Don’t know if you guys are hip to this jive (yuck), but today is ELECTION DAY! The most wonderful day of the year, I’m sure. This morning I went to my polling place and walked right past the bake sale. NO TIME, CUPCAKES! GOT 2 EXERCISE MY CIVIC DUTY! Is it just me, or are the volunteers at polling places sort of the best people? I guess in general volunteers of any kind are pretty great because by nature they WANT to be talking to you. But we were joking and smiling and so glad to just be a PART OF IT, you know? America! Of course, as the above photo reminds us, today is also a contentious day as the temporary fate of our beleaguered nation is determined and possibly redirected once more. Who is on top and who is on bottom now?! We will find out in the morning. Basil Marceaux Dot Com, hopefully. Anyway, it’s going to be tough to provide a funnier caption for this photo than Skeletor has already provided with his sign. But something tells me you can do it. And if you can’t, then perhaps you don’t deserve the office of Commenter In Chief.

Winner will receive special mention in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. No inauguro. (Image via TheInternetToday.)

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  1. What a weird looking Castle Grayskull

  2. Don’t blame me, I voted for Battle Cat.

  3. Wow, Carl Paladino looks GREAT!

  4. I think the press-on nails sunk me.

  5. Hey monsters! Time for my monthly reminder on ways to connect with and learn about the Videogum community. Check out:

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  6. I am a grown man!

  7. Fake and Gray

  8. The college kids that watch this show in syndication are TOO DAMN HIGH.

  9. ….and with his magic powers, Orko safely returns America to the idyllic age of 2008, when the economy was strong, the US was respected, and healthcare wasn’t a problem for anybody.

  10. That’s very interesting, but silly.

  11. another dude runs with a joke that he didn’t come up with, one of many dudes who made basically the same joke all weekend in washington dc.

  12. Sure, this is funny now, but when he turns out to be Muslim, too, you guys are gonna be embarrassed!

  13. The rent for Castle Grayskull is too damn high!

  14. Frank Langella wore it better.

  15. Rally to restore Skelety

  16. Silly Skeletor. The position of “Master of the Universe” isn’t up for reelection for another two years.

  17. Skeletors without bellybuttons can’t be trusted! He’s fake! Likely gay! He-Man 2010!

  18. I wonder if he blue himself?

  19. I HAVE THE POWER to help affect change by exercising my role in a democracy.

  20. James Carville at the Rally to Restore Sanity

  21. I heard He-man wasn’t even born in Eternia.

  22. I didn’t know Charlie Chaplin was a socialist!

  23. A despondent Skeletor watches Evil-Lyn walk away unimpressed with his political activism.

  24. Sure, He-Man is a socialist. But where does Prince Adam stand?

  25. Whatever, Palin’s sign about She-Ra was suppressed by the liberal media.

  26. Andrew Shirvell, in costume at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear, extends his hateful gay-bashing to cartoon characters.

  27. Gingers are socialists and/or have no souls. -Death Smurf

  28. Sanity Restored.

  29. I modified this campaign logo for Frank Caprio, a crooked politician running for RI Governor:

  30. Fat Skeletor wants you to focus on the issues.

  31. He-Man’s political career was over a couple of years ago when that unsettling video of him and those children was making its way around the internet.

  32. Political figures making rap videos. Beloved internet memes starring in commercials. Nostalgic cartoon characters running for office. Can we just call this a Friday and start the whole week over tomorrow?

  33. “If Prince Adam isn’t He-Man, why won’t he show us his birth certificate?” –Orly Taitz

  34. “I like Moss-Man’s envioronmental positions, but am concerned that he does not have enough fiscal experience. And his action figure smells really bad.”

  35. I don’t have a funny caption, I just wanted to say that that is a fucking awesome Skeletor costume.

  36. it’s clear that he-man does not support the legalization of marriage between an arch enemy and his feline “companion”.

  37. “Man-E-Faces is a flip-flopper.”

  38. an average american, who doesn’t have time to go to protests, makes it out to a political rally to say something very important

  39. “Today, Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox released a statement announcing the he has placed Assistant Attorney General Tri-Klops on leave.”

  40. He would have captioned his sign “Bourgeoisie or something” but he Can’t-Spelletor.

  41. “In response to reports linking him to an underground DC bondage club, Skelator release a statement saying that he would explain as soon as he was able to get out of his fur underwear.”

  42. Skeletor? more like Lipitor! Because… you know… he’s really let himself go since Panthor ran away and Sorceress won’t return his calls. Cholesterol’s a bitch you guys.

  43. “I am disgusted with partisanship in this country. If Republicans and Democrats would come together to join their halves of the Power Sword, it would be for the best.”

  44. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  45. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  46. “Where does it say that there is Separation of Church and State in the Constitution?” –Evil-Lyn


  48. Not to be a pain in the ass or anything, but election judges are not volunteers. They are paid.

    • Yeah, and basically any old crazy person can do it. I worked as one a couple of years ago and got stuck next to this guy who:

      1) brought his girlfriend, just to hang out for the day,
      2) wouldn’t stop talking about all the heroine he’s done, and
      3) couldn’t sit still for more than fifteen minutes at a time. He kept getting up and wandering off to look at things. Except he was supposed to sign his name every time someone registered, which turned out to be kind of a problem.

  49. “Is he still watching us? Okay, let’s head for that bus, fast!”

  50. [Threatening voice-over]: “He-Man is spending YOUR tax dollars on pork barrel projects up on Castle Greyskull. WASTING MONEY on studying face transplants for his WEALTHY friends, WASTING MONEY on hormone treatment for TIGERS, and voting lock-step with HIS BEST FRIEND, Nancy Pelosi.”

    [Soothing female voice-over]: “Skeletor is trying to change the way we do business here at Castle Greyskull! He knows the importance of balancing the budget and saying NO! to the He-Man-o-care that takes $500 billion away from the Medicare seniors need. He’s tough on crime, and takes a firm stance against abortion and is against allowing flying-wizards-with-no-faces to serve in our military. A new day begins tomorrow; a new day begins with a vote for Skeletor.”

    [Skeletor]: “I am Skeletor, and I approve this message.”

  51. Sorry, but I couldn’t bring myself to put a Hitler ‘stache on Gabe.

  52. but can skeletor name a recent supreme court decision he disagrees with?

  53. “Photo taken mere seconds before He-Man’s campaign volunteers wrestled Mr. Tor to the ground and repeatedly stomped on his skull”

  54. “I’m not a witch. I’m Skeletor.”


  56. Christine O’Donnell’s campaign takes another hit when an anonymous report on Gawker says that she dressed up as Evil-Lyn for three straight halloweens.

  57. Choosing between Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown was like Sophie’s Choice.

  58. “Does the carpet match the mini-blind?”

  59. No no Skeletor…Red Skull is a commie, not Grayskull

  60. “I’m Skeletor, and I approve this message.”

    Paid for by Citizens United Against Bob Haircuts.

  61. Who could better help us push through this financial reform better than RAM-MAN?

  62. Pictured above: Skeletor, the Michigan attorney who has been conducting a personal crusade against Prince Adam, a Michigan student body president who happens to be gay.

  63. I’m cautiously trying to find a Christine O’Donnell “Masturbator of the Universe” joke, But I don’t think it’s going to happen.

  64. “Sad Keanu jpg in place of sign.” which I’m too full of pizza to find and manipulate on Photoshop.

  65. “Listen, fools, I don’t know who Hit-Lor is, but this is clearly a Man-at-Arms mustache!”

  66. “Skeletor still struggling with stache-envy”

  67. Ironically, He-man DOES exemplify the Aryan ideal.

  68. ” I think He-Man has exposed himself over and over again as a guy who has a deep-seated hatred for skeletons and the evil culture. I mean, you know, we all have our inner demons. I’m just a villain tryin’ to make a livin you furry fools! ”

  69. “The power of greyskull compels you!”

    Don’t forgot to exorcise your right to vote, you guys!

  70. Eternia hasn’t seen this kind of embarassment since Mekaneck claimed he could see Russia from his backyard.

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