When Babe25 (Babe27?) isn’t out there trying to raise awareness about the insidious cancer afflicting our white women, she is just straight killing it on Justin Bieber songs on her Wendy’s drive-thru headset.

You better go to the doctor right now and get your EARS checked. (Whites only.) (Thanks for the tip, JCA.)

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  1. Why doesn’t she leave Justin Bieber alone!!

  2. She’s very pretty.

  3. Wait a tic, this Justin Beiber songs goes out to Justin Blyer? Coincidence, or she’s trying to disguise the fact she knows the REAL JB?

  4. I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you. I was lost in the little black slits where your eyes should be.

  5. This doesn’t seem like productive work time for a telemarketer.

  6. High-Pitched Mumbles along to “Baby” By Justin Bieber


  7. serious question: is she illiterate?

  8. But Justin Bieber doesn’t have breasts! Or cancer! Just wait ’til you hit puberty you little bastard.

  9. This comment goes out to my orthodontist.

  10. I get nervous around racists who wear racist garb, and identify themselves as racists – especially when they’re singing Justin Bieber.

    Hey, Babe25 I have a message for you from Patrick Bateman:

    (I am trying to stay green by recycling gifs, you guys)

  12. Set your microphones to ‘haunting’!

  13. Her breathy voice makes her sound like Marilyn Monroe’s twin. A deformed twin that would have been chained and hidden in the attic, though.

  14. There’s some kind of dramatic backstory to all of this. The other videos document her (imagined?) relationship with “her man,” someone named emo_eater? I can’t make sense of it. Is this supposed to be The Event?

    • Keanu Dog…I too am having this problem. I have spent more hours than I would like to admit these last 2 days watching this chick and I am baffled on all accounts.

      -Is someone taking footage from her computer and putting it on a youtube account under an alias she’s too dumb to figure out?
      -What’s a Tosh(I’m certain she doesn’t mean Daniel), emo eater and some sorta army(the klan?) she’s mentioned?
      -And who are these so-called “friends” she’s teaching how to cook?

      The questions never end.

      • DID YOU WATCH THE ONE WHERE SHE “SINGS” SWEET HOME ALABAMA? She describes it as being by “Alabama”, aggressively snaps through it, and #literally gets none of the words right except sweet home alabama.

        I WANT TO DIE.


    I remember way back when you was killin’ Mz New Booty by The Bubba Sparxxxxxxxx.


    Dedicated to all my stickam.

  16. got ‘er done.

  17. this is actually a deleted scene from “outsourced”.

  18. In her defense guys, she sounds much better when she sings this at that old church down the road. You know the one they closed up and now they hold the Klan meetings there. The acoustics are to die for.

  19. I am glad this is not an Autumn Jam.

  20. “Justin Bieber OR Babe25″ someone should tell bing that we can finally have both.

  21. Is today over yet? Today needs to be over.

  22. 1:03 before my eardrums could take no more. My eyeballs wouldn’t have lasted that long, but I had to minimize the screen.

  23. Late at night, when the house is still and Babe25 is fast asleep; if you are very quiet and can prick up your ears between Babe25′s sleep apnea attacks, you can hear that Larry the Cable Guy poster quietly weep over the daily horrors it has been forced to witness in that room.

  24. Anyone surprised by the Larry the Cable Guy poster?

  25. This is what happens when hydraulic fracturing goes unregulated in the Marcellus Shale.

  26. If I was racist I would not sing a song that features an African American man rapping, that’s just me though

    • Maybe she is not racist. Maybe she is just a big Das Racist fan, and when she asked her parents for some Das Racist wall decor, they were a little confused, but naturally obliged. Right? Maybe?

  27. I think the consistent whisper talking in all of her videos is due to the fact that her ever tired grandpa Jefferson Davis is always sleeping next door.

  28. I have not been this frustrated by an ending since the Sopranos! Do you think Babe27 gets whacked right after this clip ends?

  29. Wait, a Larry The Cable Guy poster AND a confederate flag behind her? She’s a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

  30. Much like The Pickle Girl featured on “The Soup,” there is nothing to say.

  31. Okay, so.

    I showed the first babe25 video to my wife, who has several years’ experience working with developmentally disabled teens and young adults at all levels of functionality. And within the first 10 seconds she pegged babe25 as (relatively high-level) DD.

    Not to bring everyone down, and I certainly don’t expect everyone to up and stop making comments just on my say-so, but yeah. The whole thing, including and especially the fact that she clearly has been brought up in an atrociously racist environment and is soaking it all up like a thirsty sponge and has even less agency to make informed decisions about the world and her own upbringing than even the most optimistic of us here gave her credit for, is suddenly much, much less funny.

    I hereby register my own meager downvote to posting about this poor girl henceforth.

    • i completely agree! i am very uncomfortable with this. i know she has posted these videos for all the world to see, but does she possess the cognitive abilities to understand the implications of youtube?
      as for the racist thing being discussed in these posts, it seems like she may still be in the pre-encounter stage (see Helms’ white racial identity development model) (Grad Students Are The Worst). Perhaps while acknowledging that racism is a horrible thing and even more horrible in that it manifests itself in much more insidious ways in the United States than nailing a Confederate flag to your bedroom wall, we could be more understanding about the environmental niche she has developed in?
      i love that people are discussing this. i think it would be more productive if, when we encounter someone whose racial identity is in a different stage than ours, to investigate why they feel a certain way.
      like when i saw a teacher today demand to know why a girl was “dressed like a homosexual”, i thought to myself, UGH! that is wrong on SO many levels! look at the environment you’re creating!
      but i should have said, “i’m curious as to why you used the phrase “homosexual” in that context. what did you mean by that? &c.”
      and thus ends my rant. i can’t help it; i’m a counselor.

    • I’ll second that. Partly because she’s intellectually disabled and partly because http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AWw19Iff-g will haunt me forever.

  32. 0:51 – “and you’ll clipper clipper flipper be apart” is my favourite part.

  33. I have a really hard time figuring out how old she is. Is she 10 or 50? I guess I could just watch more of her videos and figure it out, but also, I don’t want to do that.

  34. holy shit, the single most insane video by her is “To Amanda Emo-Eater’s Cousin And Going To Be My Cousin In Law One Day. “. is it actually an entire song sang through a mumble

  35. I know none of this is directly Justin Bieber’s fault, but I still hate him.

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