One of Saturday Night Live‘s newest cast members, Vanessa Bayer, once recorded an On Demand dating video. Not sure if she found true love or not. Sure that she’s doing pretty well for herself either way.

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  1. I’ll be trying out for the part of Liz Lemon
    wait this isn’t an audition

  2. I’d date her. It’s a proven fact that she is able to slow down the effects of a heart attack.

  3. This is sad. Also, probably my future.

  4. That’s how Lorne Michaels finds all his cast members.

  5. More like Saturday Night Lonley, amirite?

  6. Later, she bought herself a Bear Scratcher, and now doesn’t need a sweety.

  7. Username: Sassy2

    Sassy1 was taken by teacherman, obvs.

  8. More importantly: Comcast Dating on Demand? “Yes, I am interested in someone who is looking for true love, but is unwilling to get of his fat ass and put down the remote.”

  9. Oh man. I am so embarrassed for her. I’ve totally been there before, though, and can we talk about the quality of guys on Craigslist. SO good?*


  10. Am I suppose to be laughing at her or with her?

  11. I hate these invasions in to people’s privacy. Just because she’s acting on a tv show doesnt mean we have to gawk at every private thing she does or did in the past. I was at a party one time and this idiot woman went nuts and said she saw me on a dating site “ha ha ha haha” she wouldnt stop laughing. I was like, yeesh, fuck you. Jesus…

  12. Yikes, project manager? I’m sure she’s hilarious not.

    • it was kind of interesting. watching the video, you really got no idea that she would be someone that would be on SNL 3 years later. Clearly anyone that made it to that position was pretty seriously into some kind of comedy (probably improv) when she made the video, but it’s never mentioned. Regardless of what you think of SNL (personally, I think this video had more laffs than a current SNL) those roles are extremely hard to get.

  13. It seems like this is meant to be a joke, guys.

  14. At first I cringed and then I was all like, Jeb YOU WISH people cared enough to dig up your awkward Comcast OnDemand dating videos. People, it’s actually true: It DOES get better!

  15. WAHHH, Jenny Slate is the best, WAAAAHHHHH!


  16. Well, I thought that was actually pretty adorable.
    I would be nice to her.

  17. They took down the video! In any case who cares. I like her. I think she’s hot!

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