Yesterday’s news that 2012 has been indefinitely postponed was a total bummer. I’m not saying that I want the world to be destroyed in a nightmarish cataclysm of fire and death, but once you get your mind set on something it’s hard to switch gears. And it really would have been such a tidy solution to so many problems. Just think: Iraq, Afghanistan, the oil-soaked (still) Gulf coast, the economic crisis, Christine O’Donnell, DADT, Al Qaeda, peanut oil on the top of peanut butter that needs to be mixed in but is so hard to mix in, the last three episodes of Treme just sitting on the DVR, SO MANY PROBLEMS RESOLVED IN THE BLINK OF AN EYESTEROID. Oh well. Now I guess we just have to dealwithit.gif. Oddly, I’m not sure if the lack of a time constraint makes it more or less important for us each to find our joy in this world. Like, when it was all going poof in two years, it seemed pretty important to find some happiness before The End, but now that we might have to be here for fucking ever, it might actually be even more important because good grief.

Follow your heart, you guys, wherever it leads you (WITHIN THE RULE OF LAW). Even if that means dressing up your dog as a Na’vi from the movie Avatar. And then also dressing up as a Na’vi yourself? And your dog is, like, a Jake Sully Na’vi, and you are a girl Na’vi, so it’s kind of like you’re boyfriend and girlfriend with your dog in space and have forbidden ponytail Tree of Souls sex that promises you to each other? Yikes. Fair enough! Yay! Happiness! (Could someone please revisit the 2012 math and see if we can’t get back on track?)

You know, it’s fine for people to be into whatever they are into, but at what point was it decided that we all definitely needed to know about it? I’m just adjusting the settings on my time machine, and I want to know what to put a stop to after I am done KILLING HITLER. (Via Urlesque.)

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  1. That way burglars won’t even need special glasses to make it look like it’s jumping right out at them!

  2. But we all know the real Spacebucks are in training your dog to sniff out Unobtanium.

  3. I asked my dog if he wanted to wear this, and he said:

    Then he said, “I’m a dancer”:

  4. Did anyone click to see the Killer Whale costume?

  5. If he starts humping her pony tail, I’m outta here.

  6. For some reason, the dog doesn’t seem to be that into it. Weird.

  7. it’s not like a failsafe solution but if you microwave the jar of pb a little while it can make the whole business a little easier. lid off, of course, unless you want shit to get real, real fast.

    • I usually turn the jar upside down for a day, then back right before I’m about to eat it and stir it that way, but your way seems more immediately satisfying.

  8. Yay an excuse to post dogs in costume!

  9. This is legitimately one of the most terrifying things I’ve ever seen.

    • I know! Like, when she’s creeping up behind the poor thing and it’s just shaking its head back and forth, trying to dislodge that hideous mask (that, btw, probably doesn’t make it very easy to breathe)?


  10. Well, I know EXACTLY what I’m doing with Stella this Halloween, that’s perhaps just as nerdy… if not worse.

    Did I nail it? I nailed it.

  11. The concern here is that your dog will, like actually people do, grow despondent over not being able to live on Pandora and kill itself. Canine suicide, you guys. Wear a color today.

  12. Where are the little masks for the chickens?

  13. My dog saw me watching this video, and now he’s on the phone with his lawyer.

    • “So you think I have a case against my owner AND I can have a whole bucket of legs with extra crispy skin too!”

  14. i’m pretty sure this is the trailer for Wes Anderson’s Avatar.

  15. I would just like to say, wait for it….yup, haven’t seen Avatar. This makes me want to continue NOT seeing it for the rest of my life. Or 2 more years, whatevs.

    On to dogs:


  16. I just want to see more footage of an un-costumed Sharky playing with those chicks!

  17. was it really necessary (no it wasn’t, none of this was) to get on all fours and start to seductively approach your dog from behind??

    in other dogs in costumes news, i love the serious eats spokesdog DUMPLING and their 12 days of halloween costumes that started today:

  18. I think I upvoted every single comment on this thread.

  19. What kind of freak dresses up their….uhhhh….I mean, cool costumes!

  20. To tell you the truth, I hate avatar costume………

  21. I seriously created an account just to say… What the heck is up with those EYEBROWS!? They are almost weirder than the dog costume festish things.

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