DING DONG BING BONG BONG DING DONG! You know, song stuff! The Videogum Song Contest enters the next phase. After receiving 19 entries, which might not sound like a lot of entries, but then you think about it, and you realize that is actually kind of a ton of entries, the guest/founding judges, werttrewShellbomber and Chris Trash have narrowed the field down to their five favorites based on a complicated and scientific algorithm, I’m sure. After the jump, you can listen to the 5 finalists, as well as vote in our state of the art on-line poll that uses only the best polling technology. (Thanks for the tip, David Axelrod.)

Let me also say at this point: congratulations to all of the entrants! I will post all of the songs at a future date so that we can all enjoy everyone’s hard work together, like when a couple shares earbuds on their Zune, but EVEN MORE. But that is for later. I mean, congratulations, yes, but we can’t get distracted by non-viable songs. What do you think this is? A Clown Show? No. This is not a clown show. So, for today, double-congratulations to the five songs that made it into the finals.

Check them out and vote for your favorite:

Here is where you listen:

Teacherman – “Fell In Love With A Monster” by Videogum

Robin Rubbermaid – “Goodbye Monkey (Whither Da Cake Eatur)” by Videogum

Lawblog – “We Monsters” by Videogum

Del Preston – “J.O.R.T.S” by Videogum

Topknot – “We Should All Be So Lucky” by Videogum

And here is where you vote:

The polls will remain open for one week, and the winners will be announced in the Monsters’ Ball on October 15th.

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  1. Yay! This makes me & Keanu happy:

  2. Hey what happened to the Topher Grace wrap up posts?

  3. It is going to be epicly meta when I sneak one of these into by best of oh-ten year end mix.

  4. I love them all.

  5. I’m with Lawblog. I like commenting here without ever being called a fag.

    • “Take you for a ride like you’re Jeremy London.”

      • J.O.R.T.S. just about took my vote with the robot voice, but Lawblog’s song is just too brilliant to lose.

        “Uh-oh! You Mad!”

        • Auto-tune is actually a pretty big challenge to sing with! It’s easy to assume that it automatically corrects whatever’s off-key, but if you already have an established voice, there’s a lot of necessary adjustment to make it sound anything but awful.

          So great job, Del Preston!

  6. I should have recorded my Trent Reznor “God Moneeeeyyyyyy” song in my Frank Sinatra voice that I’m always singing in my head

  7. If only I had spent a bit more time on the production / didn’t wait until the day of the deadline to write all the lyrics / began recording the song at 11:55PM EST on the due date / didn’t steal the melodies from other songs.

    Also, J.O.R.T.S. is my new autumn jam.

  8. I have the weirdest boner right now.

  9. I took my role as the Paula in this judging panel pretty seriously, so I mixed myself a nice percocet and vodka cocktail in my favorite red Coca Cola cup and got to listening. Whoa, you guys. These five songs were the best, but all the entries were good. So good.

    I can’t believe my music evaluation skills have gone so underused all these years. If Stereogum wants to hire me, I can be reached at amritwedhavebeautifulchildrentogether22@hotmail.com.

  10. These are a lot better than they have any right to be.

    Well done, fellow monsters!

  11. I NEVER got around to finalizing the RECORDING of my entry but THESE ARE all great. GREAT job! IF THERE’S ever a second ONE I’LL be sure to finish THAT SHIT.

  12. My vote goes to the inevitable Autotune Mash-up of all five.

  13. Monsters got talent. For serious.

  14. Wow, this is super exciting, you guys. And such sweet company….”We Monsters”? Epic, in every sense of the word.

  15. Can’t believe I’m stuck in an office with other people who can fire me. This is like 3 days before Christmas – staring at the presents under the tree. So close, yet so far away. If this was a tragic movie, I’d get into an ear accident on the way home and never get to hear these. Let’s hope life imitates boring normalcy, not art.

  16. wow…. really great job guys. Tough choice- the dissonant guitar goodness of We Should All Be So Lucky, Robo-Jam greatness of J.O.R.T.S, actually bad-ass rhymes from Lawblog, Teacherman’s white-soul coffe shop winner. I must say though, Goodbye Monkey is my fav and I’m not exactly sure why. Awesome stuff.

  17. Lawblog, will you marry me?

    I am SO impressed by all of you guys. This is amazing!

  18. I had an amazing time listening to all the entires. FUCKING KUDOS, you guys!!! Holy crap! So good.
    Salieri would be jealous.

  19. Aw, this makes me so happy to call myself a monster. Serious talent in this e-room, guys. We Monsters is gonna be stuck in my head for a week. E-<3s 2 all of U :)

  20. So Good, you guys! I am so proud of each and every one of you right now. So much talent! Can I vote for all of them?

    Anyway, Teacherman, Can you post the lyrics to your song? I was having difficulty hearing some parts b/c of my shitty work speakers.

  21. This is without a doubt the hardest decision I will ever make.

  22. When does the Videogum Monsters LIVE! 2010 Tour come to the Tacoma Dome? Count me in!

  23. Wow, thanks judges for putting me through to Hollywood! But seriously, Lawblog’s got my vote. So good!

  24. I’m taking my vote way too serious.

  25. Those were great, and pretty much a two-year walk down memory lane! (or is that a 15 minute walk down a two-year memory lane? who cares! awesome!)

  26. Robin Rubbermaid, will you marry me?

    • Already taken, principal enchman…the guy you hear on the song is my husband. But thanks!

      (By the way, when I was recording this, he had no idea who Da Cake Eatur was. So when I forced him to say all that seemingly random shit into the microphone, he was all, Why do I have to say all this seemingly random shit into the microphone? So…good job, Eric!)

  27. I think we’ve found the new sounds the world’s been looking for.

  28. Bravo guys, bravo!


    Wow. They’re all reeeeaaaaally good. Lawblog really knocked it out of the park! You have my vote, sir. I definitely put my thumbs in the air during that awesome bridge.

    Grape job, everyone!

    • FOR REAL. I was sitting in my living room, all putting my thumbs up before I even realized what I was doing. Awkward, but a wonderful moment nonetheless!

  30. Topknot, great song, but is it really fair to have used Yo La Tengo to record your song?

  31. I am thrilled and honored to be in the running. Such amazing entries–I feel like I snuck in through the back door.


  32. http://www.tombolo.bandcamp.com for my band’s contribution. we didn’t make it but we want you to hear it anyway!

  33. These songs are good. I like them. Good job guys.

  34. Nice job everyone! I really wish I would have had time to submit one myself now because it sounds like you guys all had a lot of fun with it.

  35. Of course, it is an honor just to be nominated. I hope my song touches many of you in a very palpable, very bizarre way.

  36. Love em all! Wish I finished my song in time., I missed out on a lot of fun :(

  37. I’m kind of glad I didn’t finish my entry because Lawblog…geez, what a great track. Not to take anything away from the other entries, which are quite good, but I think he pretty much nails the zeitgeist of this site and the comm(ent)unity.

  38. I geniunely enjoyed all five entries, but I had to vote for the one that mentioned me. I thought that was as good a tiebreaker as any. Well played, lawblog.


    Seriously, you all are all great.

  40. Okay, I’m sorry, Lawblog, I just started crying about the second chorus, and not just because I am over emotional.

  41. Okay, Rubbermaid, you are killing it too. Are you secretly Belle and/or Sebastian?

    • I was mistaken for Belle and/or Sebastian once. I was smoking outside a B&S concert with a friend, and a stranger started talking to us and asked us what we were up to. I said “Belle and Sebastian,” and he shook our hands and said “nice to meet you, I’m Steve.”

      Anyway yeah, Robin Rubbermaid is my favorite too. Great song.

  42. I am so full of pride and uncomfortably strong crush feelings for all of you guys right now.

  43. And we can Take One For The Team like Joe Mande
    While Gabe sits there gummin’ on a butterscotch candy

    I love that line SO MUCH. It’s probably my favorite.

  44. we should all be so lucky…to have a community like this. i’m still deciding, all the songs are so great!

  45. I just finished my second listen-thru of all the songs, and they’re just so good. It’s so interesting to hear a song form around an aspect of this site that grabbed somebody and then see how they express their enjoyment of said aspect.

  46. dudes! it’s like my ears are doing fist pumps.

    • also, for no good reason i have this line from badlands going on over and over again in my head. “for the ones who had a notion, a notion deep inside, that it ain’t no sin to be glad you’re alive.”

      it could be because i just found out HBO is showing the darkness on the edge of town doc tonight (MORE FIST PUMPS!) but i like to think that it’s because monsters are so life-affirming.

      • A billion and two upvotes because I am the world’s biggest Boss fan! Went to the Rock Hall of Fame to see the Bruce exhibit this summer, and there were no words. I seriously had tears in my eyes. And the quote you’ve pulled is perfect–I love the monsters. And I double love you for posting this!

        • I saw that exhibit last summer. The best part was when Atlantic City came on over one of the monitors and everybody in the room stopped what they were doing to sing along.

          Bruce is The Man.

          And also The Boss.

  47. HOLY FUCKING SHIT THESE ARE AWESOME. I feel like such an untalented dick right now. I propose a new contest for the best VG-themed trial pleading. Mans, are you with me?

  48. I want to write a song about how great these songs are but I have no musical talent

  49. Don’t get me wrong These are all beautiful songs with beautiful messages but I gotta masturbate at least once DAMN!

  50. These songs are simply the most amazing thing on the interwebs. Double Rainbow Across The Video Gum Sky!

  51. These are so powerful and I’m so overwhelmed with feelings of JOY and creepy crushes on faceless funny internet people with lullaby voices.

  52. I feel so conflicted, because I loved Robin Rubbermaid’s song best (you guys are all great! But this is #pollgum) but lawblog filled my lolk account to where I can sit in a sensory deprivation chamber and still laugh all the way to 2012

  53. Thanks everyone! Seriously though, this is a hard ass decision. I’m just honored to be nominated.

  54. Also, I’m getting confirmation that head judge Werttrew is going to be a dad! Congrats, dude, Gummalo family is growing!

  55. About as far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a Monster.

  56. So guys, I have been so swamped with grad school (I know, we’re the worst) this semester that I just haven’t had time to comment with any regularity. But I am still reading as much as I can! And like Jay-Z, Brett Favre, and Amanda Bynes before me, I am coming out of retirement to say that I LOVE THIS! At first I was like whoa Teacherman has a great voice and lots of talent. And then I was like whoa Da Cake Eatur homage. And then I was like whoa that rap is awesome. And I love JORTS, and any song that references Bivens, one of my favorite videogum characters of all time, also wins my love.

    Point being – new faces or old – you’re all still great! And the five of you with awesome songs are especially great today. WE ARE ALL WINNING MONSTERS!
    GROUP HIGH FIVE (insert gif here)

  57. *Nickelback lyrics*

  58. I thought these would all be Microsoft Songsmith tunes rhyming “Delahaye” with “Hella Gay” but you guys are amazing. Seriously great, great work.

  59. My ears have an erection. I guess that would be my nose. I’m touching my nose while listening to these.

  60. Sorry, Lawblog, I can’t vote for you–I signed a petition against fake rap :(

  61. wow, is “we monsters” on itunes yet.. cause it needs to be my ringtone. thanks mc lawblog

  62. as usual, I have nothing witty to say, so I’ll just admit that I’m very impressed. I felt like I was on a vacation – nay, a gumcation.

  63. This has really inspired me to get off my sorry ass and get painting again:

  64. Congratulations to all the finalists. However if I’d known people with talent were entering I wouldn’t have bothered. Now excuse while I go and cry into my breakfast beer.

  65. My feelings about all the songs (and all the Monsters) ((please work, you damned gif you)):

  66. Voted for Topknot, because his song was funny and it could have snugly on Yo La Tengo’s I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One, one of my favorite albums.

  67. Lawblog’s track is so great I would totally buy it on iTunes. Maybe you can finally buy a house with all the money you earn, Antoine Dodson-style!

  68. Hey these are really sweet tunes! And I mean that in the sense of “awwww” and not some Spicoli-style adjective. Great job everyone!

  69. How in the fuck is Kanye going to top Lawblog this year?

    Raptor Jesus Christ! All I can say is WE MONSTERS!!!

  70. ‘We monsters’ is now the alarm on my phone. Because I can seriously think of no better way to wake up in the morning! Unless, of course, lawblog was there rapping it into my ears while handing me a cup of coffee…

  71. real talk: whenever I need pumping up to do my homework I listen to “we monsters.” SO GOOD.

  72. all of you are my one true monster loves
    no idea how i’m going to decide…

  73. Signed in just to ask LawBlog to marry me. That is all.

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