Anchorman had a secretary named This Clip. This Clip had a secretary named Anchorman. Coincidence or COSMIC FACT?! Stay classy, everybody. (Via HuffingtonPost.)

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  1. I think those are the guys Newy was talking about.

  2. In other news: ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!
    and I just wanted to say you guys are my favorites

  3. Go fuck yourself, San Diego.

  4. I am slightly better at life than these people are at their jobs–slightly. Except the last reporter, she is clearly wicked good at her job, knowing she has to block the cameraman’s shot of the woman in the landspeeder.

  5. It’s like the Tea Party of newscasts: just organized enough to fool you into thinking they know what they’re doing.

  6. Meh, still better than the Daily Buzz.

  7. I’m? Steve? Fiorino?

  8. This cut away just before they threw it back to the weather man, standing backwards in an orange tuxedo in front of a map of pangaea predicting “All kinds of dinosaurs tomorrow.”

  9. This reminds me of that SNL sketch where the teleprompter breaks down, and Will Ferrell tears the head off of David Alan Grier’s weatherman character.

  10. This week: it’s 2007-2009gum and I like it.

  11. I like how the camera just looks away in shame. “No, I cannot film this. For the love of God.”

    • I know, and I love how the reporter tries to get back in the shot and the camera is just like, “nope, you’re done. Filming traffic now.”

  12. I’m pretty sure these two were behind the camera (both cameras).

  13. KGTV producers immediately became suspicious and realized that the should have further vetted the resume of their new midday director, Mikey McGillicuddy, age 10.

  14. Hello news team. Look at your papers. Now back to me. Now pan over to the news anchors. Now back to Steve. Sadly Steve doesn’t know the date is the 12th of September. Look at Lisa. Lisa, look at the teleprompter. Now stop talking. Steve be sorry. Look down. Back up. You’re at the border crossing with a cameraman. Stare back at me. It’s Jackie Wynn. Look again. Jackie Wynn is now Adrienne Moore. Anything is possible when you report a protest at a border crossing. Look at the border crossing. Now back at Adrienne. Now back to the border crossing. I’m on a mobility scooter.

    • I think your new avatar has made you funnier. I didn’t think it was possible, but, well, see above.

      • Thanks, teacherman! Maybe it’s my new avatar, but all I know is Godsauce left, and around the time that his presence was dwindling, everyone else on here got REALLY funny. I think that ‘long cat’ stand-up comedy thread really blasted out all our monster comedy sinuses or something. Because since then everyone on here has been nailing it, just fucking SHOOTING IT IN THE HEAD AND KILLING IT every day.

        I’m just trying to keep up!

    • Your comment reminds me of this:

      Listen to this guy, news team! He knows what he’s talking about!

  15. Steve Fiorina did say he’s sorry (0:29), which was the right thing to do. Will his wife Carly do the same?

  16. at least there were no threats of chicken fucking.

  17. I really liked the part where he didn’t know his co-anchor’s name and that she totally misread his cue and provided the date instead. That was a very good part!

    • Yes, but there really were no bad parts. It was like a lip-dub of a terrible broadcast or something. So perfectly executed.

      • It’s nice when everyone has their shit together. People working together to make things happen. Everyone’s on the same page and you’re like, “Whoa! There is maybe not enough room on this page for all of us,” but then there is and perfect harmony reigns everywhere.

  18. If I had to guess, I’d say that’s what happens when one of the anchors tells a camera operator’s wife that he’s cheating on her. Those mofos stick together.

  19. This is how I like my news, quick and to the pointless.

  20. That’s my local news team! Sadly, this is not unusual. But luckily for us, it is not unusual.

  21. Wait, what? This video is no longer available? AHHHHHHH!!! I hate working! I hate living on the West Coast! I hate my life!

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