It was announced today that Tom Hardy has been cast in a leading but unspecified role in Christopher Nolan’s Batman 3. And Damon Lindelof has finished a script for an Alien prequel that might star Natalie Portman. Neat. Of course, neither of these movies will even be out for 300,000,000 years, but what else are you going to think about? Work? Your own life? HAH!

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  1. Cool. Maybe this means we can finally see Natalie Portman with a bad ass shaved head, simultaneously shitting her pants and kicking ass. That would be so cool to see. WAIT A MINUTE.

  2. Tom Hardy is the best. Watch the movie “Bronson”.

  3. Mmmm… Tom Hardy

  4. No dice, Bing. I make my own rules.

  5. Any news regarding Christopher Nolan and Batman is exciting. Never boring. End of story.

  6. It’s cool that Lindelof is making the Alien prequel cause, you know WE HAVE TO GO BACK!!!


  8. I’m a little embarrassed to admit how ridiculously excited I am about Tom Hardy being cast in Nolan’s third batman movie…

  9. while were all here

    take a closer look:

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