You are always asking this question.

Good question. Very critical. (Via BuzzFeed.)

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  1. My question raises so, so many other questions.

  2. Alright…which one of you guys is this?

  3. Hey, stop teasing my boyfriend.

  4. It takes a lot of guts to stand up and be the one to ask the question on EVERYONE’S mind.

  5. I feel bad for him, his heroes just crushed whatever dreams he still had

    • Seriously, though, what’s up with the dudeS answering the question. They’re all like, “ha [chews gum] I dunno [chew chew] we’ll have to fix that…dork.”


  6. We are obviously witnessing the birth of a meme. It astounds me that should this “guy” have worn any other shirt that day, his fame would have come under an entirely different name. Can you imagine a world where we celebrate and laugh at BLUE shirt guy? Holy shit.

  7. Fix it? Yeah you better fix World of Warcraft people!

  8. even bing is sure there is nothing else to say.

  9. Team Red Shirt Guy. And boo to the bullies chewing gum with their mouths open because they are so relaxed even though they are speaking in front of hundreds of people. Boo.

    • Gum-chewing in public is gross enough, but at least keep your mouths closed. Manners!

    • I’m also on Team Red Shirt Guy. Obviously it’s important to him, and what’s the point in having a grand mythology for a video game franchise if you’re not even going to take it seriously? Those guys don’t have to be such jocks about it.

      • I So Agree! I mean, here you have a guy who really likes the work these guys (I guess) have done and takes their work really seriously, and they smugly shit on him.

        I mean, yes, he is a huge nerd, but these jerks just make me angry. This guy gives him their money, takes their work seriously and the best they can do is laugh at him for loving something in this vile world.

        • Amen. Plus this kid doesn’t have to wear sunglasses or chomp gum in order to manufacture a personality. He just likes stuff.

          • Seriously, the more I watch this (and I have watched it more than once) the angrier I get at their attitude.

            From experience, I can tell you, nerd bullies are the worst.

  10. Asperger’s syndrome is funny.

  11. i legitimately just love this. he loves something and got to call out the guys in charge on a flaw. nerd paradise.

  12. Fifteen minutes later he was killed in a freak flower accident.


    • Seriously, who wears a red shirt to a sci-fi/fantasy/comic-type convention? It is basically asking the universe to kill you first.

  13. It gets better.

  14. Nerds: so good at finding flaws in fictional worlds, so bad at finding flaws in their own hygiene.

  15. I wish I had that man’s ability to remember jargon. Granted, I would probably choose to focus my intense memorizing powers on less whatever-he’s-talking-about-related subjects (like acing the MCAT), but wow. Respect!

    • I guarantee it isn’t as hard as you think it is. Imagine watching the second Lord of the Rings and seeing Boromir, who clearly sacrificed his life to save Frodo in The Fellowship, still alive and chilling with Stryder. See? It’s not too hard. I’d ask Tolkien that question.

  16. I wish I had something funny to say about this, but it’s all right there. That, or I don’t know enough about Warhammer. Also, Starcraft? Warcraft? Starhammer?

  17. I am Pro-Red Shirt Guy. I imagine he hasn’t had many public victories in his life, and this is probably as good as it gets for him. He’s the best!

  18. I just re-posted this video on my Facebook (giving due credit, Gabe!) and got this comment 5 minutes later.

    “If it is not represented within the actual World of Warcraft you have to assume that anything within The Shattering is non-canon, refers to a different timeline, or will be retconned. It’s the same thing with a lot of the material written about Thrall and Highlord Tiring Fordring.”

    That is your Facebook friend.

  19. i just love european men!

  20. So it’s true what they say, tv adds 10 seconds between each word in your sentence!

  21. I hereby challenge anyone to disprove that this man is Steve Winwwod. $1000 cash prize.

    • Against this being Steve: After asking his question, he did not immediately follow up with “Psyche! I’m just playing. I ain’t give a care.”

      For this being Steve: After the woman with the microphone walked away, he mumbled “she’s pretty” into his armpit.

  22. Physics for Poets 101 is held in Madison Square Garden, apparently.

  23. I listened to that twice and I still had to scroll down to find out it was about World of Warcraft. Now I know what I’m missing.

  24. It’s funny, I was just asking this question to Chris Trash and he similarly shrugged me off in a flippant manner.
    But in Chris’ case, He didn’t write the books or what have you.

  25. This guy for Space President. ‘I may not be a witch, and I am a level 70 Gnome Warlock.’

  26. This story has been posted for over 30 minutes and there aren’t any comic book guy references? wtf?

  27. They’re going to regret dismissively promising to fix the issue once Blizzcon 11 comes around. Green Shirt Guys isn’t going to let them off quite as easily as Red Shirt Guy did.

  28. This is like the INCEPTION of questions.

  29. you guys, i think coppertop is a time lord.

  30. Downvote away, and sorry for getting seriousgum, but I do find it a little hypocritical that we talk about (ok, Twitter) how terrible bullies are and then post this video as something to laugh at, when this kid clearly has Aspergers or something of the like. And even if he didn’t, we are still laughing at him and not with him. And Gabe, this kind of goes against your philosophy that when the person doesn’t intentionally post it on the internet for the world to see, then it’s not really fair to make fun of them. And for all we know this was taped by some guy that was taping everybody’s question in the hopes that someone like this guy would show up. And none of this really matters because now I’m talking like the kid in the video.

    • I see your point youbastid, but I think we can all agree that this video is great because 1) we should all love and know something as much as this kid loves and knows WoW and 2) WoW is an easy thing to make fun of because it is legitimately nerdy. I both respect and find great humor in this kid.

      One thing though, can we please stop it with the whole “downvote away” routine? Just say it!

      • I agree with you, and there are far more videos that are far meaner in spirit. And sure, this kid got a big round of applause at the event, but this video has been posted all over the place, and not necessarily with the kindest of intentions. I’m not even daring to look at the youtube comments.

        I’m gonna shut up about it now now because I get annoyed when people get offended on other people’s behalf, and maybe he’s actually loving the attention, but in this day and age of kids killing themselves something something the internet, I’d err on the side of not possibly furthering his humiliation.

    • I think that generally here people are either defending this kid against the assholes on the stage or, if they are having a laugh, it is a good-hearted and related more to the subject matter–WoW–and not the kid’s personality.

      I agree with you: I get no pleasure from making fun of people who are not insufferable/awful and I try to stick up for those that I see as unfair targets of ridicule, but I will also say that when I read the comments on these posts, I am happy to see that nearly everyone else is with me.

      • That is true, this site is a good place for a video like this, but it’s safe to say that pretty much nowhere else on the internet is.

      • I feel like the community can be a sine curve some times, we were going down for a while there but things are turning back up.

    • I agree with you.* Quoting directly from Christine O’Donnell, “This Kid Is You.” He is all of us. We Monsters congregate on a pop culture blog to nerdily obsess over things like Mad Men and Glee and Zach Galiafiankis, wondering and arguing and pointing out plot holes. (And also post kitty .gif’s and stuff, but pop culture is the main draw, right?) Is our obsession with pop culture somehow more worthy than Red Shirt’s WoW obsession? Yes, but I’m speaking from a biased viewpoint, so the real answer is “no.”

      That said, watching this video did make me chuckle, but only because I totally recognize myself in him. I’d like to think I’m not as socially awkward (I probably am) but I do find myself thinking about TV and film and being like, “But what about this?!?” I mean, I spent way too much time thinking about how (500) Days of Summer is not as deserving of the respect it gets yesterday, and then posted a 500 word blog comment about it only to be read (and refuted) by a handful of other blog commenters.

      What I’m saying is, let’s not bully this kid or think we’re better than him in any way; Let’s make him our rallying cry!

      *Although it may be unfair to diagnose the kid as being on some end of the Autism spectrum, granted he clearly has problems interacting socially.

  31. There are no stupid questions. There are, however, questions that no one cares about.

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  33. soooooooo……… for everyone adding context to the video by referencing that the question pertains to World of Warcraft: talk about the nerd calling the nerd “nerd.”

  34. It’s not quite as good as my favorite question:

  35. Yet another fine entry to the WoW player hall of fame…. LEAVE WARCRAFT ALONE!

  36. completely reasonable question, I was wondering the same thing myself.

  37. You all laugh, but ask yourselves: Could you be that articulate after swallowing 12 Ambien?

  38. You know, honestly, it’s cool to LOVE something with all your might and everything, but when it comes to knit-picking obsessively over your love, you sometimes just gotta let it sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide.

    Yeah, those creators might be smug, but you know, if you created something of FICTION and had people constantly pointing out every technical inconsistancy like it somehow destroyed all validity of your work, I’m sure you’d become a little jaded and grim.

    It’s like the unending, overanalytical discussions of Inception. It’s a great work of FICTION, folks! Let just sit back and enjoy the film for what it is, a great popcorn flick. There’s a whole wide REAL world out there, and all of us should learn to enjoy it.

  39. Just when you think there couldn’t possibly be anyone having less sex than you, this video washes up on the shores of Videogum.

  40. I’m not done with “The Shattering” yet! Where’s the SPOILER ALERT on this?

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