Roger Ebert’s review of Life As We Know It is very very good. And did you read this NYT profile of Katherine Heigl? She’s very very awful. (Example: “Pretending seems pretty ridiculous to me.” Right. LOL.)

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  1. Really, “Life as We Know It?” Killing off Christina Hendricks? Not a very smart move…

  2. No snark, just straight shooting: Roger Ebert is STILL the man. Killer review.

  3. His review of the new I Spit On Your Grave is up too for fans of self-loathing

  4. Pretending seems pretty ridiculous to me

    But…that’s the only way I’ll ever get to fulfill my dream of being astronaut. :(

    • Sleep…that’s where I’m a Viking!

    • Actually, lilbobbytables, if you were born in a barn there might be away to make it happen…

    • I was going to upvote this, LBT, but all of the thumbs are greyed out, as though I’ve already been through here and upvoted everything. Or downvoted. I don’t know, I don’t remember.

      The only explanation that I can think of that makes sense is that my identity has been ripped in two by a trauma I no longer remember, or possibly an unborn twin stuck in my brain, and now I am both me and another person, played by Jeremy Irons, and while I am trying to do good things, he is out there downvoting and not washing his hands.

      • And now it is letting me upvote all of the comments again, including my own. So I will take this moment to downvote myself just for the rush of feeling naughty.

  5. I’m confused, is the author of the NYT article a fan of Heigl or something? He seems to be giving her way to much credit for having been in nothing but terrible things (save Knocked Up, which she looses any free passes for criticizing post-receiving her check).

    • I agree with you, but for some reason I’m not able to upvote. :( Anyways, she thinks “Knocked Up” is sexist, when it actually gave two women very strong, funny roles, which are few and far between in Hollywood — so does she think “27 Dresses” is empowering?

    • Right, just when I was about to think that she didn’t come off that bad, I hit the line She portrays Stephanie Plum, an unemployed lingerie buyer from New Jersey who becomes a bounty hunter.

      • I lost it at “Scottish…” I don’t even know. I can only imagine that her Scottish accent, difficult for even the Scots to do correctly, is going to be fucking atrocious.

  6. Totally unrelated to the post, but there’s something wrong with the voting system. Most of the thumbs are already greyed-out before I even have a chance to vote. Is this VGum’s way of telling me my opinion doesn’t matter?

  7. I started reading the NYTimes profile on Katherine Heigl and realized this is NOT an assignment. Phew! Freedom. Sorry Liu Xiaobo. :-/

  8. “Pretending seems pretty ridiculous to me. That’s why I pursued a career in acting. So I would never have to pretend to be anyone other than myself.”
    -Katherine Heigl
    Who cares – 2012

  9. Good god, lady. Just graciously accept the $15 million paychecks that you are entitled to because of your genetics and shut it.

    • Sorry, I feel like I should qualify this. I agree that most of the roles for women in Hollywood are sexist and gross and am happy to hear that criticism. I just find her complaints pretty hollow since she she made her career by accepting and perpetuating the worst of those roles over and over again.

      • hy·poc·ri·sy Noun /hiˈpäkrisē/
        The practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform

        ding ding ding

  10. “They don’t know nuthin’ about rasin’ no babies.” Classic.

  11. Ebert, you slay me.

  12. “So anyway, what happens in “Life As We Know It”? You’ll never guess in a million years. Never. You might just as well give up right now. I don’t like spoilers, so just let me say that Holly and Sam adopt Sophie and live happily ever after in the mansion. Awww.”

    Uhhh…Gabe, have you been ghostwriting for Ebert? Add a “classic movie” here and a “DING DONG” there and you’ve got the next round of Hunt for Worst Movie of All Time.

  13. From NYT:
    “‘I admit that I’m particular about the way I work,’ she said, stopping to stare at a stuffed rabbit on the floor. She continued her thought, but not before giving the bunny a swift kick.”

    Are you sure this isn’t another You Can Make It Up entry?

  14. Oh Roger, you fabulous catty old bitch!

  15. As an unemployed person, I have been writing freelance (unpaid) for an editor friend at a popular website. When she and her other writer don’t have time (they were just at the VMAs) and/or have way too much dignity, I get the leftovers. (I went to a junket for Queen Latifah’s Just Wright and reviewed She’s Out of Your League.) So, a few weeks before this screening, she asked if I wanted to review it. Yes! I was so excited! I was able to pretend to be human, a human with a job, for a few hours. A few days before the screening, a woman from the studio emailed my editor friend and me asking if, once I wrote the review, a quote of mine could be used for print and TV ads.

    I was so appreciative! This would be like payment for my obvious ambition and, ya know, nonpayment up until this point. My friend was congratulatory for a minute, and then, realizing the implications of this, told me that she didn’t know the “company policy” on freelancers getting published quotes. So she thought it would be better if an employed person with the company (her) wrote the review instead.

    What I’m saying is: I guess I dodged a bullet. Ebert clearly has my back.

  16. One of my maybe top five Ebert reviews ever was for Taxi (with Jimmy Fallon and Queen Latifah), which opens with “The taming of Queen Latifah continues…” and just gets better:

    What is the point of showing a car doing 150 mph through midtown Manhattan? Why is it funny that the cop causes a massive pileup, with the cars in back leapfrogging onto the top of the pile? The stunt must have cost a couple of hundred thousand dollars; half a dozen indie films could have been made for that money. One of them could have starred Queen Latifah.

  17. Roger Ebert died to me when he gave ‘Salt’ a four star review.

    This movie does look atrocious, though.

  18. Probably setting myself up for a huge fall here, but Roger Ebert is most certainly not “the best”, at least for me. This is a guy who loved (not liked, LOVED) Watchmen. Are u for real?!?! I mean, the guy has his moments, and that’s cool, but this dude has probably gotten more payoffs from movie studios churning out the newest Rob Schiender shit fest, just so they can have “I laughed through almost every part!” on the movie poster. Also, anyone who thinks video games can’t be art can kiss my ass. Final nail: he was “really impressed” with Wall Street 2. UGGGGHHHHHH

    • Don’t forget that he also gave that Nic Cage POS ‘Knowing’ four stars.

      Okay, let me say that again: Roger Ebert gave ‘Knowing’ FOUR STARS!!

      • Also, I agree with you. He was probably one of the greats early on but I remember a time when almost every DVD I picked up had “Two-Thumbs Up!” (Sometimes “Two-Thumbs Up!…Way Up!!) pasted on it.

  19. Duh Aficionado got straight up scooped on this one!

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