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  1. I can’t watch this at work, but it sounds like a funny version of Robot Chicken.

  2. Dr. Katz was on that long? I had no idea! That show was very excellent, very underrated.

  3. Yup, now I just want to go back and watch Dr. Katz. And The Critic.

  4. There was a good 12-months or so of my life after I got the complete Dr. Katz on DVD that I would cycle through the seasons, watching an episode or two a day, over and over. I am still not tired of it.

  5. Another option for all your Action Figure video needs is the I’m a Marvel I’m a DC series.

  6. I think we all missed the point here in lieu of Dr. Katz nostalgia. I have no regrets!

  7. (1) These were ummmayzing!

    (2) Reminds me of the best action figure movie ever (and probably only?). It’s in French with subtitles, but so so so good! But totally G-rated!

  8. Is this what KABLAM! would have been like if the intended audience had been adults?

  9. Sometimes I listen to episodes of Stuff You Should Know & pretend that Chuck is Dr Katz & Josh is Ben. This is what i do.

  10. Did I do that to my toys? Was it burying them in the mud that did the damage? Was it the M80s?

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