It’s hard to imagine what it would be like to spend five weeks shooting a major motion picture only to be fired and replaced and have that movie go on to be an incredible success. So let’s not even try. Besides, I’m sure Eric Stoltz has spent the last 50 years thinking about it enough for the all of us.

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  1. Man, Bing is RUTHLESS with those searches!

  2. He’s probably going to want one of these:

  3. I wonder if he went peacefully or if he was dragged off the studio Kicking and Screaming?

  4. Eric Stoltz is directing tonight’s episode of Glee, that’s totally the same thing as having a successful franchise

  5. This video was such a tease! Oh FINE I will buy you, Back to the Future special edition DVD.

  6. Can’t wait to see the dailies from Michael J. Fox in Pulp Fiction.

  7. “3…2…1…”

    “That’s it! Your 15 minutes are up! Goodbye, Eric! See you on Caprica.”

  8. All of Huckabeast’s comments were originally written by Nicholas Sparks, but they weren’t very funny, so after five weeks they were pulled and rewritten by Huck. Those comments went on to gross 381 million upvotes.

  9. no sweat. he moved on.

  10. I remember reading somewhere that Michael J. Fox was originally cast in the role but had to turn it down due to Family Ties commitments, and then, after Eric Stoltz had shot for 5-weeks, somehow became available. Not that heartbreaking, really. Well, still heartbreaking for Eric Stoltz. I guess?

  11. And yet, we all know that there could only be one…

  12. I like Eric Stoltz a lot, but I really can’t see him pulling off this movie. He’s much better playing some type of creepy pervert.

  13. I’m just glad they recast that jacket. Orange Puffy Vest was way better and clearly has more stage presence.

  14. Where we’re going we won’t need any gingers.

  15. I’m sure he’s just glad he never had to answer any questions about the space time continuum.

  16. I’m probably going to get downvoted to Earth (I’m an angel in Heaven, remember?), but think about how far back Parkinson’s research and awareness would have been set if Stoltz had stuck (no joke-o).

  17. They definitely made the right decision, but I have a feeling I would’ve watched the movie 2 million times as opposed to 1 million times if they had kept the dreamboat. I mean, I certainly wasn’t watching Rocky V for the impeccable acting (Rocky’s son had an earring! So cute). #fiveyearoldpervert

  18. When they ditched Stoltz, they also got rid of the initial title, “Holy Shit, I’m Stuck in the Past with My Fucking Parents!”

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