Did anyone else notice on last week’s Community when Shirley asked Abed what he had been up to all week and he said “not much,” and that was it, and how that was kind of weird? Turns out he was kind of up to a lot. (Community is a very good TV show.)

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    • Yeah this was the only one I noticed before I re-watched the episode, but even then I didn’t realize that it was Abed. I was just really confused about why someone was giving birth in the background, or as my friend originally thought, why someone was getting a foot massage in the background.

  1. Are the people who spent time compiling this streets ahead or streets behind?

  2. The High Definite is DEFINITELY wrong. I am both a fan of boobs, and the show, and I noticed the whole thing happening in the background.

  3. What really strikes me as the brilliant part of this was how they made it blatant (on re-watch) what was happening in the background through their odd positioning of the closer subjects in the frame but on first viewing it wasn’t until the baby being delivered that I caught on because Sherry didn’t have any dialogue to draw focus to herself run-on sentence.

  4. What is everyone’s interpretation of the first clip? It looks like she’s telling Abed he’s the father (which would explain why the boyfriend is upset later? I guess?)?
    I’ll need that report on my desk by 5, everyone

    • It looks like she is upset and Abed is consoling her because Abed is awesome like that. Through the clip she tells him that the father wants nothing to do with the baby and, Abed being Abed, sees this as a typical storyline in which a complete stranger gets an estranged couple back together.

      The second clip is the initial confrontation with the father and Abed attempting to get him to “man-up” to which he becomes angry and adopts a “nun-ys-bidness” attitude and physically threatens Abed.

      The third clip is them having a, mostly, civilized meeting with cooler heads that devolves into more shouting and, of course, triggers the birth of the child.

      The fourth clip is them not being able to make it to the hospital in time because, “This baby has to come out NOW!”

      The fifth is the reconciliation of the couple.

  5. I noticed the backdrop storyline while watching – surprised so many people didn’t notice it.

    I’m not patting myself on the back – I’m just saying apparently ADD is good for something.

  6. anyone notice that the barrel of oil had the Wilde Oil logo on it from “Running Wilde”?

    from Running Wilde:

    from Community:

  7. lets try that again.

    from Running Wilde:

    from Community:

  8. one more time. tryin to make a cool observation, and i fail with my lack of HTML knowledge.

    from Running Wilde:

    from Community:

  9. hope this works, thx njoy

    Running Wilde:


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