You have to give the Internet credit for at least one thing: it is VERY good at being the Internet. Some would say the best. (more of this at BuzzFeed.)

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  1. Good news everyone! The nightmare factory is open for business!

  2. The internet is the Roger Ebert of the internet.

    • “Internet, just when I thought you couldn’t possibly be ANY dumber… you go and do something like this… And TOTALLY REDEEM yourself!” – Luke Perry (1965 – 2012[+/- 100 years])

  3. Well, would you Luke at that. I Dylan see that one coming.

  4. fact: luke perry is made of leather.

  5. Luke Pairy? More like Luke Three-y ! …ugh…i wish i were dead

  6. The Internet is so open to bad ideas, and yet somehow, it is capable of turning them into good ideas. Like, if there was a chair made of bad ideas, and a person finds that they have to sit on that chair, you would assume silently to yourself, “well now this person is open to a whole chair-worth of bad ideas!” But somehow, that person uses what little they have to go on and turns it into something fantastic.

    I don’t care how contrived that setup was, we all know it was worth it.

  7. Ok I know this is the wrong thread but comments were closed on that one sorry!

    It’s not fair. Tracy Morgan has my dream life. He’s in 30 Rock, he’s black, and he got to tell Paul Simon to “Get the fuck outta here!”
    no racismo

  8. Back on pace for 2012. I knew the interwebs were being pulled over our eyes with all the Petkov’s in jail/much love for misguided,youthful youtube poster/Goodnight, Moon reports on videogum this week.

    “You didn’t really think it would be that easy [to stop the doomsday clock] did you?” – Lucy Liu

    “For a second there, yeah, I kinda did.” – Gabe

  9. Yes, but which one is the real Luke Perry?

  10. The gang’s all here!

  11. Worlds been had colliding:

  12. Won’t the real Luke Perry please stand up? Please stand up. Please stand up!

  13. So…the link to the flickr gallery is no longer. It was the funniest thing ever…and now it doesn’t work. Any monsters have an updated link?

  14. This has nothing to do with this, but I was just at the movie theater and the guy in front of me said, “One adult for Jackass 3-D.” One ADULT! Hahaha. Sure. I decided that was probably better than any movie that was playing so I decided to just come home.

  15. That’s some Richard D. James Shit.

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