Stop. Perfect. Everyone looks great now. (Via Urlesque.)

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  1. “It’s Pretty”- Steve Winwood

  2. the video eye-on zering doesn’t want you to see…

  3. Hugo Weaving’s screen test for The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

  4. Is this Jocelyn Wildenstein 20 years ago or 200 years ago…?

  5. Buffalo Bill is really taking it to the next level these days.

    • You don’t know what pain is.

      • That reminds me- in the broadcast TV version of Silence of the Lambs he looks in the mirror and says, “Do you wanna marry me? I’d marry me.” I now prefer to think Buffalo Bill was really just looking for a long-term, stable relationship built on mutual respect and trust, with the possibility of starting a family someday.

  6. Oh, good. I was looking for some style ideas for my debutante ball in hell.

  7. Well I found my Halloween costume. LADIES.

  8. Remember, guys: ABPYAA.

    Always Be Powdering Your Adam’s Apple.

  9. I really hope that’s not my girlfriend.

  10. If my mama taught me anything, its that long pink fake finger nails is the best way to make your gargantuan man paws look feminine and petite. Well done MadeupHotBlonde.

  11. We’ll be alright as long as they can’t open doors


  12. Someone get this woman some coffee, amirite?

    • I don’t think that’s such a hot idea… Looks like this lady/man has had one to many as it is. His/her hands already seem to be shaking slightly… She/he might consider going back to sugar from “sweetener”

  13. Well, I think we can all agree on one thing: this video is too short.

  14. “There. NOW I’m ready for Comic Con.”

  15. Is it weird that I legitimately don’t know what’s real and what’s a Tim and Eric sketch anymore?

    • I know what you mean, lawblog–I was thinking the same thing.

      I’m just going to pretend this is a clip from an unaired episode of Awesome show. It’s less scary and makes more sense that way.

    • This goes to Gabe’s “I don’t like art that’s bad on purpose” thread from forever ago. Gabe is a dark hearted liar.

  16. “Guys do you think I’m done yet? I’m just not sure my eyeshadow brings out my vacant stare enough yet.”

  17. I didn’t know that Cross-dressing Velociraptor Robots knew how to operate YouTube

  18. Every time I hear “please hold” music I just space out and go to Narnia. I blame LeVar Burton.

  19. That’s your girlfr… Wait, no… That’s your boyfr… That’s your… fuck it, nevermind.

  20. Why is (s)he shaking so much? I guess I can remember my first time in heels…

  21. Hey I have this jam on the JC Penny ’88 mix cd!

  22. I thought he was holding an iPhone for a second, and I was suddenly knocked out of my 80s tranny dreamscape.

  23. I have the weirdest boner right now.

  24. Guys, you’re just jealous. My girlfriend is not only super attractive, she wrote the music herself! I know, right?

  25. That bear is surprisingly gentle when he puts hear make-up on and poofs her hair.

  26. You mean your makeup routine doesn’t consist entirely of applying foundation to your jawline and then running your talons through your hair? Am I right, ladies? Back me up on this one.

  27. On a different note

  28. I hate to be the one to ask but is this a fetish video? I clicked on another one of her/his videos and it was almost the same except for her/his more modern hairstyle.

    -I think I just answered my question.

  29. Seriously, thanks for everything.

  30. That’s a man. Who was once a woman. Who was once a man. Just sayin’.

  31. So, the scariest thing happened to me just now. I clicked play and I thought to myself… wow I can’t take this, it’s too scary, but I’ll skim it til it ends. As I clicked, it wouldn’t work so I tried to click pause, but that didn’t work. So I had to refresh, and it took a bazillion years to reload. And and :(

  32. I wonder how many of the people making fun of this tranny video would be furious if someone made fun of a tranny friend of theirs in real life. I get that this is garish and over the top 80′s glam-gross… But the commenting populace here reveled in the bunch their collective panties got in when Joseph Gordan Levitt’s bro died and there’s an excellent chance this human being is still alive somewhere.

    • I don’t think ive know a transvestite that has posted a video of themselves preening in front of a camera on Youtube- but I would expect to rip on them as much as they would me if I posted a video of myself on Youtube preening in front of a camera.

    • There’s a good chance this would still be pretty amazing even if this was a bio-girl. I mean, that’s a hot look.

    • i interpreted the humor in this video as “where is this going?” and then it goes nowhere. i kept thinking “are we getting a makeup tutorial? no? just still batting our eyes? ok. is she going to say anything? no? ok.” also, it feels like animated glamor shots from the mall.

  33. The three-toed sloth fingernail look is so hot right now.

  34. Daaaaaaaaaaaad! This is so embarrassing!

  35. It’s like a hot Barbara Striesand.

  36. My question is, I wonder how much of her basement-made meth she had to do to make her hand sloth shake that much in every glamour shot.

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