If there is one thing people love, it is taking two disparate things and making those things FIGHT. Aliens vs. cowboys. Gorillas vs. bears. Shirts vs. skins. Well, today we have a new match up. In one corner, it’s an advertisement for Stella Artois beer co-directed by Roman Coppolla and Wes Anderson. In the other corner, it’s a music video for Kid Cudi’s song featuring Kanye West, “Erase Me,” starring Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Clark Duke. “But Gabe, this competition doesn’t even make sense. Sure, both videos ostensibly have a certain “cool” factor, but one is a foreign-markets beer advertisement, and the other is a music video. It’s not even clear how one would determine the winner of a match up like that, and if one was able to determine a winner, what would even be the point?”



T.K.O! Right? T.K.O.!!!!! (Commercial via /Film. Kudi via Fader.

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  1. Who wouldn’t want a woman who, as a guest in your home, can’t be left alone with a switch board for 30 seconds without starting a fire and compacting herself into your furniture? Am I right fellas?

  2. I have the sudden urge to get drunk and watch MTV.

    …Well maybe not so much ‘sudden’ as ‘constant’.

  3. There are more pretty girls in the Cudi video so it’s better because science

  4. Music video +1

  5. Can we call it a tie? #Yes,IWasAMiddleChild,WhyDoYouAsk

  6. Wes Anderson likes French stuff?

  7. Well, I let Roman and Wes shoot that commercial in my apartment, so I’m afraid I’m going to have to bow out of this little argument. Off to Rio with the Countess du Marche! (puts on jetpack and flies off)

  8. Is it just me or is neither one of these that great?

  9. No winners here folks. Just one loser: everyone who watched.

  10. trick question: BOTH are better than dead rats.

    • Are you kidding me?! As a Baltimore resident I would much prefer a dead rat! Especially the little fucker who sneaks into my apartment at night via my HVAC closet to eat my food and poop on my counters! WHO DOES THAT? I don’t care how hungry I am, it is just rude to poop on someone’s counter. Dead rat > these videos.

  11. Since the only really hard thing that happened to a white person in the Stella commercial was getting trapped in a couch, I’m going to say Anderson and Coppola really phoned this one in.

    Music Video +1

  12. Apparently, Kanye West ain’t gettin on no plane

  13. “Man FUCK that, I can’t participate in your video’s 70′s rock motif! I got all kinds of gold leaf shit to wear on my head today!” –Kanye West, 2010.

  14. Wes Anderson commands an army of ironic-shirt-wearing hipsters. He wins ANY fight by default.

  15. commercial: She’s Pretty.

  16. I saw Kid Cudi a couple weeks ago and his live show was nothing like that. +1 for the commercial.

  17. Why isn’t The Schwartz in the Stella Artois commercial???? I mean, look at this ‘stache. It’s cramazing!

  18. Kid CuDi wins because of the Clark Duke cameo. Because he is in Greek, which is one of my favourite shows evar #embarassingconffesions

    Also, the post-irony of it all.

  19. Doing the 70s rock thing just kinda points out how hollow and simple the song sounds; it’s almost like a Shreds video (like this one here):


    • THANK YOU. That was easily one of the laziest rock songs I’ve ever heard. And then Kanye showed up rapping with about as much conviction and emotion as a used kleenex and somehow made it worse.

      When the music video director is the only one not completely phoning it in, that just doesn’t cut it folks.

  20. Last night I tried to get my turtle to fight a praying mantis I caught on my screen door. We submerged the mantis (hilarious word choice right there) so it couldn’t fly away and watched Terrence get in position for his great white shark attack. When Terrance finally snapped his head upward at the praying mantis in what he thought would be the death blow, the praying mantis just attached on to his back and started using his little praying bug hands to attack Terrance’s face. He just kept hacking at the guy until Terrance ran away. So fighting things is pretty cool.

  21. Monica Lewinski joke
    Music Video -1

  22. i love BOTH of these- the ad makes me want to be rich so i can have a dream european apt and date manic-pixie-dream-girl, but the video makes me want to drink whiskey and party, and i have immediate access to the latter, so CUDI is my CHAMP

  23. Music video. The ad loses because Stella is so-so and also because grammar. Why do a commercial in French and make an obvious grammatical mistake? You are the dumbest, Coppola children.

    • When you say they made a mistake, are you referring to the title of the commercial? As far as I can tell in the ad itself, all he says is “Installez-vous ici [mumblemumble something that might be "je reviens dans une minute"]” and then later “Mon amour.” I did wonder why he was vouvoie-ing his lady friend…

  24. It should be noted that this is a rematch for both contenders. We all sadly remember the great Wes Anderson AMEX Commercial vs. Day ‘n’ Night (Crookers Remix) Music Video battle from a few years back…

  25. So wait, is it +1 or -1 for the music video also sounding like a Weezer song.

  26. The commercial, because of what that awful black man did to the skinny white girl on that award show about nothing.

  27. Kid Cudi is pretty.

  28. Cavemen vs Astronauts


  30. When did Kid Cudi become Weezer? Confusing!

    • Oh crap, I missed an earlier comment up there and then repeated it for my first comment on Videogum ever. Well, that’s that, I guess. Back to “Illiterate’s Ball” for me.

  31. Love KiD CuDi

  32. Who among those making these, starring in these, or watching these are old enough to have formed enough adult memories to feel nostalgia for the switchboard sixties or swinging seventies? I am asking depressed and befuddled before going with the Stella Artois commercial because I drink it in bars in 2010 out of special sissy glasses.

  33. yet another Sophie’s Choice

  34. I’ve seen both of these already.

  35. “i couldn’t get my shit out anyway, /i hope you die-arrhea.” look out, you third grade poets, kanye’s coming. again.

  36. I’m from the future, testing out html, pay me no mind.

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