The Office came back last night, finally and duh. There were plenty of LOL moments and more than a few predictable ones, but don’t you just want that show to go on for the rest of your life, like The Simpsons? The most notable development on last night’s show for fans of Mad Men was the revelation of Rich Sommer’s character arc. We knew he was guest-starring, but he couldn’t say anything about his character. Now we know it’s because he’s Pam’s “new friend” at the Pratt Institute in New York, where she’s in a 3-month program that improbably involves being an RA at a dorm. After the jump, here’s everything we know so far about Rich Sommer’s so-far-unnamed character and Pam’s budding friendship. (No spoilers, though.)

He draws, oh no! Why are they learning about fungus in a design class? But anyway, despite other things that happened in this episode, it doesn’t seem like this is a one-time stint. Something has to keep Jim and Pam apart (besides distance and her newfound interest in fashion), and it seems for now it’s going to be this guy. Only time will tell if when it comes to keeping The Office‘s Ross and Rachel in conflict, Rich is the Emily or the Gunther.

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  1. This is what happens when you make someone head of the TV department.

  2. this is not related to the possible pam romance, but did anyone else think that the ending, where michael ripped up the counting crows tickets, was kind of … forcedly zany? (good lord, that’s an awkward phrase. sorry.) i mean, we’ve seen before that he can actually be a semi-functioning human in terms of interaction with others. something about it didn’t sit right with me.

  3. Mary Mouse  |   Posted on Sep 26th, 2008 0

    The Office always leaves me satisfied and smiling. This season is looking very promising so far!

  4. when i first saw him as harry crane i thought… hey, there’s the effeminate friend from the devil wears prada.

    and then i saw him in frozen grand central station – that improv everywhere video….

    so this guy gets around.

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