An artist in Berlin rigged a tiny lace curtain in his studio window to automatically follow people as they walked by. In theory it’s a cute little piece of art, but watching it in practice is hilarious. GET THEM, CURTAIN! KILL THEM!

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  2. It’s curtains for them.

    Bye bye.

  3. big brother is a lot less big and a lot lacier than I thought it would be

  4. It’s still Friday, could I make the Monster’s Ball? You’re all virgins, you probably have nothing better to do, right?

  5. I had the same idea, but instead of a tiny lace curtain I used a Dog the Bounty Hunter look-a-like. The authorities were not happy.

  6. I love the tiny lace attack curtain. I find it adorable.

    Although I may be more wary of my mother’s doily collection in the future.

  7. Coming, Winter 2010- Behind This WIndow Lies Curtain Death

    THE DRAPES OF WRATH: a Michael Bay Production.

  8. The Venetian Blinds Side

  9. Hey, what’s up with domestic violins?

  10. I think it is adorable that this dude thought this would actually create any amount of privacy.

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