Huh. She was one of the kids at the swimming pool when AJ and his stupid friends vandalized the high school. Between this and Boiling Points, if the music thing never worked out she could have always fallen back on playing unmemorable obnoxious people.

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  1. Wait, I thought Lady Gaga was born in 2007 after a giant double rainbow appeared coming out of Baedku Mountain and a new star was seen in the heavens…

  2. Kind of makes her whole “I’m a tragic artist who is 110% devoted to my ART ™” schitck seem a little…fake?

  3. So we can expect her to be wearing cement shoes and this guy soon, right?

  4. She looked directly into the camera and was an unconvincing teenage girl. Along with being an unconvincing human being nowadays.

  5. I don’t know why this is news. Anyone who is a fan of the Sopranos knows that Gaga took inspiration from Christopher’s Capocollo dress from Season 4.

  6. I don’t want to be friends
    I don’t want to be friends
    I don’t want to be friends

  7. something something lady gaga something

    i’ve recently realized that these monster contest songs are really awkward to have stuck in your head and sing out loud in non-monster settings (aka real life)…I’ve been singing Goodbye Monkey and J.O.R.T.S. all weekend long and I’ve been getting some very strange looks… haha

  8. Which of the vandalizing little boys in the swimming pool scene was “Lady” Gaga?

  9. Comments on both Just Jared and Huffington Post:

    “She was always ugly!” vs “Wow cool to see what she was like before she grew to be the amazing preformer she is today.”


  10. Considering her career is already just playing a (for reasons which are ridiculous) memorable obnoxious person, I don’t know that she really has anything to fall back on.

  11. “Who puts that in their mouth?, would you put that in your mouth?”

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