Tracy Morgan’s got a comedy special on HBO coming up. Promo here. Personally, his stand up makes me kind of uncomfortable, or at least it did when I somehow ended up watching his Comedy Central special with my mom. She was folding laundry. YOOPS. Page your DVR, tell him what’s up.

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  1. It is le not there :(

  2. The first time I watched Tracy Morgan’s standup, I had a stomach virus and was already barfing, but then his standup made me want to barf like 10x as much.

    But then I watched it again like 2 days later and loved, so there’s that, too. He put a piece of doo-doo on an ex-girlfriend’s windshield with a note that said “You hurt me, you piece of shit” with an arrow pointing to the doo-doo! You gotta love that!

  3. I’m gonna get drunk and watch the shit outta this.

  4. I’m confused Gabe you were already 50 when Tracy Morgan was born, your mom must have been 140 when that special aired

  5. “That cat is so long,I wanna take it behind a middle school and get it pregnant.” — Tracy Morgan

  6. FAIL: He left his shirt on.

  7. I’m BLACK, HBO. Very proud. Like peacocks, right Dave?

  8. You can either watch this or come to my birthday party… because that’s my birthday and I’m having a party!

  9. I saw him do stand up last year at Zanies. It was like an unfunny version of what he plays on 30 Rock. God Bless Tina Fey.

  10. “Give up the butt, ladies! Give up the butt!”

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