The fact that the one financial market Mr. T knows about is the gold market is obnoxiously on the nose. DIVERSIFY YOUR SCHTICK, FOOL.

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  1. Bing’s right, Mr. T could havea helped us avoid this whole mess the country is in. I pity the fools who don’t vote for Mr. T!

  2. At least he’s not investing in the T party (aaahhhhh???)

  3. Bartender! A round of “I Pity the Fool” jokes for my friends here!

  4. “I don’t wanna put it on me like I’m all that” -Mr T. 2010..2010?…2010.

  5. I would have thought he’d be more invested in T-Bills.

  6. “All I’ve got is fool’s gold.” – me

    “I pity you.” – Mr. T

  7. I thought my financial advisor was Mr. Au?

  8. I thought he worked at the TomatoBank.

    (We still make jokes about that right?)

    • Even though 3 internet generations have been born, lived, and died since the original post, I’m pretty sure that the secure and very seriousface financial institution of TomatoBank will always be a viable target for wry grins and one, possibly two chuckles.

  9. In college, my roommate and I were flipping through the channels and came upon him giving a sermon on one of those weird Christian channels that shows the 700 Club all day long, and he explained that we are a nation full of devil worshippers without even knowing it. Apparently, when we watch Duke Blue Devil basketball games and shout “Go Devils!” we are worshipping the devil and condemning ourselves to hell.

  10. Does that mean that 20 year from now pundits will be interviewing the stars of today about their specialties (ex. The Jersey Shore on spray tans, Justin Beiber on tweens, Gwyneth Paltrow on being the worst) ?

  11. I don’t think anything today can make me feel as old and sad as Mr. T’s thinning mohawk. Nothing.

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