Uh, basically everything about this is amazing. YOU’RE WELCOME AFRICA AND ALSO MALARIA.

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  1. African Un-Americans.

  2. FIST PUMP for new Bobby Bottleservice video and malariaaaa!

  3. He has a point, I don’t think anyone with malaria has ever eaten at an Olive Garden
    Red lobster on the other hand

  4. “I kinda kissed a guy but it was like a joke so it’s like fuck it it’s not gay, right it’s just like fuck gay guys right I did but I don’t but I will but I won’t because I didn’t and I don’t want to but I do but I can’t because of my family and my culture so that’s not an issue anymore.” <– Andrew Shirvell's inner monologue, on repeat, all day every day

  5. Malaria Mad cuz Bottleservice Just KILT IT

  6. This is a good cause, but “Malarianomore” sounds like a secret Girl Scout Cookie that only the Eagless Scouts have access to.

  7. Bobby Bugswatter.

  8. Bobby Bottleservice saves the world. One fist pump at a time.

    Also DJ Goat is spinning at my next party.

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