Haha. That lady is in your sub-conscious. That’s definitely your subconscious. Very funky. (Also, someone better let the drummer know that school is back in session and Hogwarts needs its Sorting Hat back.) Jokes aside, these guys do have the right idea. It’s Friday! We did it! TIME TO DO TERRIBLE DANCES!

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  1. My b, I thought you said “awesome dances”.

  2. Woooo Friday dance par-tay!!

  3. I’m anxiously awaiting Del Preston’s new song, Rolled Up Lady Jorts.

  4. What’s the Row-butt??? Is that anything like the Robot?

  5. Bing’s dancing video suggestions are making me uncomfortable.

    • All Gabe has to do is mention dancing, and Bing immediately turns into a porno switcheroo. File under Gabe, Accident, You’re Fired.

  6. She’s like Jerri Blank’s wholesome, well-adjusted, butch sister.

  7. I actually think I like this girl. oh excuse me, woman.

  8. Hi! My name is Christy Lane, and I’m the asshole at the party who forces everyone to dance! Even though it is definitely not that kind of party!

  9. All that LSD mom did in the 90′s is probably how I got super powers.

  10. I can’t even watch this video because just looking at her way-cool-gear has already made me spit up my hot cocoa.

  11. This made me forget all about how my kids don’t want to spend time with me anymore and how my husband doesn’t sound very convincing when giving reasons for why he had to work late. Thanks Subconscious Funk Lady!

  12. Off topic: is anyone else having trouble upvoting? I want so desperately to upvote some of these, but it looks like I’m locked out or something.

  13. Is this still relevant?

  14. I used to have a Chirsty Lane VHS that taught 80s dances. We used to watch it while pre-gaming before the bar and do the worm and roger rabbit et al while drunk. I miss the times when I had a vcr. :(

  15. This explains the hole punch dot on the floor of my subconscious.

  16. Woooooooohooo! Friday! Finally! I am pumped up. Let’s get back to the funk you guys

  17. Anyone else have a moment where they thought the guy on the right was Antoine Dodson?

  18. This reminds me of something…

  19. I’m not sure if I can get behind this and usually I support anyone that dances like Rerun regardless of the situation.

  20. I think my sister dressed like that jorts lady on her first day of high school which would explain why a lot of things in high school went that way for her. : (

  21. If this doesn’t work, we’re FUCKED.

  22. The funk is so contagious even the VHS Tracking is gettin’ into it.

  23. Jim Carey School of Dance? :)

  24. My subconscious has legs like Silvester Stallone’s forearms. I’m not sure this is the kind of thing I want my friends to know about? She is a magazine under the mattress of my brain. Metaphorically I think. This is a confusing time for me?

  25. Personally, I like it when my subconscious tells me something besides “Kill hikers.”

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