The title of this video is “Little Girl Owned on Trampoline,” owned, of course, being the technical term for a child getting kicked in the face. Internet Status: NORMAL. (Via GorillaMask.)

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  1. In your FACE!

  2. The littel girl wasn’t the only one getting Pwned in this video. I’m pretty sure that boy got a nutshot as well.

  3. Hey I’m just gonna let you swing from a trampoline while I videotape it, you’ll be fine kid

  4. Some days, I totally feel like a small child hanging from a trampoline only to get violently kicked down on accident by my older brother. Other days I feel great.


  5. Sure, she may feel a bit trampled right now, but I’m sure she’ll bounce back.

  6. You know what isn’t owned now? That trampoline.

    • If only. The parenting decisions made by the person/people who bought that thing in the first place are a very clear indicator that the effect of this cause will NOT BE getting this thing out of the yard.

  7. This video represents exactly how I feel now that wertrew’s submissions for Amelia are no longer necessary.

  8. “bing: children or EPIC FAILURES”

    for some people, those are one in the same.

  9. The little girl is expected to bounce back quickly.

  10. “This. This Is Why I Come Here. ”
    DS3M 1983-2012

    “This. This Is What I DO.”
    Gabe, Putting his blog back onto the interwebs shelf.* 1765 – 2012


  11. It’s okay, she was a zombie.

  12. That girl was lucky she got kicked in the chest instead of having her hands pinched in the springs. I think the brother was acting in her best intrests and took a nut shot for it. If only we could all be better older brothers like him.

  13. FACT. Everything becomes funnier when shown in slow-motion.

  14. All this video is missing is an adorable baby animal and its headed to Lindsay Robertson-ville. NEVER FORGET

  15. Oh sure, post the videos where trampoline’s look bad. But no one EVER posts the millions of hours showing kids just happily jumping up and down…

  16. This should be easy. There are thousands of jokes that could be made here, but I’m coming up nothing. I blame the head cold thats going around. But… *shot of DayQuil” Ok, DSM. You got this… Shake it off, shake it off… whew…

    That’ll take the SPRING out of her step.

    Ah fuck it, I’m going back to bed.

  17. Pshaw! She only got kicked in the chest. I remember getting kicked in the face while on a trampoline before flying off of it onto the ground. My braces made that extra fun, and yet I still don’t approve of trampolines with safety guards. Kids need to learn by experience!

    PS – Get off my lawn! #crotchetygum

  18. Meh- looking at the slow-mo version, she clearly got kicked in the chest area, not the face. Walk it off.

    Now the kid with the sweet mop top? That was a clear metal-to-the-crotch shot. Not fun.

    Trampolines are never not a bad idea.

  19. Trampoline’s ain’t nuthin’ but trouble. This guy knows what I’m talkin’ about.

  20. That kid needs to learn something about SHOW BUSINESS!

  21. “I didn’t ask for this!” -poor little girl in the video

  22. “It builds character!”- My coach, in response to any type of pain, including but not limited to, stress fractures, tendonitis and shin splints.

    • Coaches are The Worst. Unless they are my Reach for the Top coach, Mr. Scallen.

      Props, Mr. Scallen.

      • I alternate between wanting to slash the tires of my coach’s bike, when he BIKES AROUND US WHILE WE RUN ON LONG RUNS to wanting to hug him for being pretty awesome.

        but most of the time it’s me wanting to slash his tires.

  23. First they came for the Lawn Darts and I didn’t speak up because I didn’t own Lawn Darts. Then they came for the Slip ‘N Slides and I didn’t speak up because I didn’t own a Slip ‘N Slide. Then they came for the trampolines and I didn’t speak up because I was too busy wracking my nuts while simultaneously delivering a roundhouse kick to a defenseless toddler.

  24. Hey!!! I didn’t end up on a post from 2008.

  25. I read the title of this video, understood the title of this video, as well as read and understood the description, but watched the video anyway, and then watched the video again in slow motion. I’m owned by the internet.

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