Ho boy. There are a lot of ways in which a pretty solid argument could be made that the Internet has made the world a worse place. At the very least, it certainly seems to have coarsened the culture, and it’s not like the culture wasn’t already uncomfortably coarse to begin with. Everyone says whatever the fuck they want on this thing, and it’s a real nightmare! People post videos of people having sex who didn’t want those videos posted duh. Everything, and I mean everything, is a gay retard. And do not even get me started on Perez Hilton. And yet, every once in awhile, something comes along that also reminds you that the Internet is kind of ah-tha-best. Today that thing just happens to be a collection of photographs of Luke Perry posing with superfans at Dragon Con (whatever THAT is), and they are so incredible. What a strange and delightful place the world can sometimes be. (Speaking of strange and delightful, there is also an amazing collection of superfans posing with the stars of Firefly here, via @timheidecker.) Well played, Internet. Perhaps we will hold off on pulling the plug on you and dumping your dead body in the Swamp of Sadness for one more day. Oh, and caption it.

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball, which is basically our Peach Pit. (Photo via BuzzFeed.)

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  1. Beats kissing Shannon Doherty.

  2. Nine-Oh-Two-One-Bros

  3. “OK, yeah… it IS a dude” -Luke Perry

  4. Not pictured: Gabe waiting in line.

  5. As a karate expert, I will not talk about the people in this photo.

  6. “Fluffy the Vampire Slayer”

  7. it gets better.

  8. Not pictured (and not welcomed): Snark.

  9. I loved you on Friends?
    That was Matthew Perry
    Legally Blonde?
    Luke Wilson

  10. Though time had taken its toll on all of the friends from that Beverly Hills enclave, one thing was for sure…Dylan and Kelly were meant to be.

  11. Tori Spelling’s looking great these days!

  12. Next time, on a very special episode of Beverly Hills 9-0-2-Uh-Oh.

  13. Luke Perry stars in Awkward Family Photos. This Fall on ABC.

  14. Pictured, from right to left: Luke Perry, Philip Seymour Perry

  15. I hope Color Me Badd plays at their wedding

  16. After donning a wig and changing his shirt, Glenn Beck thought he fooled everyone in line and took what turned out to be his fourth out of a series of seven pictures with Luke Perry that day. Luke Perry knew otherwise.

  17. “Do I really have to hang onto this dude for EIGHT SECONDS?”

    (Get it, you guys? You get it.)

  18. It’s too bad there’s no audio, because the soft strains of Wilson Phillips’ “Hold On” was what really made this moment special.

  19. “Why didn’t I think of pitching a house renovation reality show before Rob?” – Luke Perry

  20. At this point, Luke Perry knew that his career had officially become Peach Pitiful.

  21. We should probably make a sitcom out of this. I’ll call CBS.

  22. 8 Seconds in Heaven

  23. I would attempt to come up with an amusing caption, but I clicked on the link and Summer Glau’s stupid amazing beauty face exploded my brain head.

  24. How to give a hug with minimal hand on arm contact – By: Luke Perry

  25. I thought they’d wait another couple of years before a movie “re-boot” of “It’s Pat”.

  26. After mulling it over for a few seconds, actor Luke Perry, right, decided to keep his left hand as rigid as possible for the photo so as not to suggest any connection at all with this woman.

  27. Here’s the thing they don’t tell you about Dragoncon. Yes, you get to have photo ops with Luke Perry and Jewel Staite. And I know that a lot of people put a lot of work into it. And I am not saying they didn’t do a bang up job. But. it has to be said: there are no dragons. None.

  28. Sears has really upped their family photo game these days. When I was a kid the best they could get was a DIY Chairey from Pee Wee’s Playhouse and maybe Pia Zadora at Christmas (if you were lucky).

  29. Wow… Ian Ziering is looking bad.

  30. “I didn’t know you knew Luke Perry.”
    “Pfft. Know him? He’s my worthless half-brother.”

  31. “Hi. I’m television and film star Luke Perry, and I’m here to talk to you about high fructose corn syrup.”

  32. “Beverly Hills Ninja, 9021 Uh Oh”

  33. “…Acting!”

  34. Aw. 8 Seconds in Heaven.

  35. It gets batter.

  36. “I bet Jason Priestley doesn’t have to put up with this garbage.”

  37. Despite all the threats and offers of cash, Aaron Spelling was never able to convince the 90210 casting directors to put his third child in the show.

  38. Wow, the stage version of Nothing But Trouble is kind of weird.

  39. Is that Antony Hegarty?

  40. Support group for actors whose fictional fathers were blown up in cars:

  41. Luke Perry: “It’s like I’m hugging the version of myself that didn’t get rich and famous and instead pursued my childhood dream of becoming a transgendered Chris Farley stunt double.”

  42. Not pictured: Dragons, Cons.

  43. Christian side hug says what?

    True story: I was in a terrible and lame bar with a friend and his wife 2-3 years ago when Luke Perry came in and sat with his friends at the table next to us. Which was basically our table too, as the tables were so close. My friend’s wife, who is always complaining that she lives in LA but never sees anyone famous, didn’t notice. So I quietly typed on my cell phone “Luke Perry” and passed the phone to her, expecting her to look around quietly. Instead — and she has the loudest voice of anyone I know — she shouted “LUKE PERRY?!? WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?”

    Four feet away, he pretended not to hear. I mumbled “He is sitting next to you” and then she (who is always super outgoing and unafraid to risk embarrassment) instead of turning to him and introducing herself fell into an unprecedented, panicked total silence for the rest of our stay there.

    I will send her this photo so she can see how huggable he is.

  44. It’s nice to catch up with a total heart-throb from my teenage years! But who’s that guy on the right?

  45. Well, at first I was gonna leave this post be, since I know nothing about Luke Perry. But then I saw some interesting geometric patterns, a la Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind…

  46. He’s smiling on the inside.

  47. Today was my favorite Videogum day ever. Wow! What a day!

  48. The “Hugs Until Donna Martin Graduates” rally lasted a lot longer than expected.

  49. In the early days of the zombie outbreak, celebrities desperate to stave off the inevitable catered to whatever remaining fantasies, imprinted after decades of exposure to television, still resided in the zombies’ decomposing brains. Above is the last known photo of a fully intact Luke Perry.

  50. “I still can’t believe that bitch, Kelly, wore the same red tank-top…Dragon-prom is ruined.”

  51. Lindsay Lohan should print this out and put it on her wall, cause this is her career in about 6 months.

    • And I feel sorry for this woman, being dragged through the virtual-internet-mud because Luke Perry made some bad career choices. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER PERRY! Before more people get hurt!

  52. This is the episode Kelly overcomes her addiction to diet pills self esteem and gender. 2nd best episode next to any episode the guy from The Heights beat Donna.

  53. As a Videogum lurker, I would just like to give you all an extended slow clap for the high level of classy humor demonstrated throughout this thread. 90% of comment threads on other websites would likely be all about the bodysnarking, but you monsters brought the quality Luke Perry jokes. Thank you for a much needed laugh after a craptacular day at work.

    • Seconded. There’s basically no other website on the internet where I can read the comments and not expect to be so grossed with humanity that I find myself wishing that the Mayans had it right about 2012.

      Upvotes for all!

  54. I call this one “Cheeky Stud”

  55. HOLY SHIT … Brandon Walsh looks terrible

  56. Donna Martin Masticates

  57. Luke Perry (left) poses with geek at DragonCon.

  58. That guy is definitely a Dragon in disguise. You all see that right?

    Look at those eyes and tell me that’s not a dragon.

    Look how they lure D-list celebs into their lair with a so-called “Convention.” Knowing full well that the once toned muscle is now softened and covered in a juicy thin layer of fat. Yo-yo diets and binge eating brought on by depression and thoughts of failure have unknowingly ripened these minor celebs to create the perfect food….FOR DRAGONS!

  59. She’s been saving herself for Luke Perry.

  60. Do you think Luke Perry switches places with his wax duplicates in Madam Tussaud’s around the globe? You know, like on weekends and stuff? How would you even know?

  61. Also, you guys see this still from USA’s new cop show?


  62. “Hey Keanu, do I look sad enough?”
    – Luke Perry

  63. This is the SAME person posing with Luke posing with the Firefly cast


  64. I’m a fuggin’ idiot. I’m a fuggin’ idiot. Fuggin’ idiot, fuggin’ idiot, fuggin’ idiot…

  65. “I’m saving myself for Luke Perry… I just never imagined we would really share this sweet embrace.”

  66. Is Luke Perry a mechanic now?
    Did he not have time to change?

  67. “This is Dylan. You know what to do.” *hug*

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