The actual headline here is: “Fraternity’s Vomiting Milk Prank Causes Crash Involving Child.” How do you not click on that, even if you fear what you might see? Don’t worry, the child is not only okay and adorable, but this might be the most exciting day of her young life. The mom is pretty funny too. Everyone seems kind of delighted by this crash, actually:

It’s not the Onion News Network, it’s the Associated Press.

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  1. Awesome post. Very funny.

    Fox News said that two people were injured! Everyone knows that Fox News sucks anyway though.

    I blogged the video here:

    Keep posting! This is some great stuff. I mean, vomiting off of bridges, car crashes? Come on! What could be more exciting!?

  2. aw, that little girl is so cute.

  3. LOL, fake vomit sure destroys people! That is so sad.

    Same thing happened to this lady: she totally got owned!

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