The economy lost 95,000 jobs last month, and according to a new report, the United States will need to create 11.5 million jobs just to get us back to where we were before the recession. 11.5 million jobs! That is so many jobs! I didn’t even know there were that many jobs in the whole world. (I’m super super dumb.) Obviously, the perpetually dire economic situation, which would already be a pretty major bummer in its own right, is heightening the volatility of this year’s mid-term election cycle, and that’s why you get the Carl Paladinos and Christine O’Donnells of the world coming out of the barfwork. There is really nothing like a national election cycle to remind you of what a horrifyingly backwards piece of shit nightmare world we continue to live in. Is it actually getting worse? It kind of seems like it’s getting worse lately. Are we collectively sliding backwards through metaphorical feces into a fetid existential lake of immoral vomit? WE MIGHT!

So if we can find something in this life to hold onto and take some happiness from, we should, even if that something is putting a bunch of makeup on your pretty lady face and pretending you’re Jared Leto.

Life is short. (Thanks for the tip, Sean and Antonia.)

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  1. 30 Seconds to Restraining Order.

  2. “I’m so confused.”–Steve Winwood.

  3. File under: Normal.

  4. Personally, I like this look better:

  5. No big whoop. I wake up looking like Jared Leto every day, with NO makeup:

  6. Also, I love the way he leans.

  7. How embarrassing! That is how I did my makeup this morning, too!

  8. No results found for “brian gummersall cosplay”.

  9. Meanwhile…

  10. This is really scary. I would so try to do her, and I would be like, “Wait, pause the the game….you mean, you don’t have a penis, Jared?”

  11. Jordan: “Why are you like this?”
    Angela: “Like what?”
    Jordan: “Like how you are.”
    Angela: “How am I?”

  12. i haven’t been this disoriented with an erection since seeing that Seinfeld-Banana gif on Friday. [CALLBACK].

  13. My Life is So-Called

    • I should have prefaced this with the time I made out with an illiterate in the boiler room. Sadly, our relationship was canceled after just a few weeks.

  14. Now she just has to perfect the kiss-choke.

  15. that’s me! i’m sean! i sent this tip in!

    today is a good day.

  16. True story:

    When I was a tween, I went to see Juliana Hatfield play a gig and bumped into Jared Leto. Then I died. I’m writing this from heaven. We have Videogum in heaven.

    Consider Videogum Everywhere MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

  17. This is like that one video I have of Jared Leto taking off make-up until he looks like a pretty girl, but backwards.

  18. wait a minute. at the beginning she does not look like jared leto at all, but by the end she looks EXACTLY like jared leto. could we make jared leto out of anyone??? could jared leto already be played by a revolving cast of actors?? is anything real?????

    • Someone else make the Shia Lebeouf callback.. I had to bartend during the MPLS zombi pub crawl and I’m still in no mood to talk about the un-dead

  19. I like how even she couldn’t stand to listen to his music.

  20. So I guess Jared Leto has a picture of this girl in his attic?

  21. why do i like this video sooo much? she pulled me in with the NIN and the prettiness, but then…

    • Seriously! A tiny part of me thinks “Closer” can take anything into disturbing-hot territory but the other half really digs her fake-eyebrows. I don’t even like eyebrows! I think…?

  22. Why isn’t it a 30 Seconds to Mars song in the backround?

  23. This is the first time in my life I had a little Devil pop up on one shoulder and a little Angel on the other. One told me he knew I wanted to keep watching and the other told me that I knew what was going to happen so I should stop watching. Then they fought.

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  25. 30 Seconds To Barf. I threw up 12 times while watching this video. ALMOST 13, but thankfully the video ended a couple seconds shy.

    • Hmm. Just for my own edification, I want to be clear that this girl making herself up to look like Jared Leto with a NIN song playing is not what I am claiming to have made me barf. It’s a play on the name of his band divided into the running of time of this video. There, now that I’ve explained it, it’s not funny nor offensive, and probably won’t even be noticed and/or remembered by my fellow monsters. It’s 3am on Tuesday in CA, and I’ve been up since 10am Sunday. Please excuse me while I rest.

  26. So…..I’m not entirely certain that this ISN’T Jare Leto.

  27. Well, I’m incredibly disappointed. I misread the headline and thought this was Jay Leno cosplay.

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