What was she going to do? NOT fry a wig? And what was the audience going to do? NOT applaud when they put the wig in the fryer? You are the one who is being weird about this. (Via Urlesque.)

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  1. HOW YOU DOO-IIIIIN’!!????

  2. This makes me miss Tyra.

  3. What’s weird is that 26% didn’t want to see it fried. Maybe they wanted to see it baked?

  4. What is the MATTER with that woman? Honestly.

    “If the audience is cacklin’…there’s a Slim Jim cracklin’.”

  5. I liked it when the man put the wig in the fryer. They fried up that wig good.

  6. in a time in our country where 22% of the people think Obama’s a muslim, it’s great to see them come together and decide to do something as a group: FRY THAT WIG! FRY THAT WIG! FRY THAT WIG!

  7. hey you gonna eat that

  8. Is no one going to try on the now deep fried wig?!

  9. I am eating a cheese Lean Pocket and thinking about how I really need a deep fryer to try frying one now. Also how something is wrong with me.

  10. do you guys think gabe will mention anything about the juggalos being closet evangelical christians. I just read that on boing boing and wondered if I will see a discussion regarding this topic on videogum.

  11. I prefer Tyra Banks and Kimora Lee Simmons teaching us how to make DIY Combos, by filling pretzels with canned spray cheese.

    You know, for when you can’t afford actual Combos.

  12. I feel like I have a hair stuck in the back of my throat just watching that.

  13. She has a long way to go until she gets to Oprah.

  14. “You keep fryin’ that wig.” -Ernie Anastos

  15. I guess I’m done eating at Chip Shop now. Thanks, Wendy Willams fans. If you exist. Which I hope you don’t.

  16. Never trust a woman who cries about Kevin Federline potentially being a hoarder.

  17. #slightlyhumorousmisunderstandinggum

  18. Who IS that person, and why is she constantly stuffing her face with food? I presume this is a cooking sghow, but is this “lets fry a non-edible item” a regular feature?

    • Doesn’t she realize she’s talking with her mouth full of fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Wendy you are wearing a microphone, everyone can hear you chew.

      • No, but seriously, I try to keep up with the US pop culture as much as the next hipster with a WiFi from my country, I know my Bill O’Reillys and my Christine O’Donells, Top Chef references and SNL skits, but who IS this person and what does she DO? I mean, is Wendy Williams “a thing”?

        • WHAT do you mean A THING? She’s just a PERSON WITH a daytime TALK SHOW. Let me TELL you, here IN AMERICA, we celebrate OUR DAYTIME by putting only the BRIGHTEST and the smartest ON THE television. She IS AN alpha.

          • Okay, let me rephrase that – are daytime shows where shoes and wigs get deep-fried, hosted by a compulsive eater actually a thing? I can understand the appeal of many reality TV shows or talk show that i don’t think I’d enjoy or approve of, but this show still kinda baffles me.

        • I’m kind of with you on this one. I mean, I sorta knew Wendy Williams was a thing (somehow), but now I know Wendy Williams on TV is a thing.

  19. ThisIsWhyYouAreFatAndStupid.com

  20. If no one else has the balls to say it, I will: that fried wig does not look delicious!

  21. Finnish your wig Godsauce or no dessert.

  22. I think “Keep frying that wig” is the new “Keep fucking that chicken”

  23. I think from now on I will use Gabe’s commentary here as the basis for my defense of weird/gross things I do. “What am I going to do? NOT buy cheetos and cheap wine at the gas station immediately after a bad day at work? Well then what would I eat for dinner? You are the one who is being weird about this!”

  24. Faces of Wendy Williams Blog, anyone?

  25. Wendy Williams had the Fry Guy on her show on Tuesday and the first 20 seconds of his segment looked delicious…full of golden-brown, deep-fried unidentifiable food objects.

  26. I won’t sit here and pretend I watch Wendy Williams’ show (my scrotum is perfectly in tact, thank you). But if she’s doing lunatic stuff like this regularly, I may need to get on board. This is a wig being fried.
    Get Slim Acai

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