It’s weird when you didn’t know what a word meant, and then you learn what it means TOO well. Like, I’m way more familiar with the definition of the verb “to smang”* than I really need to be. (Also, not actually entirely clear on what the difference is between the verb “to smang” and the verb “to smurf.”) It’s one thing to use a word in a sentence to provide contextual meaning, it’s another to put that word in a leather armband and make it grind the palms of its own hands.

Oh, and are you worried that this song isn’t available for download on iTunes? Because lemme smang that concern! Download it here. (Thanks for the tip, Jed.)

*Also this?:!/Mike_Doughty_/statuses/28718886007
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  1. It’s no “Whip My Hair”.

  2. I’m sorry I mentioned Willow Smith’s Milli Vanilli hair the other day because apparently I am out of touch and it is a thing.

  3. Any song with the phrase “cooch contusion” is a chart topper in my book. Also, my book its titled Songs Utilizing the Phrase ‘Cooch Contusion, so it’s kind of a gimme.

  4. I’m convinced that he is staring at my soul when he’s looking at the camera.

  5. I’m pretty sure smanging is barfing. I was happy to oblige.

  6. “Lemme be a tourist, and I’ll leave you feeling like a rainforest”

  7. In 1991, in defiance of a Congressional mandate to cease selective pop star breeding, a group of rogue scientists crossed stands of DNA from members of the pop/dance group of Milli Vanilli and swarthy Latin singer, Gerardo.

    A child was born of this horrific experiment and was named after its creator, Dr. Akira Yunghumma. Funding for this experiment soon dried up and the creature was transferred and locked in a maximum security facility, deep underground in Los Alamos, NM.

    In 2009, the creature gained sentience.

    in 2010, it escaped…

  8. yung humma: let me smang you.
    the internet: quit trying to make “smang” happen. it’s not going to happen.

  9. “You should be cautious/Don’t’ be scary/ I’ma have you lookin like a wild thornberry”

  10. “Smangin’ them drawers is my life’s aspiration.”

    – A rapping fake mustache enthusiast

  11. Sa da tay! This guy is Pootie Tang.

  12. I don’t know, you guys! Yung Humma has some sick moves! I may let him “Smang It.”

  13. Work that kitty.

  14. As a giiiiiiirl, I’d like to just state how totally unappealing smanging sounds. Is there anything on my body that seems like it should be smashed and banged? Not the last time I checked.

    • As a girl, I totally disagree! I was watching this thinking, “I really want Yung Humma to smang me”, but then Flynt Flossy shows up and I’m like, “Wow, I really want Flynt to smang me”! It’s like Smophie’s Smoice.

  15. Is this what Smuckers means?! Is this why Destiny’s Child is not ready for this jelly?

  16. I really love everything about 1:37. She’s at her office, in her leather swivel chair, obvs annoyed, and this guy is SO all about smashing AND banging. Talk about a case of the Mondays, amirite!?!

  17. yung humma is the Tyra Banks of rap songs about fuckin’ chicks.

  18. I’m getting worried that my Zune is soon going to be full of nothing but Autumn Jams.

    • and then you’ll be in your car and your friend will say, “let me pick something” and they’ll pick this and you won’t be able to explain. #thisisgoingtohappentome

  19. The girls’ body language in that video is somewhere between indifferent and visibly uncomfortable.

  20. What am I supposed to do with my song “Bmashang, let smash it and bang it girl” now?

  21. I still am not completely sure what smanging means.

  22. Next single on his album, ” I Love to Smang the Pussy, Hell Yeah” Yung Humma ft. Alpa Chino.

  23. That taupe one-piece pantsuit doesn’t seem ideal for smanging.

  24. A TUMMISCRATCH beat!

  25. Is he smashing or banging? I can’t figure this out.

  26. I just invented a new word. It’s a portmanteau of smash and bang.

    Bash. I can’t believe that word didn’t exist until right this very second, you guys!

  27. Young Humma = A really pervy Antoine Dodson
    Flynt Flossy = Charlie Murphy

    …that’s all I kept thinking.

  28. This is the most .gif friendly music video of all time!

  29. Dayum! That’s some solid Sturm und Smang! (no Humma)

  30. “Thanks for the tip, Jed,” she said.

  31. So how certain are we that Flynt Flossy isn’t just Yung Humma wearing a fake moustache and rapping in a funny voice? Because I am not certain at all.

  32. So does that mean Mike Doughty reads videogum? HI MIKE!!! I just found Soul Coughing this summer and LOVE IT!

  33. “Or should I say smang it?”

    No, Yung Humma, no you should not.

  34. David Foster Wallace + Tim and Eric = Yung Humma

  35. Now that he’s explained “smang” to us, someone might want to explain “Yung Humma” to him.

  36. I just rewatched this and felt bad for the girl. She looks like she is thinking, “Well, it’s a job. At least this song is so stupid that no one’s ever going to see the video.” But then it turns out, it is SO stupid, everyone is going to see it.

    Also: she is pretty.

  37. Does this count as fake rap? I need to know how I should feel about this. I also really like Sex Syrup – Slick Mahony featuring Yung Humma

  38. I could watch all those videos all day.

    We’ve missed some of RAED’s Autumn Jams. (check out this album cover, it’s like the Village People of rubbish rappers)

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