Wait. There is a Jessica Alba nude scene in Machete, but the nudity was CGI? Unacceptable! TO THE STREETS! A RIOT AWAITS! (Seriously, though, what? Let’s end this. All of it.)

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  1. What’s up with Jessica Alba?

  2. Steve is going to be thrilled, and then so sad.

  3. alright….who is gonna say it?

  4. Fake Alba is better than no Alba I always say

  5. So even Jessica Alba needs to have her tummy shaved down by computers? Jessica Alba is not concave enough? Jesus, no wonder I hate myself.

  6. “I will gladly do a nude scene if I feel it enhances the role. And if they promise to animate my body with computers.”


  7. Apparently they did not just remove the underwear, they also cut part of her stomach. What, was she not thin enough for these CGI nerds? Sheesh.

  8. Did you guys hear that? It was the sound of Steve Winwood’s head exploding.

  9. Alway
    CG’ing Nudity

  10. My Grandma is trying to call Jessica Alba: apparently she stole her panties.

    • I actually prefer those to the butt floss thong action that a lot of you creeps seem to prefer. That shits nasty, yeast infection central. No thanks. No prego.

  11. Man this is really old news, heard about this like a month ago or maybe just a couple weeks ago. Gabe = not doing his job staying on the cutting edge of the blogosphere hyper-verse

  12. Mr. Rodriguez, you’ve really outdone yourself this time.

    Sorry fanboys, Jessica Alba is not really part gun.

  13. They didn’t remove her underwear digitally, they ADDED it digitally for the trailer. (Rodriguez did something similar for Carla Gugino in “Sin City” – in the trailer she’s wearing a bra, in the actual film she’s topless). Why the hell would she be showering in her underwear?

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