Who let the dawgs out! Who Who Who Who Who?!

Yo cool broheims who think when you grow up you should be allowed to wear jeans to work but that doesn’t mean you won’t work really hard and girls who are empowered by their budding sexuality, which comes from hormones, which are going crazy in all of your bodies right now. It’s been awhile since we’ve kicked it old school, but now we’re slanging on the flippity flop like a bunch of BFFFFs because school is back in sesh, and there’s lots of cool stuff to gossip girls about. XOXOXBOXPS3.

One thing that’s super wicked dope is the new Willow Smith video for “Whip My Hair.” OMGod. Did you see it yet? I saw it over in the cafeteria and right away I had to go to my locker and SEXT my Facebooks about it. It’s megaNEAT. Did you know she’s only nine years old? That’s, like, younger than a tween even. TWEENS RULEZ. You can check the video out after the jump, although I’m sure you already totally downloaded it onto your ZunePad. Dope chill.

I think if there’s one thing you can definitely say about Willow Smith after watching this video it is that she has very very good parents who are taking her childhood development and emotional well being almost too seriously.

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  1. The pursuit of nappyness.

  2. “What is this I don’t even.”

  3. Jeremy whipped his hair back and forth in class today.

  4. I can’t hear…is she saying “Whip my parents”? Okay, no problem, will do.

  5. Has anybody else noticed that the Smiths took their own names, re-gendered them, and applied them to their children? Hence Jada becomes Jaden, and Will becomes Willow. Poor kids! Their parents just don’t understand…

    • Does it count as Plagiarist Commentating if it’s on another thread?


      Someone get Winwood in here. He’ll know.

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        Dear Mrs. Friday,

        I am an experienced attorney who when to TWO colleges and have been to TWO jails, but not recently, but I know how to protect my clients’ rights and also how to make gin out of sweat and paper clips.

        I write to offer to represent you in this matter. I will take the matter on a contingent fee basis: if we win I will get 1/3 of your upvotes. If we lose, you will at least have an action for malpractice against me as I will have been asleep the whole time, playing the ponies in my dreams.

        Please contact me. I will be at that unused porta-john by the train tracks. Just look for the unusual number of frogs who watch you silently.



      • Aw nerts! At least DS has confirmed that we came to this realization separately, thus proving my innocence. Did you know he has a son with his first wife named Willard? Also, I am 100% sure I saw them using this very theme as a joke on an episode of Fresh Prince. So there’s that.

      • Daaaamn, Friday, I just realized that I accidentally downvoted your other half this morning, now I’m accidentally plagiarizing you in the afternoon! I am an enemy of the Friday gang today, I suppose.


          Re: Mrs. Baby Friday and Mr. Teacherman

          Dear Mr. Taco:

          I have been retained by the above referenced adult human beings to represent them with regard to their claims against you. Specifically, they said that you left a bunch of live crabs in their bathtub and that you sometimes just stand in their yard in Body Glove biker shorts and nothing else, singing DiVinyls songs.

          As you are aware this breaks some laws, surely, or if it doesn’t, it is against GOD’s own natural laws. As my clients feel that it is best to resolve this matter peacefully, mostly because they cannot afford my fees, we are willing to settle this matter for two bottles of ketchup and three gym socks.

          If you are not willing to accept this generous offer, we will take further action. It won’t be court, because we cannot afford the filing fees, but I’ll at least pee in your tail pipe one night while listening to Roxette on a cassette player with dying batteries.

          Please consider our offer seriously.



        • Face: don’t come around hair no more.

          • (Although I do like the term “Friday gang”.)

          • Dateline: Videogum

            EXCLUSIVE: Breaking reports indicate that early in the evening on Monday, October 18 a Taco was brutally consumed in a violent act of what is assumed to be revenge. Though police are not commenting on any early leads, all signs point to the elusive and hilarious “Friday gang”. The suspects are still at large; all citizens are advised to stay alert and to not have a delicious taco as a face whenever possible.

  6. sometimes spending half a million dollars on your child means a college education, sometimes it means a music video for a 9 year old.

  7. This is also how Jackson Pollock made his paintings in his younger years, also known as his “ponytail phase”

  8. “This makes me feel old. Remember when celebrities were all older than us?”
    ~ Children who are 12.

  9. the world got a little more JAIL today.

  10. Willow Smith in “Wild WIld Weave”

  11. “I whip my hairs back and forth”

    -Balding Men

  12. Why do I like this song?!?

  13. I wonder when the first celebrity rehab / elementary school hybrids are going to start opening.

  14. Not just the song of the year, but the song of the Willennium.*

    “Willennium” copyright Columbia Records, 1999.

  15. me be jammin with me candy tails?

  16. Wait, I’m not supposed to wear jeans to work everyday?

  17. Needs more CGI aliens.

  18. This is track 2 on Gwyneth Paltrow’s workout mix.

  19. That’s so Raven!

  20. That pretty much just sums it up right there.

  21. i was listening to the etta james station on lastfm before i clicked on this post. it was playing sam cooke “a change is gonna come.” i put the song on mute so i could check out this super cool video. now my brain hurts because of poor decision making. lastfm has moved on to solomon burke (not a bad musician by any account) and i missed mr. cooke. so freaking lames.

    also, i used to remember respecting the smith family. i remember reading an article about how much love they felt for each other. their marriage seems to be based on actual human emotions rather than a desperate need to combine conglomerates. i had a lot of hope for them as a real couple in hollywood! that’s dead. it’s all just gone. don’t get me wrong, i’ll still look at pictures of mr. smith with his shirt off and indulge myself with copious amounts of his face circa fresh prince era, but this is just awful.

  22. What is that she’s wearing on her everything?

  23. Any coincidence that the voice sounds much older than a 9 year old’s and she has Milli Vanilli hair?

  24. Don’t blame them. Every marriage gets stale: you only have rote sex on a schedule (him always in his t-shirt that says MIAMI 1997, you always glad the TiVo is saving the first 10 minutes of Grey’s Anatomy), it’s always the same 10-12 dinner recipes (spaghetti Mondays, Taco Bar on Wednesdays — but you do some BBQ in the summer!), and you’re just never combining multimillion-dollar conglomerates at all because originally you had emotions. This can’t go on. You need to spice it up; you need to change something.

  25. Sorry to go off topic but I’ve got a question that needs answering: On Eastbound & Down last night, did anybody recognize what song Kenny’s girlfriend was singing at the bar? It was in Spanish and I’m 99% sure it was a cover. Google is not helping.

  26. So that was Jackson Pollack’s secret…

  27. i guess the real question i ask myself now is which child used their parents star-power more to their benefit. Wllow as a missy elliot-esque urban child star or Jaden, as the latest Karate Kid.

  28. I whip my me sitting alone in a dark room trying to block out all the miserable garbage in this terrible world we live in patiently waiting for 2012 which can’t come soon enough back and forth.

  29. The beginning of this music video is a little too WAKE UP, SHEEPLE for me because it’s like, um… if we live in a monotonous, Orwellian society then our solution is to… whip our hair back n forth? (via future Chancellor of Earth Willow Smith)

  30. Since we’re talking about musical celebrity offspring, can I bring up the Jane Carrey Band? Specifically, is it okay that I love the Jane Carrey Band? They’re no The National, but their songs are happy and twinkly and easy listening!


  31. I refuse to take a nine year old’s music video seriously. she needs to be in school right now, not “singing” about whipping her hair back and forth. so dumb.

  32. Now that there is an official video, can this meme be dead? If it was ever a meme to begin with? What’s a meme? I’m old.

  33. I think I like the version where she’s a puppet better.

    Unless… a nine-year-old child of crazy, self-obsessed scientologists singing a song written by adults, dancing in a music video directed by adults… SHE’S A PUPPET IN THIS ONE TOO.

  34. What Kind of Nickelodeon Based Illuminati Related Fevered Dream Did I wake up in?

  35. I watched that video on mute. Still couldn’t stand 30 seconds of this horrible horibble…thing.

  36. Am I the only one who has a problem with the fact that this video (just the video -not the studio time, production, “writing team,” or anything else) -a video which is nothing more than a vanity project for a child still young enough to be spanked for throwing paint all over the school cafeteria- cost significantly more than my entire gross household income last year?

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