I didn’t catch the premiere of Survivor: Gabon last night, but according to our friends at FeyFriends, a contestant named Marcus lost brief control of his thingy while running in some sort of race of some kind. In the interest of bringing Videogum readers all the mainstream full frontal male nudity we can find, however blurry, iffy, or Jason Segely, the screenshot is after the jump.

And there’s a bigger version (of the picture, haha) and a picture of the dude, Marcus or whoever, on the FeyFriends site. This has been really exciting you guys! If you see any more wangs in unusual places (like primetime network TV), send us a tip!

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  1. If you ever write “thingy” again, I quit.

  2. Just show her your thingy, and maybe she’ll stop?

  3. Genevieve  |   Posted on Sep 26th, 2008 0

    This is so much better then a nip slip!

  4. We are an organization of 200 plus and growing quickly by the day. You can find our home page at http://www.fighttheMPAA.com.

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    On Tuesday, October 14, 2008, we sent the following email to Ray Faiola, CBS Audiences Services.
    212-975-3166 rpfaiola@cbs.com
    We also called him and he told us he never received the email, we are still waiting for a response from CBS.

    * On Thursday, Sept. 25, 2008, CBS aired a showing of
    “Survivor: Gabon” in which a contestant known as Marcus has an alleged wardrobe malfunction which allowed his penis to become visible. The penis was in no way censored by CBS.

    The uncensored penis in “Survivor: Gabon” is in no way new news as the media has done this numerous times in the past, but instead of being “supposedly unintentional”, as in “Survivor: Gabon”, it was obviously intended, as were the following examples:

    * Superman (1978), aired often on public TV, showed a prepubescent boy’s full frontal nudity, no censor.

    Never Cry Wolf (1983), also aired on public TV, showed full frontal nudity of a grown man’s genitalia, no censor.

    * In the mid 80′s I can recall watching a news report on prison guards who went to work one day totally nude. The censor patch was applied poorly and at most times did absolutely no good what-so-ever.

    * Not to mention the countless documentaries made about foreign cultures, in which nudity is considered acceptable for airing as it depicts the culture being studied, but it is always a penis we are being shown in these documentaries, not a vulva.

    Why is it that censorship only works in regards to female nudity and not male nudity?

    Why is it the media is only concerned with not offending viewers who disapprove of female nudity, but they are in no way concerned with offending viewers who disapprove of male nudity?

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    Also what are the fines for the following:

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  5. M James  |   Posted on May 24th, 2009 0

    it is a WEE-nie alright. Hey, there was lots of dick quick dick shots on a show called Extreme Dating, and several times on Blind Date, and a couple of times on Elimidate. Wish to hell I could find those Extreme Dating shows, they got away with HOT HOT in the good old days before Janet Jackson ruined it for everyone.

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