I know we all thought maybe it was OK for two people who love each other to share equal rights under the law, but these guys make a bunch of irrefutable arguments**, so I guess we were wrong***. Oh well!

*No, it’s not.
**No, they don’t.
***No, we weren’t.
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  1. oh man, it’s always so embarrassing when grandma gets out of the shed we keep her in.

  2. That’s your life partner*

    *unrecognized by the state

  3. Oh good, I’m really glad someone pointed out the fact that allowing gay marriage automatically makes everyone gay, thus stopping human procreation in its tracks.

  4. I’m just going to come out and say it: gay marriage CANNOT WORK. You cannot have a partnership where two people have to go to work every day and bring home a paycheck. Who would cook and clean?!

  5. I wonder if that old lady can still have a baby…

  6. These guys should really just rest their gays.

    (Almost works.)

  7. “…..I think it’s more the logistics of the actual law…….constitution…….ummmm, the legalities of it, basically”

    -you said it, cute girl!

    • First, I was like, “whatever old people who are so old and will be dead soon.” But then I was like “Ay Curumba!” And then I was like : (

    • At least when the point was raised against her she was like, “Wow, good question” instead of just staring blankly into space.

      • Oh no, why didn’t the rest of my comment appear? It was supposed to end: (now with added spaces for less invisibility power).

        • Wow, still didn’t work? Here — and by the way, I am laboring under no delusion that any of you are going to finally read it this time and say, “Wow, so worth it, glad he kept trying”:

          Carat (). As if sticking up for cute girls no matter what they say is something I am willing to do so often that it warrants its own html code.

          Okay, I will go have fun at dinner.

    • “You nailed it girl!” – Katy Perry; Speech Writer

  8. Marriage is for procreation. Which is exactly why sterile people aren’t allowed to marry.

  9. “Tonight on

    Fucking morons.”

  10. And here you will see the gay spreading throughout the west

  11. this video literally took away my sense of what is right or wrong.

  12. If any of you are family lawyers (or whatever fucking type of lawyer who knows this type of shit), I have a question.

    What exactly would be the difference between marriage and a civil union? Is it just the name? Is it just that ‘marriage’ has the religious overtone and sense of validity?

    And if it is only a religious thing, then, because of a separation of church and state, shouldn’t the government only endorse civil unions for everybody, gay or straight?

    • To me, it’s a lot like making a new ‘separate but equal’: there’s marriage for straight people and civil unions for gays. It establishes the two things as fundamentally separate, which is OMG NOT COOL. It worries me for the future. Say civil unions pass in all states and everyone is happy. Who’s to say in the future they can tweak one institution and not the other?

      It is imperative that it all be under one umbrella.

    • Not a family lawyer, I took family law less than 2 years ago, so the issues are in about the same state now as they were then.

      There’s no difference in the legal effects between marriage and civil union. The distinction is in name only. BUT, that distinction is meaningful enough that the Massachusetts Supreme Court considered it a violation of the MA constitution on equal protection grounds. They felt that any distinction creates an automatic underclass of sorts, and I think they’re right.

      And to your second point (that maybe the govt should only ever have civil unions), there are a lot of people on the legal front in this fight who feel that your view is exactly correct.

      However, I don’t think it really matters whether we call it civil union or marriage. I think that as long as everyone is entitled to the same thing (in name as well as fact), then we’ve done right.

      • Also, when same-sex marriage laws pass, it doesn’t mean the government is ordering anyone’s church to perform them. It just means that the state will issue certificates recognizing such marriages. Crazy people, in their old-timey churches, are free to ban gays from marriage and attendance and even heaven, and go on worshiping statues of Adam riding a Pterodactyl, all they want.

      • Here’s another problem. When gays are civil unioned (that’s what it’s called, right?) their state recognizes said union for tax purposes. But the federal government does not. Basically, it’s harder to do your taxes when you don’t have the same filing status and exemptions for both your state and Federal returns.

        OMG. I think this post got *too* interesting. I better stop.

    • Civil unions could theoretically be legally identical to marriages in every way but name, but they aren’t necessarily. Most notably, thanks to the Defense of Marriage Act, states are not required to recognize same-sex unions certified in other states. So, for example, if I’m straight-married in Vermont, I’m straight-married in Mississippi, too–Mississippi is obligated to legally recognize my marriage. But if I’m gay-civil-unioned in Vermont, I’m not gay-civil-unioned in Mississippi.

      I used to be in the “let’s just make everything a civil union legally, and let religions deal with marriage” camp, but I left for two reasons. 1) Realistically, we’re never going to change marriage licenses for straights into civil unions. It’s just too impractical, even if there is a certain philosophical consistency in saying the government deals with civil unions, and society deals with marriages. And 2) It’s vitally important for a society and it’s government to make a stand on equality. The problem with having separate water fountains for black and whites wasn’t that the black water fountains were broken, it’s that it was inhuman to divide people that way. And it’s inhuman to divide people’s right to marry. The problem isn’t that civil unions are legally broken (though, thanks to DOMA, they are), it’s that forcing gay people to have an entirely separate institution is unacceptable.

      • Totally right. I had forgotten to add DOMA into the equation.

        However, I’ve never understood how DOMA can be allowed to stand when it basically abrogates the Full Faith and Credit Clause by statute. I suppose that the appropriate challenge may just never have been mounted, but it’s still mind-boggling.

  13. “This young lady here is going to ask you perfectly reasonable questions and then post your verbatim replies online in order to mock you.” – The guy at the end who HAS TO understand that his position must be completely unreasonable and mockable if all you have to do it POST IT ONLINE TO MAKE FUN OF HIM.

  14. I made it to the part where the guy said that separation of church and state was never intended to keep the church from running the state. And then I was like,

  15. Man I could hit print screen fast enough to post all those opinions online to my online friends in order to make fun of these INCREDIBLY REASONABLE OPINIONS FROM WELL EDUCATED AND EMPATHIC PEOPLES.

  16. I have never not wanted to be at work to watch a video more in my life.

    I both love and hate gay marriage. As a gay man, gay marriage is important for me as, well, it would mean I get to get married. Yay! But it often gets so frustrating to talk about. I hate talking about it. I wish it would just go away. Let me marry without it being a media circus, you know? *sigh*

  17. I believe marriage should get back to it’s real roots… buying women for exclusive sexual access!

  18. Who got all my annoying Facebook “friends” together and put them in a video?

  19. i know usually we use “that’s your…” as a bad thing. but for reals, can that woman in the beginning be my aunt? because i love her. i would be cursing left and right and flipping out, but she just keeps her cool and keeps saying awesome things. #takingthepositivesoutofaterriblevideo

  20. I know Teacherman opposes gay marriage for the same reason I am in support of it–because if “the gays” are allowed to marry, then I will divorce him and try to marry my dog. What do you say, Freddie?

    You guys, he said YES! Reception to be held at Barking Hounds Dog Park. Please RSVP.

  21. She may have a bunch of invisible angels protesting with her, but I’ve got invisible unicorns with me, and they’ve got motherfucking horns.

  22. Interesting, “Innumerable Company of Angles” just happens to be the name of my favorite protractor store. I wonder what they have to say about all this.

  23. I must be bisexual because both my boyfriend and my girlfriend are in this video.

  24. Obviously, here we can all agree that the people featured in this video are pretty ignorant and misguided, but it should also be noted that they are a part of an increasingly small minority. Gay marriage is one of a few causes that is swiftly and steadily moving forward, as the polls pretty clearly indicate that the people generally don’t have a problem with equal rights for citizens unless it’s painted as some sinister wedge issue (read: 2004 Presidential election) (http://gay.americablog.com/2010/09/another-poll-show-majority-support.html). Within the next two years, it’s probable that even the President will fully endorse marriage equality (http://nymag.com/daily/intel/2010/10/president_obama_getting_closer.html). Obviously there’s still room for discussion, but seemingly the question of gay marriage is barely functional as a political issue anymore as I really believe it’s just a short matter of time before it becomes a national reality.

    There have certainly been set-backs, but unlike many other hot button issues, gay marriage does seem to be on a clear and well-paved path to progress. The advancement of gay rights in the last 15 years alone is enough to be considered a barometer of progress in civil rights and I think we should be proud of the growth the American people have made. Maybe I’m just a starry-eyed optimist, but I think the sweeping improvement here is a real indication of the health of tolerance at the heart of Americans.

    • sorry to get all seriousgum in here

    • Part of me is wondering if Obama is waiting until his 2nd term, then blammo!

      Gay marriages, health care, socialism AND fascism AND nazis AND black power, oh my!

      But seriously, let’s hope you’re right, Nat Esten…I’m zeroing in on a few potential doctors at my gym I potentially will gay marry someday.

      • Yeah the second term thing is very possible, but I think he’ll want to energize the gay voters to GET him to his second term

        And you forgot that Obama has a secret Muslim agenda, duh!

        • Non-awesome quote of the week:

          “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.”

          – Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), in an interview with the National Journal, describing his goal in retaking the Senate.

          The difference between this midterm election and Clinton’s in ’94, is that the GOP didn’t focus enough on destroying Clinton within that 2 years, so he survived. Unfortunately, the GOP will be focused on nothing BUT destroying Obama in the next 2 years, as evidenced by Mitchie’s quote above.

          The best hope for us all? Palin/O’Donnell 2012!!!

          • Yeah that is kind of yikes-y. However, they have nobody to run. Romney? Palin? Boehner? I don’t think any of them can energize even close to a majority. I think Obama’s second term is virtually assured, barring some major world event.

          • Oh, I so hope you’re right, Nat. My best friend stood up beside me when I got married. I want to be able to do the same for him, and know that he has the same legal rights that my husband and I do. Because I love him, and he deserves to have his love honored by the same government that honors mine.

          • This is us; he was my best man!

  25. At first I was like

    Then I was like

  26. I don’t believe in an afterlife, but sometimes I wish there was one for just 30 seconds when these people can go “OH FUCK WAS I WRONG” and then just cease to exist.

  27. The town shown in this video is definitley Pella, Iowa… the town I just moved to a month ago. I’m also pretty sure I’ve seen that girl at my high school at some point. This is my town :(

    Also, this is my first post! I didn’t have too much going on this weekend so I figured I’d finally sign up for this site, since I enjoy reading the posts here so much!

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