In a rap battle, you always pee your own pants before someone else pees them, that way they have no ammunition (pee) to use against you (or your pants). Hippity-hoo-blah, etc. (Thanks for the tip, Joe.)

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  1. Hugh Jackman in the Broadway remake of “I’m Still Here” then.

  2. Pee Diddy, indeed.

  3. mc pee pants in the house, y’all.

  4. If peeing in your pants wins rap battles, consider me the GZA.

  5. R. Kelly would succeed with this form of rapping

  6. Was that deliberate? Because if I were in a rap battle with someone and they just stood there and peed their pants I would probably lose my train of thought, for real. Maybe he’s just a very clever mental warrior.

  7. *flipping through rhyming dictionary looking for what rhymes with Pampers*

    • “L.A.’s hottest hip-hop club is PISS! It’s got everything: cell phone cameras, a guy holding a microphone in the air, rap battles that end in peeing your pants…”

  8. His DJ is on the number 1s and 2s.

  9. Takin’ it back to the old (pre)school.

  10. You have to give it to him–he has great flow.

  11. “yo thats bound to happen in a rap battle. Somebodys going to get pissed off, somebodys going to get pissed on,”

    Yes. They’ve evidently picked a highly skilled middleman in regards to how quickly he keeps things from getting too serious when the issue at hand is someone urinating on themselves.

  12. That was quite a flow.

  13. Yo, check one, two. Yo, yo… yo…

    Yo, where’s da facilities, cause my bladder be stirrin’
    You droppin’ fat beats, I’m bout to be droppin’ some urine
    If you’ll excuse me from this battle, I’d rather not soil myself durin’…
    but by the feel o’these pants, I think my fear is occurin’

  14. Fergie needs to meet this dude, stat.

  15. He’ll still have trouble winning a battle against 2 Live Poo.

  16. Are you my boyfriend or not? I think you just answered that question.

  17. he failed to check himself, before he wet himself.

  18. “Now go on, tell these people something they don’t know about pee” -This guy in 8 mile

  19. Relax, Kevin. I’m just having a chatty pee in here

  20. and this is why khakis are always a good choice for a rap battle.

  21. good thing it was a rap battle, and not a crap battle.

  22. I think this gentleman is confused as to how one makes a “gold” record.

  23. Regardless of who won this rap battle, I think humanity lost.

  24. Um you guys, I just went on an upvoting spree up there.

  25. interior semiontics 2 da streetz

  26. BARTENDER! A round of upvotes for all my monsters! Good work guys.

  27. The Return of Vanilla Ice (aka Rob Van Tinkle)!

  28. shy ronnie is not impressed.

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