It is ridiculous that it took 21 years for the hit comedy Weekend at Bernie’s to become the inspiration for a hip hop dance sensation. One would have expected it to take only 14 or 15 years based on previous hit-comedies-to-dance-sensation ratios. But now that the dance is finally here, AND OH BOY IS THE DANCE FINALLY HERE, all of the waiting seems entirely worth it, and all the complaining falls by the wayside, because it’s the weekend, and we’re moving like Bernie. I mean, it’s not the weekend yet, it’s only Thursday actually, but you know what I mean! We’re moving like Bernie, you guys! We’re dead!

This is just a really solid dance sensation. (Thanks for the tip, BuzzFeed.)

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  1. In true 80s movie fashion, I’m giving this my own move: the Dangerfield, in which I show no respect. No respect at all.

  2. Not to pick nits, but I believe that he’s technically movin’ like Berney 2.

  3. Wow White Guys really can’t dance.

  4. I’m already prepping the next hit from an 80′s movie, “Rappin’ Like Rain Man.”

    • “hi my name is, who? my name is, what? my name is…Charlie Babbit. I’m robbing casinos and framing Roger Rabbit…”

      • “I got a fresh whip and I’m here to announce it
        My brother’s named Raymond but I couldn’t pronounce it
        Don’t wanna fly so we down here with the trucks
        Need new drawers but K-mart SUCKS!”

  5. Where’s the dead-raising Jamaican reggae music?

  6. Step Up 4: Step Up b4 You’re Dead

  7. This is the first single off of the soundtrack to AMC’s the Walking Dead. It looks great!

  8. in my version, I walk around doing my best Andrew McCarthy

  9. The best parts? Picture of Tracy Jordan shirtless on the intro frame and spelling “Bernie” as “Berney”

  10. I have not seen Weekend at Bernie’s.

    Is Bernie one of these?

  11. Cat version of the dance:

  12. As an occasional backup dancer, I am always interested in new dance routines to add to me repertoire. Thus, it is highly likely that you may come upon me dipping it like Bern one weekend upcoming.

  13. i prefer more retro dance moves…

  14. You’d have to be a real stiff not to realize that this is OF CORPSE the biggest thing to hit dance since the Electrocuted Slide.

    It took me a long time to write that out–I kept coffin.

  15. Now we need to mix this with another dancing… daggering…. Benering? Weekend at Smangies? The Smerning? PERFECT.

  16. The real question is, when will America move it like Barney?

  17. I don’t want to see anyone dance this week unless they have a pumpkin on their head.

  18. do the Bender

  19. GUYS. This is just fucking amazing. I am so happy this is a thing that really exists.

  20. Rejected names for The Berney:
    -The Epileptic
    -Undead Shuffle
    -Hey when you wiggle your head that cloud looks just like a bunny!

  21. Am I doing it right?

  22. teach me how to bernie, teach me teach me how to bernie

  23. Um I’m pretty sure there is another song about Weekend At Bernie’s. I’m going to do some research real fast and see if I can’t find it.

  24. Courtesy of Dead Jam Recordings

  25. teach me how to bernie! teach me, teach me how to bernie!

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