancing— what’s the name of that dance move?

  28. These kids are dumb. They should have stopped and thought before being in this video.

  29. Stop, Think, and Connect is what I do everyday when I have a shit ton of work to do, but instead waste countless hours on the internet and message boards.

  30. Keeping kids safe: It’s not just about slipping condoms on bananas anymore!

  31. Hey Jay Wise, 1990 called…it want’s its PSA back.

  32. human USB is the future’s human caterpillar.

  33. I’m here to make a comment about Milli Vanilli hair. AGAIN.

  34. I watched this with no sound, which is ok because it’s kind of closed captioned or whatever, but I still kept the beat based on the dance moves/nodding heads. My favorite part was when the kid just falls down at the end because he’s so worn out. Totally how I feel too.

  35. This guy brought the funk…in that he didn’t shower a week before the video shoot. I know because I have this on BluRay and I watched the Making Of bonus feature with commentary.

  36. Can we get maybe about a million gifs of those kids’ dance moves? I think I saw one of them moving like Bernie.

  37. He’s right, there are dangerous things on the interweb, and the world needs to know.

  38. This guy went to the C&C Music Factory school of rapping.

  39. It’s about friggin’ time someone followed the original version of this song:

    Stop. Collaborate. Listen

  40. This guy has a little bit of a ‘Faith No More’ lead singer vibe circa 1990 – especially at 1:18.

  41. Whoops, that’s my employer

  42. This guy is the burger KING.

  43. I just want everyone to know that my bff sent in this tip!! And ILikeCats toooooo!!!

    Hm, I probably should have stopped and thought before I connected to make this pointless comment. Oh well!

  44. Counting Crows just get better with age, don’t they?

  45. How many children would this video need to save in order to justify its existence?Because I feel it is more than the amount of children it will save.Which is none.

  46. This video is my new Rick-roll.

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